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DAYS: March 2011 Episode Rankings & Stats


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SCOTT NEARS RECORD: James Scott (EJ) was the monthly leader in March, his 8th month in a row to lead the monthly rankings (August 2010-March 2011). He now joins Macdonald Carey (Tom) as only the second actor in "Days" history to lead the rankings for at least 8 months in a row. Carey holds the top two spots with a 9-month (April 1966-December 1966) and 8-month (October 1967-April 1968) reign.

DAILY CAST CHART: Review each day's cast list from March 2011 at http://www.jason47.com/days/castchart.html'>http://www.jason47.com/days/castchart.html

2011 Episode Rankings. The following is a listing of how many episodes each actor appeared in on "Days of Our Lives" in 2011 (1/1/11-3/31/11), out of a total of 64 episodes. http://www.jason47.com

Rank. Actor (Character) # of Episodes

1. James Scott (E.J. DiMera) 57

2. Galen Gering (Rafe Hernandez-39/Rafe Hernandez 2-36) 53

3. Arianne Zucker (Nicole Walker DiMera) 49

4. Joseph Mascolo (Stefano DiMera) 45

*. Alison Sweeney (Sami Brady Hernandez) 45

6. Molly Burnett (Melanie Layton Kiriakis) 43

7. Shawn Christian (Daniel Jonas) 38

8. Natalia Livingston (Taylor Walker) 37

9. Melissa Reeves (Jennifer Deveraux) 31

10. Lauren Koslow (Kate Roberts DiMera) 30

11. Nadia Bjorlin (Chloe Lane) 29

*. Aaron & Griffin Kunitz (Johnny DiMera) 29

13. Jay Johnson (Philip Kiriakis) 28

*. Suzanne Rogers (Maggie Horton) 28

15. Mark Hapka (Nathan Horton) 27

16. Crystal Chappell (Carly Manning) 26

17. Eric Martsolf (Brady Black) 24

18. Camila Banus (Gabi Hernandez) 23

*. Casey Jon Deidrick (Chad DiMera) 23

20. Kristian Alfonso (Hope Brady) 22

*. Peter Reckell (Bo Brady) 22

*. Elizabeth & Mariam Tovey (Sydney DiMera) 22

23. Renee Jones (Lexie Carver) 21

24. John Aniston (Victor Kiriakis) 20

*. Chandler Massey (Will Horton) 20

26. Ellie & Rose Karchmer (Parker Kiriakis) 18

27. Shelley Hennig (Stephanie Johnson) 16

28. Louise Sorel (Vivian Alamain) 15

29. Ty Treadway (Dr. Ben Walters) 13

*. Aloma Wright (Maxine Thomas) 13

31. Francisco San Martin (Dario Hernandez) 12

32. Gina Gallego (Warden Jane Smith) 11

33. James Reynolds (Abe Carver) 10

*. Kamall Shaikh (Gus Pascal) 10

35. Campbell & Carolyn Rose (Allie Horton) 9

36. Mary Beth Evans (Kayla Johnson) 8

*. Wally Kurth (Justin Kiriakis) 8

*. Kate Mansi (Abigail Deveraux) 8

*. Peggy McCay (Caroline Brady) 8

40. Steven Bruns (Marco) 7

*. Robin Mattson (Lee Michaels) 7

*. Terrell Ransom Jr. (Theo Carver) 7

43. Lauren Boles (Ciara Brady) 6

*. Jensen Higley Bush (Det. Jocelyn McCarthy) 6

*. Valerie Wildman (Fay Walker) 6

46. Justin Lopez (Ted) 5

*. Josh Taylor (Roman Brady) 5

48. Judi Evans (Adrienne Kiriakis) 4

*. Susan Seaforth Hayes (Julie Williams) 4

*. Anton & Preston LeBlanc (Parker Kiriakis) 4

51. Mary Garripoli (Mary) 3

*. Eric Steinberg (Dr. Ron Kim) 3

53. Julian Barnes (Harold) 2

*. Bill Hayes (Doug Williams) 2

*. Shelby Young (Kinsey) 2

56. David Dean Bottrell (Al) 1

*. Christie Clark (Carrie Reed) 1

*. Brendan Coughlin (Tad) 1

*. McKinley Freeman (Evan Sayers) 1

*. Ron Leath (Henderson) 1

March Episode Rankings. Here's how many episodes each actor has appeared in this month (3/1/11-3/31/11), out of a total of 23 episodes. http://www.jason47.com

