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DAYZED: GH Actress to DAYS!


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Courtesy of DAYZED In Depth


Wagner's DAYS of soaps begin again!

The Days of our Lives/General Hospital wars have begun again. This time, DAYS is able to get the one-up on GH for casting Kirsten Storms (Maxie, ex-Belle, DAYS) by casting GH alumni, Kristina Wagner, who is most notably known for her role as Felicia Scorpio.

"We are very excited about Kristina's arrival onto the show," Executive Producer Drew Hamilton said. "She is part of our plan to pump Salem with new blood." Does this mean that characters that have been with the show for years are getting pushed to the back? "Absolutely not!" Hamilton proclaimed. "If you look around, most of our newcomers are working with history-rich characters (example: Brenda and Jack, Geraldine and Kate, Christian and Abby/Tony, etc.). Kristina's character will be no different."

Not much is known about Wagner's character at this time. Hamilton said he was unable to give any information about this character because of the huge amount of story the show has planned for her already.

Wagner signed a three year contract the with show. Expect to see her first on December 30.

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