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Y&R: HOLY CRAP N/V Fans and Ashley Haters will LOVE THIS ONE!!!!

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Toni Board MANY THANKS TO TONI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Tuesday 12/27

Arrogant Jack to Red: "You and Nikki pitched your idea to Jill........how DARE you go behind my back..."

Worried Nikki to Victor: "Something else is bothering you....or is that just my imagination...?"

Police cars drive up behind Trashley, who is staring in shock down at something. The cops rush out: "FREEZE!!!DROP THE GUN!!!!" Ashley SCREAMS!

Wednesday 12/28

Nick to Vikki: "I'm gonna back off on Brad, and this time I mean it."

Christine to a detective, in a room with Trashley: "I've advised my client not to answer any questions." Detective: "Maybe she'll be more cooperative after a night in jail."

Jack to Red: "I'd rather live on the streets than be in a partnership with VICTOR NEWMAN."

Thursday 12/29

ASHLEY IS IN JAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ash to Chris: "Can they REALLY deny me bail??"

Nick to Red: "Why don't you run your concept by me?" Red: "How do I know you won't steal it?" Nick: "If you don't know by now that you can trust me..."

Arrogant Jack to confuzzled Victor (at the Newman ranch): "I made a New Year's resolution: To keep you the hell outta my company..."

Friday 12/30

Brad to Vikki: "I really do love you Victoria..."

Chris to Ash: "We're looking at LIFE IN PRISON WITHOUT PAROLE." Ash is very worried

Lauren has a sort of log and she's trying to beat the door down with it - Sheila is sitting: "We're trapped...there's no escape..."

Monday 01/02

Brad to Vikki: "You do recall I proposed to you last night..." Happy Vikki: "Oh did you...?"

Ash, Glo, Jack are at the hospital, where John seems to be in very critical condition - Glo to Jack: "She wants to stay with your father - ALONE - why??"

Nikki to Sharon: "C'mon, what happened in St. Louis?" Sharon: "What do you mean?"

By the looks of this I think ED is on her way out :(

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Some more;

Tuesday 01/03

Ash to Glo & JAck at the hospital: "Under NO circumstances do I want dad to know what happened, all right?"

Mikey to Kevvie: "Deep in my heart & soul, I really can't accept the fact that Lauren is dead."

Lauren to Sheila: "If we're gonna get out of here alive, I need your help..."

Wednesday 01/04

Daniel to Devon: "How's Lily, what did she say about me?"

Victor to Jack: "Is it true what I hear about Ashley's arrest? Did she do it? Did she kill Tom Fisher?"

Ash to Brad: "Everyone knows Tom was threatening my family.....who would blame a mother for protecting her child?"

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Ok I am a bit confused... havent watched the clips but does Tom get shot? or John? LOL I don't get it. But OMG this sounds so good! LOL Trashley hehe I love Ash!

It looks like Ashley kills Tom. I'm not sure exactly why John ends up in the hospital.

I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that I think Ash is actually covering up for John, based on the last two previews. Then again, I might be far off.

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Ok I am a bit confused... havent watched the clips but does Tom get shot? or John? LOL I don't get it. But OMG this sounds so good! LOL Trashley hehe I love Ash!

No clue, but everything sounds excellent! I hope more focused is placed on other characters next year and nobody dominates. I love the Fishers, but I'm ready for other characters to take the spotlight too! OMG Ashley is DOOMED if Christine is helping her! :P

You think this is a way to redeem Ashley(from sperm theft I guess), having her kill Tom, lose Abby, and serve jail time.

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Wait a minute. Ashley kills Tom, but John is the one in the hospital? Maybe... maybe there's a scuffle, or something? Maybe Tom and John get into a fight, injuring John. That's when Ashley kills Tom.

Who knows.

Eileen will rock!

(Come home to DAYS, Eileen!)

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Well if SOD was right and what they reported as truth was actually truth then Davidson did ask Corday to return to DAYS... so maybe Davidson knew her time would be ending soon on Y&R.

Kristen's return to DAYS would be huge to me and the show in general. Just re-watching the years she created and how much she was to the show makes it even clearer. Kristen was HUGE from 95 thru 98. And had been bigger before that too since she started in 93...

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