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SOD: Corday Interview

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Here is yet another Corday Interview on the "Plan to Save Days". Recent issue of SOD


- Corday takes “full responsibility” for the show being “off track for a while” and had thought about making changes for a while now.

- the changes won’t air until Mid-August

- Corday says that Marlene and Darrell are the right people to make these changes.

- The show will not be “Passions-like” because that was Reilly’s show and not their show.

- The show will be going to the “golden days” and the reset will happen very quickly - between mid-August and mid-September. He says that if you watch in August and then watch in mid-Sept, the show will be very different and better

- Corday thinks he can pick up some AMC viewers

- Wants more “positive, romantic, intriguing show, driven by the power of heroic love as opposed to the power of revenge, drug addiction and prostitution.”

- Corday would like to see more of Bo/Hope, more Hortons and Bradys, more Jennifer.

- Thinks the Jen/Dan story needs a third party

- He felt that the “new faces” have been getting a ton of airtime while others who people tune in to see haven’t been getting much airtime.

- Abe/Lexie don’t have a story is “somewhat embarrassing”

- Approximately 6 characters will be leaving and 5 or 6 characters will return - popular characters from the past. Those who will be leaving are characters who “haven't panned out”

- September will be huge

- Lack of romance was a problem. There were no rooting interests. To fix that, “you need to recenter the show on characters who have been extremely popular for a long time.”

- Will’s gay story will continue but the storyline’s been tweeked. “It will be written much more slowly and carefully. It's a story about one of our characters coming to grips with who he is.”

- Cordays says the show will be going to a formula that’s worked in the past because the forumla right now wasn’t working.

- The show will mostly center around 15 characters who are loved by the audience

- Wants viewers to know that he has a reposnsiblity to the viewers

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OMG! I'm almost afraid to get THIS excited!!! But everything sounds awesome and I hope it pans out- I'd bet they're not getting much interference from the network anymore and have creative license to actually produce the show they want to.

As for the 6 returning characters, I'm hoping for: Anna, Kristen, John, Marlena, Anjelica, and Bill Horton.

The 5 leaving? I'm guessing Carly, Daniel, Melanie, Gaby, and Dario.

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I have always believed that Corday loves his show and is committed to giving the audience what it wants. As well, I have always respected that he takes responsibility for the show most of the time. And that's a very positive thing. This interview sounds promising...but it also sounds like when he brought back Patch and Kayla and that was a total disaster.

What will be interesting is whose headed out and whose heading in...













I have no clue actually, it's so random. I have enjoyed DAYS over the last few years without John and Marlena, I wonder how the show will transform.

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I wish DAYS would do what it could to convince Tom Eplin (Ex-Jake, AW) to come to DAYS and be re-paired with Judi Evans. Those two could be a great new couple to root for because their chemistry use to light up AW at times!

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Same [!@#$%^&*] different year. This interview is reminiscent to the one he had when he hired Higley and every other interview that preceded her in his plan to "save" DAYS.

It's past embarrassing. It's insulting.

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We already know Carly's leaving. I just hope Daniel and Melanie will be two of them. Oh, and Chloe too.

I think John and Marlena for sure and with them back, I think Kristen will return. Other guesses: Shawn and Belle

Yeah, the Jim Reilly mid-90's formula, led by two of Reilly's proteges. :)

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