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Melrose Place Spinoff: Discussion Thread


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I read this on TvGuide.ca.

'Melrose' fans, rejoice!

By Amber Dowling


CW plans 'Melrose Place', 2.0

Most staff members here at TV Guide Canada were rather chilly when they heard the news that The CW is spinning off Melrose Place, but I’m giddier than a schoolgirl with a brand new iPhone.

Because it’s true, folks. The rumours we reported several weeks ago have come to fruition and the U.S.-based network has ordered a pilot of the original Beverly Hills, 90210 spinoff.

Piggybacking on the new 90210’s success (if you count several million viewers a success, as the CW does), the network is hoping to revive the Fox soap starring Heather Locklear and Jack Wagner for next year.

Melrose Place creator Darren Star isn’t expected to be involved, according to The Hollywood Reporter, but he’s apparently OK with the idea.

Part of 90210’s immediate success was the draw of certain original stars resurfacing, namely Jennie Garth and Shannen Doherty. (Tori Spelling was originally tapped to reprise her role of Donna Martin, but a salary agreement couldn’t be reached.)

So who could return to Melrose Place? Lisa Rinna has gone on record as being on board for the idea.

But fans would probably rather see Amanda Woodward resurface. Heather Locklear hasn’t been doing so well as of late; perhaps she’d be game.

Unfortunately for fans, Courtney Thorne-Smith is tied up with According to Jim, Doug Savant has his role on Desperate Housewives and Marcia Cross, Kristin Davis and Laura Leighton were killed off the show in latter seasons, making a return pretty much impossible. Grant Show may be available, pending CBS’s decision on whether to cancel Swingtown.


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Doug Savant has his role on Desperate Housewives and Marcia Cross, Kristin Davis and Laura Leighton were killed off the show in latter seasons,
I dont think they realized that Doug Savant's character was killed off as well, so he's in the same boat as the latter 4. But it doesnt matter bc even without Desperate Housewives, I doubt people are just yearning to see more boring Matt
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I actually had an itch about this a couple of weeks ago. If it happens, they should so just call it "MP" to go along with the simplicity of "90210."

And ohmigosh, the Lock would have to be included.

I think they should just go with Melrose.

It would be interesting to see a few BH characters on it now that they are older. Brenda could replace Amanda as head bitch

I agree with you actually, even thios i dispise Brenda, it could work. and work well.

and do nice crossover with 90210.

Toups! I posted at another board yesterday that i think Budig would be fab on this!!

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You know, I really wonder if this would even work. Has The WB/CW ever had a successful drama about 20somethings? I can think of a few that didn't last long...especially "The Mountain" and "Related."

One Tree Hill seems to be doing well since the flash-forward. This is the first time since s1 and 3 that I actually find the show interesting.

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I agree. 90210 is just awful. Why ruin MP too?? Stop while your not ahead CW...LOL. 90210 is a huge mess of a show even with SD and JG in it.

How will it "ruin" MP? The show is over, how can it be ruined? LOL

I see nothing wrong with bringing back old shows with new characters.

In the future, I would love to see "Friends" again with the kids: Emma, Jack, Erica and Ben - they can call it "Friends and Family". LOL

90210 is not that bad. The show has a lot of bright spots and it will eventually find its groove, I hope.

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I don't think a recreation of MP will work as well as a recreation of 90210. MP was a show that became a success for one reason: Heather Locklear.

I know everyone has their favorite but the fact is that Locklear MADE that show a hit. Just like Joan Collins MADE Dynasty a hit. Both of those shows owe their success to one actress and one character.

MP was more actor driven than 90210 which survived heavy cast turnover, MP didn't really survive it's cast turnovers. Yes the writing was OTT and it was hilarious fun but I think a lot of people ignore the actors.

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Exclusive 'Melrose 2.0' Deets: Heather Returning? 'One Tree' Boss Helming?

Almost immediately after the news broke that The CW was contemplating a 90210-esque reboot of the original’s spin-off, Melrose Place, the buzz turned to Heather Locklear. Would she? Could she? Should she?

Perhaps because her tumultuous personal life has been extra public lately, the actress formerly known as Amanda Woodward declined to be interviewed for this story. But a top Hollywood talent agent sees little downside in her slipping back into the man-eater's trademark miniskirts: "It certainly wouldn't hurt her to do it." Even a high-ranking exec at a rival net is excited by the prospect of seeing Aaron Spelling's old good-luck charm back in action. "She should wait and find out what the actual concept is," says the suit. "But if it involves her running [her old Melrose ad agency] D&D à la The Devil Wears Prada, she should jump at it."

Besides a decent premise, Locklear should also hold out until the series has someone decent in charge. Or someone, period. Darren Star, who created the original, has apparently passed. Now CW president Dawn Ostroff is looking internally for a boss, sources say. One Tree Hill creator Mark Schwahn, who just inked an overall deal with CBS/Paramount, the studio behind Melrose 2.0, is one name being bandied about. The exec confirms that he's been approached, but adds, "That doesn't mean I'm on [Dawn's] short list. It's kind of natural they'd call." Is he even interested? "Never say never…though I'm more about creating something new. I'm the guy to call when they want to remake One Tree Hill."

One person who definitely won't be taking on the job is Josh Schwartz, who has his hands full with The CW's Gossip Girl and NBC's Chuck. But he can still dream, can't he? "I would make the apartment complex a retirement home and have it star Rue McClanahan, Betty White, and Bea Arthur," he jokes. "That way you get two hit shows in one."

What do you think? Should Heather sign on? Who else from the original cast would you like to see move back in? And what about Schwahn? Is he the right man for the job? And if not him, who? Comment away!

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