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Characters Who Had TWO Great Romances

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Brenda - Jax and Sonny


Todd- Tea and Blair

Max - Gabrielle and Luna

Bo - Sarah and Nora


Marlena - John and Roman

Bo - Hope, Billie and Carly

I wouldnt say Scott was a great love of Lucy's. He was more of a partner in crime/best friend. By the time they did get romantic on PC, they were more of a rebound thing. Their marriage was done and over with within a couple of months. I did like them together but I never viewed him as much of a great romance for her

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Great topic! Some I thought of:


Hayley/Brian & Hayley/Mateo

Liza/Tad & Liza/Adam

Ryan/Gillian & Ryan/Kendall

Brooke/Adam & Brooke/Edmund


Vicky/Ryan & Vicky/Jake

Jake/Paulina & Jake/Vicky

Cass/Kathleen & Cass/Frankie & Cass/Lila (maybe even Cass/Cecile too!)

Felicia/Zane & Felicia/Lucas (I LOVED Felicia/Mitch too)

Rachel/Mac & Rachel/Carl

Donna/Michael & Donna/Matthew

Marley/Jake & Marley/Jamie


Lily/Holden & Lily/Damian

Carly/Mike & Carly/Jack

Katie/Simon & Katie/Mike (sorry Katie haters- LOVED both of these pairings)

Mike/Carly & Mike/Katie (hated Mike/Jennifer)

Lisa/Bob & Lisa/Eduardo


Ridge/Caroline & Ridge/Brooke

Brooke/Ridge & Brooke/Thorne (Best B&B couple EVER!)


Marlena/Don, Marlena/Roman, & Marlena/John

Bo/Hope, Bo/Carly, & Bo/Billie

Jennifer/Frankie & Jennifer/Jack

John/Marlena & John/Kristen

Tony/Renee & Tony/Anna

Sami/Brandon & Sami/Lucas

Mike/Margo & Mike/Robin


Trisha/Steve & Trisha/Trucker

Jack/Lily & Jack/Stacey


Max/Gabrielle & Max/Luna (I'm a Max/Blair fan myself but know their place)

Dorian/Joey, Dorian/Mel, and Dorian/David

Viki/Clint, Viki/Sloan, & Viki/Charlie


Theresa/Ethan & Theresa/Fox

Luis/Sheridan & Luis/Fancy


Mason/Mary & Mason/Julia

Joe/Kelly, Jeffrey/Kelly, & Robert/Kelly

Lionel/Augusta & Lionel/Gina

Ted/Laken & Ted/Hayley


Victor/Nikki, Victor/Hope (LOVED The Farm storyline), & Victor/Ashley

Brad/Traci & Brad/Ashley

Victoria/Ryan & Victoria/Cole

Nick/Sharon & Nick/Phyllis

Sharon/Nick & Sharon/Adam (even though I detest Shadam, they're popular)

Nikki/Victor & Nikki/Jack

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As for Actors who had 2 Great Roles:

Marcy Walker (Liza, AMC & Eden, SB)

Robin Mattson (Heather, GH, Gina, SB, & Janet, AMC)

Judi Evans (Beth, GL & Paulina, AW- maybe Adrienne, DAYS too)

Jane Elliot (Tracy, GH & Anjelica, DAYS)

Louise Sorel (Augusta, SB & Vivian, DAYS)

Nancy Grahn (Julia, SB & Alexis, GH)

Eileen Davidson (Ashley, Y&R & Kristen/Susan et all, DAYS)

Robin Strasser (Rachel, AW & Dorian, OLTL)

Susan Flannery (Laura, DAYS & Stephanie, B&B)

Denise Alexander (Susan, DAYS & Lesley, GH)

Lisa Peluso (Wendy, SFT, Ava, LOV & Lila, AW)

Ilene Kristen (Delia, RH & Roxy, OLTL)

Jed Allan (Don, DAYS & CC, SB)

Roger Howarth (Todd, OLTL & Paul, ATWT)

Vincent Irizarry (Lujack/Nick, GL & David, AMC)

Peter Bergman (Cliff, AMC & Jack, Y&R)

Paul Anthony Stewart (Casey, LOV & Danny, GL)

Thaao Penghlis (Tony, DAYS & Victor, GH)

John Callahan (Edmund, AMC & Dr. "Dick" Baker, DAYS)

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I beg to differ. I mean, he was a partner in crime and a best friend, but they really loved each other. They just could never get it together because when he wanted her she wanted money and then when she wanted him he was involved with someone else. The only monkey wrench if you will was Dominique. I guess they wouldn't necessarily be considered a "romance" but to me it sort of was, just not a traditional one

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Sorry, juniorz1, I have to disagree with two of your picks.

Carly/Mike? Sorry, Carly only had one great love, and that was Jack Snyder. You could say she had chemistry with Simon Frasier, Mike Kasnoff or Craig Montgomery, even Hal Munson or John Dixon, but there was never a great love. They were all either rebounds, revenge, or a fling.

Katie/Mike? You have to be kidding on this one. Sure they were great-looking together, and apparently had lots of sex. But if you mention Katie, to me one name comes to mind...Simon Frazier. He was without a doubt the love of Katie's life. I will even grant you Brad Snyder, though I was not a big fan of that couple, but they did have their fans. But Mike? Only Chris Hughes and Jack Snyder had less chemistry with Fluffy than Mike.

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I absolutely wouldn't consider Mike to have been a 'great love' for Carly Tenney, at least not in the sense that (I think) this thread intended. If you asked the character of Carly about the great loves of her life, I don't think she'd name anyone but Jack -- the closest second, IMO, would probably be Craig, because there was something electric there, but Carly was the only one where Carly was really fulfilled and that caused her to grow as a person.

Bo on Days has absolutely been a part of THREE great love stories: Hope, Carly, and Billie. I would also count: Marlena (for John and Roman, maaaaaybe Don); John (with Isabella); Carrie (Austin and Mike).

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Dude....you're KILLING ME here. I would use my last dying breath to dispute Mike and Carly were ever popular. Or a romance, for that matter. Mike's big romance was with Rosanna.

As for us Katie-haters, we can admit the SKatie and Matie pairings were popular. And actually, you could probably add Brad/Katie to that list. We just dispute those people's sanity. :lol:

But oddly, I agree with you---Carly loved Mike. Other than Jack, he's probably the only man she truly, truly loved. (I think she respected Hal, but not romantically loved him.) But he didn't love her back.

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