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  1. Thanks! I guess I was motivated to post by Days being good again, LOL.
  2. I think they are bringing back Will soon and keeping it on the down-low. For there to be a triangle, they need Sonny and Paul together by the time they find out Will is alive, so that's why they've gone from 5 mph (it wasn't quite 0) to 30 mph on this all of a sudden. Glad to see Sonny with Ari the other day. The show has recovered since Ryan Quan became co-head and Josh Griffith left. More of a character-driven feel like the Tomsell days that got me hooked, more warmth, less darkness, and excellent pacing day-to-day. Days often does good Christmas and holiday episodes, but this has been much different from the post-murder depression of last year. The surprising connection of Adrienne and Kate over Adrienne's cancer has been written and performed brilliantly. I couldn't wait to watch the next day when Chad found Abigail with Thomas. I know it's good soap when I'm rushing to watch. I hope Days will be as good when (I'm really starting to think it's when, not if) Will is revealed, but without Will slinking around for a couple months.
  3. I can't take people seriously who think Carlivati's done nothing good. Bringing back Bobbie, Scotty, Lucy, characters thought long gone but so important to GH. Making Michael involved with ELQ. Bringing back Lucas. These are long-term things that are foundational to GH and crucial to its identity and future, but had gotten lost since the 90s.

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    2. Soaplovers


      Its mostly just for show.. all surface, no substance.

    3. slick jones

      slick jones

      They bring people back, and they just destroy them or backburner them.

      Ron is a big baby and every time he does one thing good, he does 10 bad. Outside of that, tho, its nice to see you post jfung, I've missed your posts!

    4. All My Shadows

      All My Shadows

      Bringing characters back means nothing if you're not gonna actually write them properly.

  4. RIP Ralph Waite. Comfort to the nation as John Waltons on "The Waltons" and Father Matt on Days.

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    2. DRW50


      I'd forgotten he's had a big recurring role on NCIS too.

    3. Khan


      Shirley Temple Black, Sid Caesar, Ralph Waite -- all gone in the same week. I am just devastated.

    4. ChitHappens
  5. As a Jason Grimshaw fan, very pleased at a Corrie casting spoiler!

    1. DRW50


      I'm glad they're bringing in his father. I think they haven't had him on in over a decade.

    2. jfung79


      I saw a little clip on YouTube of the first Tony, I think. Jason was still in his teens!

  6. It's hard to reconcile how much I love Jason Grimshaw the character with how I feel about Ryan Thomas the actor apparently being a tax evader.

  7. I see EastEnders is back at "fire bunch of newbies to start over" M.O. I'm not sad that I can't watch it anymore. Even David Wicks can't save that mess. Corrie is much more stable.

  8. I like the new characters, but agree Miles and Zoe are too rich. My favorite Winston line so far is "I'm pretty sure public humiliation is illegal" -- think he will stick around and have more story than previous East Asian characters like poor Leia or Kendra, although still a sidekick. I love Leo and hope he is not going to be an abuser. Him with his grandparents was the best. The big shock of Adam dying -- was that necessary? They just had Cam die last season. So glad Eli was there supporting Clare through the cancer. Eclare are still awesome. Funny that just because he graduated, Jake didn't show up ever to support his stepsister though, nor Jake's dad. And of course, no mention of Darcy whatsoever. The stuff with the little kids was kind of random. The transformation of Mike Dallas into upstanding citizen and good guy, never mind his previous history, is pretty much complete now, but I don't mind because I want to root for all these characters. I forgot to remind Mr. Vixen to watch before the season started! Eric83, did you remember? Now there's just another week or so until the show is back again! Excited.
  9. jfung79

    Doctor Who

    Capaldi is a good actor and I liked him in Torchwood: Children of Earth, but I'm of the school that "it was time" for a woman or minority in the part.
  10. Back from my "watching Big Brother(US) 24/7" 3-month break! Happy to see my two US TV soaps are still doing well in terms of quality and in terms of stable ratings! In terms of soaps, only watched Corrie during the summer in addition to "the worst Big Brother season ever" (which it was). Hope everyone here has been doing well!

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    2. JackPeyton


      I'll watch s15 before I ever watch s1 or 13 again.

    3. DRW50


      I don't think I've ever watched season 1, just a few episodes.

    4. jfung79


      Yeah, I should clarify I haven't watched Seasons 1-7, only seen some clips, and I've seen nothing from the very different Season 1 at all. Loved 13 because of Rachel Reilly finally winning, the late-night pajama jams, and Daniele/Dominic.

  11. Taking break from SON for Summer ... Too much TV to watch (Corrie, GH, DAYS, OLTL, Degrassi, AMC, pretty soon Big Brother) with Big Brother around the corner, so no time to comment on how much I'm liking it, espeically with how I am a feedster and comment on Joker's for BB. So see y'all in September and have a great summer! Or who knows, I might still log in and this could be a lie LOL.

