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OLTL: Discussion for the week of April 25

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Marty still crazying it up, good stuff. Gigi stealing that tape is the only way the truth will come out, since the real paternity test is gone.

Jack going to the cops was laughable, especially since he should be the one in trouble for the law for that video of Shane he sent out.

Tomorrow looks good, Niki looks like she's going to handle Echo.

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Echo meets Niki Smith tomorrow! I cant wait! :lol:

I thought Viki's special episode was tomorrow or is it Wednesday?

It is Wednesday.

TVGuide originally reported it as being the 26th instead of the 27th, but for some reason they had the date wrong.

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    • Is it possible that they think uploading The Bold and the Beautiful to YouTube has been successful and is following suit?  
    • Sometimes, people can lose creative inspiration, or get writers block. I honestly think that is what has happened with Josh Griffith. And maybe that's why everything is in a giant holding pattern.   As for the Bill Bell 'debate', no HW is perfect and everybody's cup of tea. It is a question of taste. My preference has long been for Bill Bell's slow, psychologically ambivalent/downbeat, film-noiresque style. However, even with a cool distance, Bill Bell's ability to map out a story (based in part on a character's psychological ticks), play the beats, or develop an umbrella story featuring 3/4 of the cast, was masterful. He also had an eye for picking talented EPs and co-writers. His technical prowess in writing/producing/envisioning a soap's look & feel lifted the genre -- I don't think it is 'biased' or 'stanning' to say that.
    • Exactly! The cast remained true to their own personal style, and while it may not be my style, I can't deny that someone like Nicole really pulls off her outfit. Yellow is not an easy color! Also -- the women are wearing the clothes, the clothes are not wearing them (like we had with the SLC and BH reunion looks). Marysol's outfit suits her so well and gives her an almost regal vibe. Versace, patron saint of Miami Beach. Love that a reunion decided to pay tribute to a top designer so closely associated with Miami. I think that might be a RH's first.   Transitional also because more RH viewers are streaming the shows, so the TV ratings won't reflect the numbers migrating online. I do think RH viewership has gone down compared with the glory days of RHOA, but I don't think it has collapsed to the extent seen in some of the 'TV ratings only' numbers. It's crazy to me that Carlos King, who discovered Nene Leakes and is the RH's biggest fan, hasn't been kept on by Bravo or spun to another show. Honestly, BH could do with a Carlos King sometimes (and yes, I know BH along with RHOA, pulls in the biggest audience. I'm saying that BH doesn't always deserve those numbers). I would love to see what he would do with RHONY! Given the careful attention setting up RHONJ, with the ties between the women and the sense of a very specific location, I think he would breathe fresh air into a franchise that really needs the help. So why hasn't he been given those opportunities? I have to imagine that the break-up between CK and Bravo was not amicable. It occurred during/after S9 RHOA reunion. TT at the time inferred that Phaedra got the Kandi/Porsha rumor from CK, and this was brought up at reunion but then cut. Kandi put her foot down and said CK must leave, and honestly, I can see why she would insist on that. Nene backed Kandi because she felt CK had given her a 'bad edit' in S7 and S8 and wanted him gone too.
    • I do not like Bill Bell. Brenda has had some not nice things to say about him in her book.
    • Yes he is now in real estate. He said he went into acting at a young age but since then has realized he wants to pursue something where he has more control.  He said as an actor he had to always at the mercy of his employers. That seems fair enough but i don't think he can expect to not be answerable to anyone in this field unless he puts in years of hard work. Hope he doesn't expect to jump to the top within a year or so.I would imagine the Florida market is highly competitive.
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