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September 14-18, 2009


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The carnival was the prior week but as is typical for GH, the ratings go back down after a big stunt.

IMO GH may be the darling of ABC but they seem to be in more trouble than AMC and OLTL.

Just curious, how is Y&R compared to the same week last year? I have to imagine it's up.

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Pardon my numbers, and boy do I hate math...another #GL update. The show was 5th in viewers, which i originally said this morning but changed it in the final report. Will update the report after this posting...

I don't know where Toups is right now, so I'll give you these. I won't do comparisons.

1. Y&R 5,002,000

2. B&B 3,346,000

3. DAYS 2,870,000

4. GH 2,702,000

5. GL 2,602,000

6. AMC 2,599,000

7. OLTL 2,562,000

8. ATWT 2,488,000

By comparison with full daytime...

1. Y&R 5,002,000

2. TPIR II 4,888,000

3. View 4,096,000

4. TPIR I 3,908,000

5. B&B 3,346,000

6. DAYS 2,870,000

7. GH 2,702,000

8. GL 2,602,000

9. AMC 2,599,000

10. OLTL 2,562,000

11. ATWT 2,488,000

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I meant the aftermath of the carnival. After all, it was the event that was going to change GH forevah. LOL! I thought that with all that promotion, viewers might stick around. Guess not.

ABC must be pouring the money saved from moving AMC and OLTL into rescuing GH which must be leaking ad revenue as its viewership collapses.

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How to you get a hold of the household rating for "The View" It is pretty sad they are now beating all the soaps in the ratings with the exception of Y&R. I see it reported they have over 4 million, but it never shows a hh rating and share, even tv by the numbers.com does not list them. Any help is apprecited!!!

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LOL! Glad Y&R didn't go up this week for their little stunt. They might have kept their HH rating from last week, but they promoted last week with a special special promo and it still didn't get them the rise they wanted. I hope that's a sign to the hacks running the show. No one wants to see more shock and awe and stunt storytelling from the show, they're not GH, they can't pull stuff like that off.

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