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September 14-18, 2009


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On a complete side note, Drew Carey has truly destroyed The Price is Right. There was a time that show was daytime's #1 program, now it is WAY behind Y&R in Total Viewers. The View is right behind the 2nd half hour of that show in Total Viewers and way ahead of the shows first half hours. Bob Barker is severely missed it seems.

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Happy for GL's well-deserved last week numbers, deserved both because the show deserved to go out with respect from the soap viewing community, and because the last week itself was so good.

Sara Bibel's ratings analysis is fascinating. So why are the older viewers, not the younger ones, tuning out?

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I'm thrilled for Days. I am enjoying the show so I hope that the ratings keep trending upwards. I want it to say on the air so I can continue to get my daily dose of John Aniston.

I have been commenting about GH's audience erosion for months. GH is in serious trouble. I have to think that we will be seeing more cast members let go. They are already limiting the number of sets that they use regularly.

I think that the 34 - 49 women are leaving because they have to work. The younger women are more likely to be in college and grad school and still able to watch the soaps. It is social demographic shifts at work though quality and content of the soaps are also a factor.

I'm happy that GL got a nice ratings bump in its farewell. The show was so far from its golden days that I won't miss it, but it deserved a fond farewell.

I watched Drew Carey on TPIR. He has improved as a host so the ratings may rebound.

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I can say that #DAYS is up 24% in Total Viewers, 17% in HH's, 29% in Women 18-34 and 27% in Women 18-49 year-to-year, while #AMC and #OLTL are both flat in households with #AMC up 3% in viewers and #OLTL flat in viewers.

Oh you want those #'s? Give a me a minute.

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The Price is Right I (first half hour)

Households: 2.8/11 (+12%)

Total Viewers: 3,908,000 (+14%)

The Price is Right II (second half hour):

Households: 3.5/13 (+13%)

Total Viewers: 4,888,000 (+16%)

Maybe he is growing his audience, but these numbers are way below Bob Barker's days.

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