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DAYS: Freddie Smith joins cast

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See I'm not too shocked that "Silly" have no impending fanbase at the moment. As you say, there are the Chill fans (like myself) who are going to have to warm up to just the idea of "Silly" first (and so far, we have not done so), then there are those skeptical about investing in them because of past gay stories. There are even some who just hate that they're making Will gay because they actually like him with Gabi. So there's a lot that may work against "Silly." They may get a fanbase, but I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if they didn't because CHILL rules, even if they never happen!

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Really, they can acknowledge the Chad/Will stuff on the way to whatever is going to happen with Will and tennis guy from 90210. My DAYS viewing has been spotty at best over the last few months, probably like 5 or 6 episodes a month, but I don't think it would be too ridiculous to establish that Will was attracted to Chad at some point.

If they go the "bisexuals don't exist" route, I'm gonna be pissed. Perfect opportunity to be truly groundbreaking -- not daytime's safe version of "groundbreaking."

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I agree. At the very least, I would have it be established that Will was attracted to Chad as well, because from looks WIll constantly gave Chad, he obviously was. :lol:

Yeah, I've thought before news of this story was leaked that if DAYS ever did CHILL, they should make Chad bisexual (or just not label him at all). I still think that now.

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