Rank. Actor (Character) # of Episodes

1. Galen Gering (Rafe Hernandez-7/Rafe Hernandez 2-19) 20

*. James Scott (E.J. DiMera) 20

3. Natalia Livingston (Taylor Walker) 18

4. Alison Sweeney (Sami Brady Hernandez) 17

5. Molly Burnett (Melanie Layton) 16

*. Joseph Mascolo (Stefano DiMera) 16

7. Arianne Zucker (Nicole Walker DiMera) 14

8. Shawn Christian (Daniel Jonas) 13

9. Francisco San Martin (Dario Hernandez) 12

10. Camila Banus (Gabi Hernandez) 10

*. Mark Hapka (Nathan Horton) 10

*. Aaron & Griffin Kunitz (Johnny DiMera) 10

*. Eric Martsolf (Brady Black) 10

*. Melissa Reeves (Jennifer Deveraux) 10

15. Elizabeth & Mariam Tovey (Sydney DiMera) 9

16. Crystal Chappell (Carly Manning) 8

*. Casey Jon Deidrick (Chad DiMera) 8

*. Jay Johnson (Philip Kiriakis) 8

*. Kate Mansi (Abigail Deveraux) 8

*. Chandler Massey (Will Horton) 8

21. Lauren Koslow (Kate Roberts DiMera) 7

*. Suzanne Rogers (Maggie Horton) 7

23. Nadia Bjorlin (Chloe Lane Jonas) 6

*. Jensen Higley Bush (Det. Jocelyn McCarthy) 6

*. Louise Sorel (Vivian Alamain) 6

*. Valerie Wildman (Fay Walker) 6

27. Kristian Alfonso (Hope Brady) 5

*. John Aniston (Victor Kiriakis) 5

*. Shelley Hennig (Stephanie Johnson) 5

*. Wally Kurth (Justin Kiriakis) 5

*. Aloma Wright (Maxine Thomas) 5

32. Renee Jones (Lexie Carver) 4

*. Anton & Preston LeBlanc (Parker Kiriakis) 4

*. Peter Reckell (Bo Brady) 4

*. Kamall Shaikh (Gus Pascal) 4

36. Judi Evans (Adrienne Kiriakis) 3

*. Justin Lopez (Ted) 3

38. Lauren Boles (Ciara Brady) 2

*. Steven Bruns (Marco) 2

*. Susan Seaforth Hayes (Julie Williams) 2

*. Ellie & Rose Karchmer (Parker Kiriakis) 2

*. Terrell Ransom Jr. (Theo Carver) 2

*. Shelby Young (Kinsey) 2

44. David Dean Bottrell (Al) 1

*. Brendan Coughlin (Tad) 1

*. McKinley Freeman (Evan Sayers) 1

*. Peggy McCay (Caroline Brady) 1

*. James Reynolds (Abe Carver) 1

Contract actors not appearing this month:

Josh Taylor (Roman Brady)

Credited guest stars appearing in less than 5 episodes:

Kent Faulcon (Charles Drew)

Meeghan Holaway (Nurse Delia)

Robert Maffia (Mystery Man/Private Eye)

Dave Monahan (Lab Tech # 1)

Timi Prulhiere (Teen's Mother/Mrs. Bennett)

Don Swayze (Pawn Broker)

SET TOTALS: March 2011:

DiMera Mansion…19

Brady Pub…18

Java Café…18

Nurses' Station…18

Rafe's Loft…17


Horton Living Room…11

Hospital Waiting Area…11

Kiriakis Mansion…8

DiMera Basement…7

Police Station…7

Taylor's Bedroom (DiMera)…7

Daniel's Apartment…5

Melanie's Hospital Room…5

Police Station Interrogation Room…4

Rafe 2's Hospital Room…4

Maggie's Kitchen…3

Rafe's Bedroom…3

Salem Pawn Shop…3

Chloe's Hospital Room…2

DiMera Guest House…2

EJ & Nicole's Bedroom (DiMera)…2

Justin's Office…2

Mrs. Harper's Hospital Room…2

Aaron Bennett's Hospital Room…1

Bo's Office…1

Chez Rouge…1

Chez Rouge Private Dining Room…1

Chloe's Bedroom (Kiriakis)…1

Fay's Bedroom (DiMera)…1

Horton Bedroom…1


Police Station Stairwell…1

Rafe's Cell…1

Rafe's Loft Corridor (Elevator Area)…1

Vivian's Salem Inn Room…1

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    • 3-24   Yeah, I'm behind so no spoilers @Soapsuds

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        Not that it has not been more of the same on this show. It did occur to me while watching that DUH!!! I guess this team-up between Ridge and Dollar Bill means that Bill knows (?) that Sheila and Deacon are sleeping together so I am wondering if Deacon is going to be collateral damage when all is said and done. Shame since he's now a restaurant owner.   I am wondering what the point of Steffy calling out Hope on her talk with Paris about Thomas being hot is going to be. Is Hope actually going to cheat of her own free will with Thomas now? That would be...weird. Nice to see Thomas back in that nice fashion-forward shirt he woke around the holidays last year. 
    • So very true. And heehee at 'at least he's pretty.'   I would take RC back in a heartbeat. Lucas, like Brenda, is so connected to the canvas, that it's just shocking to me that he's not there. And there are so many possibilities for him...being the brother, working toward CoS, getting back with Brad or being in a triangle...that is so much more than a gay doctor and more a doctor who happens to be...gay. 
    • Love Carnes, but he’s made it clear he is not coming back.    Who do you want to see step into the Lucas role? It needs to be an actor with some daytime chops. This is not a role worth recasting if not. I can see JP Lavoisier doing a good job, and he is a FV favourite. 
    • Elizabeth Hendrickson in the new opening titles - a clearer view than the twitter video had..

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