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September 14-18, 2009


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It's interesting how #GL gained nearly 1 million viewers from Monday-Friday. When was the last time a soap was able to do that?

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DAYS is really the only success story in daytime ratings-wise this year and this season.

I'm glad Thursday was Y&R's lowest rated day, since it was the day they promoted the most for their little shock and awe stunt. Serves those idiots right. I don't think last week was as successful as they hoped, and I'm glad.

GL's last week seemed to have a positive effect on most the CBS soaps too.

Glad GL went out with a bump.

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That's all for Y&R!! That's it!!! :blink::lol: I actually believe the ratings after the impact of this week and I guess baby switch week and Colleen's funeral is the gauge to really find out where this show is right now.

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1.(*) Y&R: Monday: 3.7/4,842,000 (-159,000; from Thurs.)

2.(*) B&B: Monday: 2.5/3,230,000 (+91,000; from Thurs.)

3.(*) GH: Monday: 2.2/2,952,000 (+168,000)

4.(*) OLTL: Monday: 2.2/2,881,000 (+281,000)

5.(*) DAYS: Monday: 2,1/2,771,000 (+61,000)

6.(*) AMC: Monday: 2.1/2,755,000 (+206,000)

7.(*) ATWT: Monday: 1.7/2,192,000 (-123,000; from Thurs.)

8.(*) GL: Monday: 1.5/2,045,000 (-36,000; from Thurs.)

1.(1) Y&R: Tuesday: 3.6/5,059,000 (+217,000)

2.(2) B&B: Tuesday: 2.4/3,455,000 (+225,000)

3.(5) DAYS: Tuesday: 2.2/3,060,000 (+289,000)

4.(3) GH: Tuesday: 2.0/2,664,000 (-288,000)

5.(4) OLTL: Tuesday: 1.9/2,513,000 (-368,000)

6.(6) AMC: Tuesday: 1.9/2,499,000 (-256,000)

7.(8) GL: Tuesday: 1.7/2,454,000 (+409,000)

8.(7) ATWT: Tuesday: 1.7/2,392,000 (+200,000)

1.(1) Y&R: Wednesday: 3.6/5,053,000 (-6,000)

2.(2) B&B: Wednesday: 2.5/3,412,000 (-43,000)

3.(3) DAYS: Wednesday: 2.2/2,935,000 (-125,000)

4.(7) GL: Wednesday: 2.0/2,746,000 (+292,000)

5.(8) ATWT: Wednesday: 2.0/2,722,000 (+330,000)

6.(4) GH: Wednesday: 2.1/2,682,000 (+18,000)

7.(5) OLTL: Wednesday: 2.1/2,552,000 (+39,000)

8.(6) AMC: Wednesday: 2.0/2,541,000 (+42,000)

1.(1) Y&R: Thursday: 3.5/4,958,000 (-95,000)

2.(2) B&B: Thursday: 2.4/3,337,000 (-75,000)

3.(3) DAYS: Thursday: 2.2/2,910,000 (-25,000)

4.(4) GL: Thursday: 1.9/2,792,000 (+46,000)

5.(6) GH: Thursday: 1.9/2,628,000 (-54,000)

6.(5) ATWT: Thursday: 1.8/2,610,000 (-112,000)

7.(8) AMC: Thursday: 1.9/2,512,000 (-29,000)

8.(7) OLTL: Thursday: 1.8/2,436,000 (-116,000)

1.(1) Y&R: Friday: 3.6/5,100,000 (+142,000)

2.(2) B&B: Friday: 2.4/3,297,000 (-40,000)

3.(4) GL: Friday: 2.2/2,975,000 (+183,000)

4.(7) AMC: Friday: 2.0/2,686,000 (+174,000)

5.(3) DAYS: Friday: 1.9/2,673,000 (-237,000)

6.(5) GH: Friday: 2.0/2,584,000 (-44,000)

7.(6) ATWT: Friday: 1.9/2,523,000 (-87,000)

8.(8) OLTL: Friday: 1.8/2,429,000 (-7,000)

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For me, it's like closure to know that viewers cared enough about GL to come back for its final week, and most importantly, final episode. To hit #3 in viewers on its final episode shows that GL had a place in people's hearts and a place in history.

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Godspeed GL. You deserved it. Sure the final week was a mixed bag, but I'm satisfied in general. My original expectations were much, much worse.

Good to see enough people tuned in. The only thing that would have made it better would have been for it to top Y&R, but I knew that wasn't gonna happen.

I think GL also got cancelled at the right time of the year. The new season is just starting so affiliates aren't as willing to cancel it for something else. Plus it does help that the network didn't give the hour back to them, as they did with PSNS and PC.

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You mean the dance-a-thon didn't bring in them viewers? Color me shocked.

Not surprised given the show used a real life charity as a plot device for basically nothing.

What a waste this non event has been.

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It's interesting how #GL gained nearly 1 million viewers from Monday-Friday. When was the last time a soap was able to do that?

And GL plus ATWT were pre-empted on Monday in the west coast due to US Open Tennis Coverage.

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Does anyone remember if AW had a comparable bump during its final week?

I do wonder if ATWT could get a similar bump. GL got lots of coverage in the mainstream media (60 Minutes, etc.) because it was "the longest-running show in history," and I'm sure many lapsed fans from WAAAAY back caught wind that the show was being wrapped. ATWT's death might seem, well, a bit anticlimactic after GL's.

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With soaps dying, it would seem at some point the surviving soaps would hit some kind of equilibrium point. At the very least, there should be some signs of survival of the fittest. If the soap format matters, people who watch GL will switch over to other soaps and those soaps will witness rating increases. if ABC soaps don't see some kind of bump in upcoming weeks, that soaps really are dead.

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