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  1. It was character growth and change of direction for both Michael and Brian in season two with the introduction of Professor Ben. Even though there were viewers, who thought that it was an unbalanced pairing (not because of Ben's HIV status), but due to class differences with the pairing. Michael was a manager of this cheap, psuedo "WalMart like" store, while Ben worked at a university. I liked who Michael became while being with Ben. He grew out of his obsession in the fantasy of being more to Brian than just his best friend. I also think that Brian knew that if he didn't let Michael go emotionally, they both would never really be able to have chances (or Michael specifically) at finding someone to share their lives with romantically. As for Brian, he was definitely real and human, but I never related to him or thought of him as a good person. I felt like he was still in the process of learning how to let himself feel something for others, to express it, without thinking that it was a sign of weakness. That's why I was so happy that Brian and Justin decided to not get married, so that his young lover could have a chance at experiencing life on his own, making his own choices. Brian was at a place in his life, that he seemed to be at peace with himself. Justin wanted more and even though Brian tried to give him what he thought his fiance wanted, Justin knew it wasn't something that he could give him.
  2. Patrick could try and say that Kevin was sexually harassing him, but he is attracted to his boss. I think that if John wasn't in the picture, Patrick would still have qualms about pursuing Kevin. I still think that Patrick has way more to lose than Kevin if they end up together. Emotionally I don't think that Patrick's at all ready to be with anyone, Richie or Kevin at the moment. He says that he wants something more, but he can't cope with feeling that Richie's beneath him (even though he doesn't want to feel that way) nor be able to deal with being Kevin's secret lover, if they ever decide to move past the flirting stage. That's why I don't agree with the idea that it would be easier for Patrick to be Kevin's secret lover, than being in a relationship with someone who's of a different class and race like Richie. He has two men who want to be with him. He continues to push away an available man, while flirting with another who isn't available.
  3. Michael was really pathetically hooked on Brian in season one.
  4. Agreed - Look, I hated Brian on QAFUS, but I was interested in how Michael finally let go and let himself have a life, a man and a future that he wanted. He was still Brian's BFF, but he was able to get himself out of that holding pattern of just being Brian's pathetic friend who wants more. I'm pissed out Agustin's behavior, but I'm also interested in IF he'll come to a breaking point and wonder why he blew up his job and his relationship with Frank. It wasn't just because he found CJ hot. I want to see how these characters deal with the choices (good and bad) and how they try to move forward from it.
  5. Is it really a deal breaker that the leads (on a gay show) have to be likeable? If every lead had to be "likeable", would Breaking Bad, Mad Men or even Sopranos have lasted past their first seasons?
  6. New interview with Scott Bakula. http://www.vulture.com/m/2014/03/lookings-bakula-on-weed-and-loving-to-sing.html?mid=twitter_vulture I hope he does come back as Lynn for next season.
  7. Skin I've never read any viewer describe how Brian had put Lindsey, Justin and Michael in categories of how much emotion he gave to all three. Your theory on it does make sense to me, especially the part about denying the sex with Michael and keeping his emotions in check with Justin. Justin was never my favorite character, but I felt that the writers (in their need to keep the fandom happy with B/J having as many sex scenes possible) destroyed any sort of growth that he was gaining when he left Brian for Ethan at the end of season two. I felt like some of those fans wanted to see Justin grovel, in order to get Brian back after Ethan had cheated on him and that's exactly what the show wrote for that character. Justin was never independent from doing anything that had nothing to do with Brian. Then, when they had him refocusing on his art in the final season, some viewers couldn't understand what happened. The wedding being canceled. Him leaving Pittsburgh to try and make an independent start in his life.
  8. Thanks for the link, EM I saw you post it on this week's AVClub of Looking. I love the conversations that have developed about that show on that site. Scott Evans, who didn't have any lines in the episode, was in a scene next to Patrick's sister and that was when he used the c-word to describe him and Kevin said that only the British are able to use that word properly. If, I'm remembering directly.
  9. Patrick was looking at Kevin (and John) throughout the reception and that's one of the many reasons why he pushed him away when the kiss happened in the bathroom. Too many mixed signals, no matter how much Patrick does want Kevin to desire him. I guess some folks wanted to see Patrick and Kevin do it right inside the stalls. That would really add to Patrick's neurosis. I wonder if Scott Evans is the guy that Patrick had his first sexual experience while on that school field trip?
  10. I think (and still have hope) that Patrick doesn't want to end up being a side piece to Kevin. Kevin and his interest in Patrick may be genuine, but he continues to give him mixed messages regarding his boyfriend. I'm not expecting to hear that Jon is this walking saint, but Kevin continues to say all these negative things about his boyfriend and his relationship to Patrick, then he sees those two together and they DO look like they're happy or what's supposed to look like happy. Patrick already has issues with his self-esteem. I don't know how he'll function as the other man. If that happens. He'll be even more neurotic.
  11. I had imagined that Cohle would confess that he was in love with Maggie and that's why none of his other relationships worked out. See, I didn't think that she would use him against Marty as payback for all his years of cheating and screwing around on her. It made sense though and she wasn't one bit sorry about it. That's how damn mad and upset she was about letting Marty back into her and the kids lives.
  12. I'm glad that he pushed to play Cohle. Not to take anything away from Harrelson, but I don't think he would have been able to portray Cohle's "otherness" and disappointment with life, humanity and the world as in my opinion, relatable like McConaughy.
  13. I'm loving this show and Harrelson and McConnauhey are a perfect odd pairing of Hart and Cohle. Hart, really wouldn't have a "praised past", if Cohle hadn't covered up his mess. What they both did, has allowed this suspect to still be out there for all this time. Cohle is crazy, pessimistic and depressing, but he's an amazing detective. When he told that woman to kill herself, because she wasn't going to be able to deal with living inside prison, I agreed.
  14. Hey, they helped with the continued growth in the ratings each and every week since the pilot. I'm just so glad that Lauren, Raul and Russell have been bumped up to regulars for next season.
  15. Yeah. The Big vs. Aiden issue is still a hot topic, because SaTC chose to go with the fantasy that this philanderer, two-time divorced older/established man would devote himself completely with (someone who romanticized everything in her life) Carrie. Carrie couldn't even cope with accepting the responsibility of breaking Aiden's heart TWICE after he took her back the second time. I wasn't expecting her to not have any sort of romantic relationships after Aiden, but TPTB chose to have her shrug off Aiden's pain as something that shouldn't have any sort of affect on her. That's why I got a complete thrill when Berger dumped her behind with a Post-It note. Candace Bushnell didn't get a "Happily Ever After" with her Mr. Big. They never even made it to the chapel. That's why I like "Looking". I don't see there being some last minute fantasyland tale come true for any of these characters. That their "happily ever after" is something that they're going to have to work for, grow up and seek it, through uncomfortable and realistic change.
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