    1. DRW50


      Sorry to see you go. I have to have a strong stomach at Joker's because of so many annoying people, although a few are OK.

    2. ChitHappens


      Have a great summer! See yah soon :)

    3. beebs


      I'll miss your discussions about DAYS. They've really become a highlight for me to read. Have a good summer!

  12. I love Dennis. Dennis and Rita are a wonderful couple to turn to for advice and support. There is no other warm, unjudging, and not too "weird" older couple like that on the show. It doesn't really matter to me what he was up to in the 60s, how he was a bit of a bad boy or whatever. That was eons ago and people certainly will change over all that time. He's a great unit with Rita now and that's what matters. If they wanted to bring on someone for Rita, why invent a new character when it could be him, someone she interacted with way back when? Elsie's maiden name was Grimshaw so I think it's just a fun and harmless tip of the hat that he's related to Eileen -- can mean more later if they want it to.
  13. Yes, I believe CBC in Canada is just a couple weeks behind the UK, EricMontreal, about the same as Hulu. Glad you are watching again! One more soap I can discuss with you and read your thoughts about. Don't really care for Gloria so I don't mind that she's leaving. Glad they aren't killing her off though.
  14. Check out Chad Duell's twitter for video of "Emmy grinding" and Eddie Alderson ... Hilarious.

  15. Now up to and past where soapgirluk was when she posted May 30th. I just finished the Friday May 31st episodes. Love Tina laying down the law keeping Gary and Izzy from their baby until they communicate and put their baby first. In the comments underneath the Hulu episodes, people are raving that they love Tina, and I can see why. I now believe she will be a great loss to the show when she leaves next year. I like how solid Tommy has been in support of her as a friend and I'm glad that Tina now wants to be more than a friend with him again. Thought it was a good touch that Tyrone sided with Gary about not being kept from seeing his kid, because of what happened with Ruby. I'm starting to like Fiz again; she's been more tolerable lately. I think Izzy is overreacting to Gary's confused almost-kissing of Tina and she should forgive him. Nice to see Sally, Sophie, and Jenna more, but this thing with Sally dating someone from the Internet seems like filler so far. Rob, Tracy, and Carla - wow! I loved Deirdre tearing into Tracy and Rob, and Rob shouting at Carla that she washed her hands of him long ago -- actually making his robbing her seem like her fault! Now Rob and Tracy are determined to make a new business work to stick it to Carla. I'm glad Carla didn't turn Rob in, but I wouldn't have blamed her if she had. Missing Jason Grimshaw ...
  16. Predictions/hopes for tonight: At least one DAYS win (Chandler Massey probably with best chance; rooting for Peggy McCay). At least one GH acting win. GH or OLTL will win one of either Best Show or Best Writing.

    1. ChitHappens


      If GH wins either category, this NEEDS to be the last year of the ceremony and all related awards!

    2. jfung79


      LOL, shows have won before that were in much more dire straits and only had one good episode they happened to submit.

    3. jfung79


      Looking like a Bell sweep night so far ... Booooo.

  17. What, no telenovela style? I watch too much TV as is, but still, less Degrassi. Sadness! Eli is still there? Yay! I'm excited. Excited too that there is a new East Asian male character, although he seems kind of stereotypical/sidelined from the brief description.
  18. Thanks DRW50! Watching the next episode now and GH's relish has invaded Corrie ... Tina just asked Tommy to get her a ham sarnie with "piccalilli -- no no, extra piccalilli, yeah?" Haha! Edit: Finished the episode ... Yay the Rovers has opened, and yay Jason's back. Love Jason's eye-rolls as Stella praises Owen and Karl. And Gary has had to confess to Izzy. Loving the drama and the emotions! Also, nice touch with Betty Turpin's picture and LOL at Sean's WWBS to Norris.
  19. And the instability cycle begins anew ... I like this person's comment at the bottom of the article: "union_jak I always feel somewhat sorry for the actors when they lose their jobs because of the failures of the writers. Honestly, every character has potential for a story in some shape or form; it's hardly realistic to say there "wasn't much else they could do with Tyler". Are they saying in real life people just stop doing stuff and nothing ever happens to them again? If they ran out of ideas for a young guy then they seriously need fresh new writers on the show. I mean, straight away I could suggest he got involved with an older lady - he seems like the type of guy to be into MILFs - and Glynis Barber wants to return as Glenda Mitchell so..." On another note, from recent synopses, I like the humor of the snake escaping and a prostitute being revealed to be living at the B&B when Dot was trying to impress Reverend Stevens to get a job with the church. I'm confused why Alice is stealing things. Not a fan of this macho Branning brother brawl with Kirsty's brother over her scary ex Carl.
  20. Thanks for the clip! That was pretty interesting. Who is the dancer that Tracy referred to? Did Jason ever express any disappointment with some of the things that Charlie did? I've read they were friends.
  21. Up to Friday May 24th now. I like that Fiz was trying to tell Chesney that working out is overrated and unnecessary, and there is too much focus on hot bodies today. I also love the latest twist in the Tracy, Rob, Michelle, Carla, and Peter story -- the interplay between Carla's guilt at having abandoned Rob when they were younger, and her fear that Rob and Tracy have ripped her off, faked the robbery, and stolen the silk. I like Rob asking Tracy about her murdering Charlie Stubbs too, and Tracy's answer, "I have never murdered anybody I actually like." I've still only read about that whole story. Great scenes with Dev as he and family continue to deal with their grief, as well.
  22. Yay, hopefully this will give Jason more story too.
  23. Why does soap background music have to be so depressing and dreary sometimes? When an episode is tedious already, the put-you-to-sleep music doesn't help!

