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  1. Screenwriting - NYU, SVA or NYFA? Others?

  2. Haven't signed on here in a long time... hope everyone is doing good. :)

    1. DRW50


      How are you? I missed your posts.

  3. Marcy is kicking ass on Y&R. I only watch the show when she's on.

  4. OMG, I cannot wait for June 4th. Thanks for the pics, Y&R.
  5. Check this out http://www.tmz.com/2010/05/19/jackie-collins-vs-raquel-welch-whod-you-rather/
  6. Agreed! She had so much potential. Yes, that's what I read.
  7. When did this happened? Danielle's death was really sad. The actress playing Ronnie is good. Archie is dead, right?
  8. Liberty!!! Too bad Tanya is on EE.
  9. OMFG!!!!!!! I'm so going to watch EE! I was able to watch the clips online. What a sad story!
  10. Anyone know where I can watch the episode where Danielle tells Ronnie that she's her daughter?
  11. Hire Zoe Lucker and Laila Rouass and I'm watching everyday.
  12. happy birthday!! :)

  13. You should check out the opening for the other Brit soaps. Coronation Street's opening will put you to sleep. I like the Hollyoaks opening because we see the cast in it.
  14. ^ITA! Carmel saw Russ kidnapping baby Max, right? I can't wait for Jacqui to go nuts when she finds out the baby is missing. When is Justin's last air date?
  15. I saw some Clare clips this morning. What an evil bitch! She's like a mini Tanya Turner. The actress should be on Y&R. I would like to see her killing Tyra and a few people off.
  16. LOL! Just watched this week's episodes. LOVED all of it!! Did Claire escaped? This was BK's final episode? With this week's dramatic show, I'm now back to watching Hollyoaks.
  17. ^^I removed the spoiler tags from our posts. I'm happy Kris won too because I like him.
  18. Adam is an amazing singer. When he starts yelling, OMFG, he should just shut up. lol That yelling of his drives me crazy. I'm happy Kris won. Obviously the winner should have been Adam because he dominated the competition with his excellence. Back to Kris, I just knew he would be the winner. My instinct feeling is always correct. I've temporarily added spoiler tags to your post because we don't want to spoil our west coast friends.
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