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SOD: Corday Interview

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Here is yet another Corday Interview on the "Plan to Save Days". Recent issue of SOD


- Corday takes “full responsibility” for the show being “off track for a while” and had thought about making changes for a while now.

- the changes won’t air until Mid-August

- Corday says that Marlene and Darrell are the right people to make these changes.

- The show will not be “Passions-like” because that was Reilly’s show and not their show.

- The show will be going to the “golden days” and the reset will happen very quickly - between mid-August and mid-September. He says that if you watch in August and then watch in mid-Sept, the show will be very different and better

- Corday thinks he can pick up some AMC viewers

- Wants more “positive, romantic, intriguing show, driven by the power of heroic love as opposed to the power of revenge, drug addiction and prostitution.”

- Corday would like to see more of Bo/Hope, more Hortons and Bradys, more Jennifer.

- Thinks the Jen/Dan story needs a third party

- He felt that the “new faces” have been getting a ton of airtime while others who people tune in to see haven’t been getting much airtime.

- Abe/Lexie don’t have a story is “somewhat embarrassing”

- Approximately 6 characters will be leaving and 5 or 6 characters will return - popular characters from the past. Those who will be leaving are characters who “haven't panned out”

- September will be huge

- Lack of romance was a problem. There were no rooting interests. To fix that, “you need to recenter the show on characters who have been extremely popular for a long time.”

- Will’s gay story will continue but the storyline’s been tweeked. “It will be written much more slowly and carefully. It's a story about one of our characters coming to grips with who he is.”

- Cordays says the show will be going to a formula that’s worked in the past because the forumla right now wasn’t working.

- The show will mostly center around 15 characters who are loved by the audience

- Wants viewers to know that he has a reposnsiblity to the viewers

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OMG! I'm almost afraid to get THIS excited!!! But everything sounds awesome and I hope it pans out- I'd bet they're not getting much interference from the network anymore and have creative license to actually produce the show they want to.

As for the 6 returning characters, I'm hoping for: Anna, Kristen, John, Marlena, Anjelica, and Bill Horton.

The 5 leaving? I'm guessing Carly, Daniel, Melanie, Gaby, and Dario.

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I have always believed that Corday loves his show and is committed to giving the audience what it wants. As well, I have always respected that he takes responsibility for the show most of the time. And that's a very positive thing. This interview sounds promising...but it also sounds like when he brought back Patch and Kayla and that was a total disaster.

What will be interesting is whose headed out and whose heading in...













I have no clue actually, it's so random. I have enjoyed DAYS over the last few years without John and Marlena, I wonder how the show will transform.

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I wish DAYS would do what it could to convince Tom Eplin (Ex-Jake, AW) to come to DAYS and be re-paired with Judi Evans. Those two could be a great new couple to root for because their chemistry use to light up AW at times!

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We already know Carly's leaving. I just hope Daniel and Melanie will be two of them. Oh, and Chloe too.

I think John and Marlena for sure and with them back, I think Kristen will return. Other guesses: Shawn and Belle

Yeah, the Jim Reilly mid-90's formula, led by two of Reilly's proteges. :)

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