  24. Glad you're liking the show again, soapgirluk! Hulu is still on May 20th so I can't comment directly in response to where you were as of that post, but I'm still enjoying the show too. Poor Roy has just found out his dad is dead and is lashing out at Hayley. I feel bad for Hayley. Gloria is paying for the Rovers work to start again and it will be opening in less than a week. Eileen and Paul are back from visiting Todd in London, but no sign of Jason yet -- I'm missing him. Sylvia had some great lines this episode -- one about tomato sauce (ketchup) not counting in your 5 a day and made a little dig at American counseling sites too, LOL (but boooo). Gary tried to kiss Tina a few episodes ago after meeting with his Army friends and thinking about his dead friend Quinny. I actually do believe him that he was just confused and I do believe he loves Izzy. I like how Tommy has been with Tina for the most part in trying to be her friend, although too much machismo for my taste in his interaction with Gary. BTW I think it's funny how Tommy is always wearing T-shirts with big slogans or pictures, but neat that the show gives him a style. Owen is getting on my nerves, always mad at people -- was mad about Stella and Karl celebrating their engagement (although that was understandable), then pissed at Anna for enabling Tim (can see his logic, but it hurts Faye), and now pissed at Katy/Ryan. What does he expect Katy to do? Katy does need to be around more for Joseph but she also is going to date someone else too. Chesney is just bitter and there's no hope there for Katy. I'm not sure though that Ryan is really cut out for helping with the baby. I haven't seen him do it yet. It's interesting to me how Michelle was all defending Ryan in front of Owen but then laying into Ryan at home. I never see Michelle saying positive things about Ryan to him; she seems to just criticize him and put him down. I think Tracy is right about Carla and Michelle not having much in the way of people management skills. Also, poor Rob is being maltreated by Peter -- but Rob going off with Tracy to the back room to have some sexy time doesn't help his case either!
  25. I don't agree they have too much dead weight ... Mind you, I don't watch so this is just based on the synposes ... But I think one of the problems with EastEnders is an attitude of "dead weight" needing to be trimmed so they turn over half the cast every few years. There is no stability and longevity. So then the ratings sag when they've purged half the cast, and they desperately need to bring someone back again as a stunt to get the ratings back up. Then that person or tons of other people leave, and the cycle starts anew. Also, sometimes new characters get introduced for a mere few weeks or months, then are ushered out abruptly. The show needs to have characters stick along enough so they can be the new stars that keep people watching. Right now, they are still harking back to returns for characters from the 80s, 90s, and early 00s, to get lapsed viewers to come back. The instability of the show has prevented their being many newer popular characters. EastEnders also doesn't have the kids who grew up on the show who stuck around. Lots of recasts of characters like Ben, Peter, Lucy, etc, and Ian and Sharon grew up on the show way back when, but in recent years I can't think of actor/characters on EastEnders analogous to Coronation Street's Chesney Brown, David Platt, Steve McDonald, Fiz Brown, Jason Grimshaw, and Tyrone Dobbs who have actually grown up on the show, were not recast, and are still around as adults. (It's also in part, I think, why Liz is popular on GH although I don't care about Liz much.) I guess there is Jay, kind of, but even he has only been there for six years. Darren would have been if the actor hadn't left. Bianca disappeared for too long to be considered to have grown up on the show, and Ricky is now gone. In the hands of good writers, there is always story for a cast. Whoever seems like "dead weight" may just not be given suitable stories. In particular, I think the Masoods, even without Zainab and Syed, need to stick around because given the demographics of the UK, I think there definitely needs to be a strong Asian family presence on EastEnders that doesn't just disappear every few years. It's about time an Asian family had as much staying power as the Mitchells or the Brannings. If anything, more characters should be added to it. You can reinvent that family by adding a whole new branch to it, as was done with the Brannings, Slaters, Moons, and Mitchells. Still, though I disagree with your thrust, I think you have good points and I can see where you're coming from. I think it's an especially good point that Joey seems to be playing a role Tyler could have played!
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