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Wonder Woman

Marco Dane

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It's God awful. For me, it's the FABRIC... that type of fabric looks very fake and cheap, and YES... it's the type of fabric that hookers wear, that's why everyone is saying it looks "trampy". alot also depends on how the actress carries herself. Lynda did not sexualize the role in any way... she gave it righteous diginty. And although you could see alot of skin, it was basically a one piece bathing suit, which allowed for freedom of movement. This thing looks like she's hard pressed to kick someone's teeth in. and I bet we see death and gore this time around... if you remember in the original series, Nobody EVER died on that show, and Wonder Woman certainly never killed anyone. Who wants to lay odds that Wonder Woman will KILL villians in this new series? If the costume was only "tweaked", and IF Lynda was in this new series draped in chiffon as the queen (In the original series, they always spoke about her being heir to the throne), AND if the writing was good, it would work. This will go down the toilet faster than a greased turd... mark my words.

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    • I hesitate to post Thompson, who is just a gleeful gossip hound. But this thread is instructive, even if much of it is stuff we all could've told the GOP and the NY Times six months ago.  
    • Sure. They've been sent to live on a farm with other not gone actors where they can run and play.
    • From what I can find, Tim was datie Evie but got a job offer out of town that was too good to pass up and left in Nov 76. No mention of Pam and no reason I could see that a marriage would be mentioned later. I just checked Soap Central and there is an entry stating Evie left town and Pam and Tim were married. Not so.This is not the first false entry I have come across at that site. Someone takes delight at posting false info.
    • She's under Ryan (I added this).  Pam married Tim at some point-- from what I read. If not, let me know.
    • Deborah __- Mehren   Janet Mason's BFF; Sara McIntyre (later Thorpe)' s secretary                                    Olivia Cole   1969-71 Still appearing as of Dec 72  Claudia  __  Dillman   Grace Matthews   1968-69   Marty's overbearing mother Still appearing as of Dec 72 (possibly different actress?) Professor Alex MacDaniels    Keith Charles   September 1975  Married, older Professor involved with student, Hope Bauer in California. Hope's father Mike instructed Alex to break up with Hope under threat of exposure. He did, upsetting Hope deeply.   Hope Bauer Spaulding     daughter                of Mike and Julie        Jennifer Kirschner 1963-65           Paula Schwartz   1968     Elissa Leeds (AW 1966)  1968-73              Tisch Raye  Sept  1975- Jan 76            Robin Mattson  April 1976- July 77             Katherine Justice    May 78-?           Elvera Roussell  March 1979-83
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