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Bravo's The Real Housewives of....


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Audriana is drama and wants to be famous - watch out for her. She got PISSED on Watch What Happens Live when Larsa beat her in the poll for 'first best impression'. She also didn't have nice words for Larsa during the show - I guess those two are feuding.

Lea doesn't fit with these girls. I feel like these girls are a mish-mash of housewives, and Lea seems more like a NYC housewife instead.

Alexia looks like Michael Jackson.

Cristy, so far, does not belong on a Housewives series. She doesn't fit the mold and seems too young, even though she was married for 11 years with kids.

Love Marysol and her mother so far. Really like Larsa too.

Better than I was expecting... ready for more!

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Demi Moore can pull off pregnant photos - Ms Zolciak cannot.

I have a feeling Miami will be a sleeper hit. I caught a few segments with Cole and Rodman and it wasn't that bad. It was actually a good idea to premiere the show now rather than postponing it even later than it already was. The shelf life was costing Bravo money since they taped the show in 2009. Those still upset over NY and OC will most likely get over it and if Miami is a hit BRAVO wins. Win-win all around.

Very dissapointed with ATL and Andy really needs to do better. I had such high expectations but they were boring although they were still better than BH. Why he thought devoting an entire LONG segment on motherhood would be entertaining is beyond me.

Kandi looked like a transvestite on Live but she and Phaedra were a hoot. I hated her new look.

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After seeing this I don't think they pulled NYC due to a lack of drama, but to save it for a busier period for Bravo. This trashy and dull show pairs better with OC and they needed to get it out of the way. NJ is always a ratings powerhouse, so pairing it with NYC would mean a dynamite summer for Bravo. I'm sure the ratings for this show will be decent and OC will probably have strong ratings so it balances out.

Overall I didn't dislike it as much as I expected to, but it leaves a lot to be desired. The opening credits and overall production values are so cheap. Everything looks cheap and rushed and poorly produced. The talking head segments are worse than the first season of OC or NYC.

The casting is weak as well. Alexia is fun to look at but doesn't look too interesting. Crista doesn't even deserve to be a housewife. She is so trashy and VH1 level reality star. Larsa, Lea and Marysol look like they could be watchable on a better show. Adriana is just a boring hoochie from what I can see.

Looking at the preview for the season I noticed they added nothing new which means it'll probably be quite dull. Usually the other series will promote with certain material, then add more or use different clips at the end of the first episode. The preview didn't show one actual confrontation. Some lukewarm conversations, but really nothing. It looked really dull. It'll be interesting to see how many episodes they can edit out of this. I'm guessing around 9 (like DC) with two reunion episodes.

The one saving grace for me is Elsa. She should be an official housewife and I too, cannot wait for her to appear on WWHL. Her accent, her beautiful face, everything. She's the main reason I'm tuning in.

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Haha - oh Kim. Of course she would!

Chris B - you are so right about Miami's production values (CHEAP), but especially right about Christy. She is most definitely not worthy of housewife status - very VH1. She got lucky, had Miami been cast for a housewives show in the beginning, she would NOT have made the cut.

Also, this might sound horrible, but I swear most of the Miami kids are (going to be) gay. Adriana's son for sure. Larsa has one who was playing with a Barbie. Alexia's youngest son might be gay. Just an observation...

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I noticed all the little Justin's (Ugly Betty) running around lol. The kids were the only appealing thing about Adrianna and Larsa. Larsa's baby girl is so cute. I appreciate that Adrianna and Lea both have normal looking kinda geeky kids. It's a welcome change after the brats we generally see. Amd all the kids seemed happy. Honestly, I think the hatred for Miami comes mainly because of the way it came about with the sudden NYC switch. It's not going to be full of drama, but OC and NYC weren't like that in the beginning. As long as I have interesting interactions to watch I can deal with them mostly getting along.

We'll see how it goes. Just give me more Elsa and family time.

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Yikes - the ratings are out for Miami's premiere, and they aren't looking too hot:

Real Housewives of Miami (BRAVO)

- 1.214 million viewers

- 0.9/1 HH

- 0.6/2 A18-49

This is well below most of the DC series. Hopefully things improve, or DC won't be the ugly red-headed stepchild of the housewives series.

I wonder if this had anything to do with Bravo showing the sneak peak on Sunday night after WWHL? Maybe some people caught it and just didn't have to watch Tuesday night?

Source: http://tvbythenumbers.zap2it.com/2011/02/24/tuesday-cable-ratings-teen-mom-2-white-collar-up-miami-housewives-not-so-hot-lights-out-much-more/83597

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I like some of them - like Alexia, Marysol, and Larsa. But Christy does NOT belong, and I feel like the production value is so cheap that it's a 2nd-rate housewives show. That's the most annoying thing with it so far.

I really just want NYC back right now...haha. I also can't wait for more OC - I've been catching up with all the marathons lately and I really like that series more now.

Also, apparently Cat from DC was interviewed the other day and said she is most positive that a 2nd season will happen. Fingers crossed!

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