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  1. Agreed and the adults should know better... especially the veteran posters!
  2. Didn't DirectTV worked out some type of deal with Passions with a paid channel in Canada? I'm sure PP can do the same or something similar with AMC and OLTL. If nothing can be worked out, this is the internet and you will find it somewhere for free. So I wouldn't worry.
  3. Very, very weak cast. PP need Susan Lucci for AMC or it will sink faster than the Titanic.
  4. Exactly. Before ever watching soap operas, I knew about Susan Lucci.
  5. LOL Passions is no longer on the air so that won't be happening.
  6. Screenwriting - NYU, SVA or NYFA? Others?

  7. SOD will get a heart attack. But I agree with your point though.
  8. I thought he was around 18-21.
  9. He's way too young to get married if you ask me... LOL @ the KA allegations.
  10. Y&R Spoiler Tweet

    No way!