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Melrose Place Spinoff: Discussion Thread


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Will Heather Locklear Move Back to Melrose Place?

Heather Locklear is a wanted woman.

I just got word that Locklear has been approached to reprise her role as conniving advertising vixen Amanda Woodward on the upcoming new Melrose Place.

"The CW is courting Heather Locklear," a source exclusively reveals. "I don't think anyone else from the original has been approached yet."

And things seem to be moving pretty quickly over at Melrose.

The source says auditions have already begun and casting announcements may start next month.

It was recently reported that One Tree Hill's writer, Mark Schwahn, was likely to be writing the new series' pilot. Buzz has it that more than one script is being developed. The new Melrose will reportedly premiere next fall.

The source also said the characters will be more "culturally diverse" than the original cast.

Locklear's rep insists she has not been approached. A rep for the network could not immediately comment because of the holiday.

The original Melrose Place's seven-year run ended with Amanda tying the knot in a private island ceremony to her longtime love, Peter Burns, played by Locklear's now real-life boyfriend Jack Wagner.

Wouldn't it be fab to see Amanda and Peter return with a couple of kiddies in tow?

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CW president talks 'Melrose Place' remake

We have good news and we have bad news regarding the CW's remake of "Melrose Place."

Because we are journalists, we will begin with the bad. Mark Schwan, the executive producer of the long-running "One Tree Hill," will not be developing the new version of "Melrose Place" after all. We of the Melrose tribe were very excited to hear that Schwan was involved with the project, because he's proved himself to understand young people's angst.

Who is writing the pilot script instead and how much does he or she get angst, promiscuity and downright insanity?

CW President of Entertainment Dawn Ostroff said Monday she's "in negotiations" with someone now but could not identify the person because the deal is not done. But the network would like to have the show on its air next fall if it all works out.

Ostroff, who attended a TCA press tour event at the Peach Pit (Kokomo Cafe in Los Angeles), said she wants the show to be based on new 20-something characters, but thinks it's important to include cast members of the original, the way the network did with the remake of "90210." But executives have not spoken to any of the former actors yet.

"We’ve talked about everybody, but we haven’t spoken to anybody yet," she said.

Even Heather Locklear?

"Obviously, we’ve talked about Heather Locklear," she said. "When you talk about Melrose, that’s who you think about."

Ostroff thinks the timing for the show is right. For one, "Melrose Place" spun off from "Beverly Hills, 90210," and that worked out nicely. But more important, she said, America is facing some of the same issues that existed in 1992 when "Melrose Place" premiered.

"The pilot talked about the building being foreclosed on, people not having jobs," she said. "So it’s interesting that it took place in a similar time, not that there’s anything really similar to what we’re going through, but it was a time when the economy was in a downturn. And the kids were all trying to get their lives started." (Not to mention sleep with each other).

Ostroff wants the new series to show off Los Angeles more.

The original "wasn’t a show that tried to really capture the feeling of Melrose, which we think was an opportunity that we can really take advantage of," Ostroff said. "We really envision the show being stylized, of having that feeling of Hollywood, of that whole cultural thing you really haven’t seen on TV."

Asked by a critic if the tone of the remake will consist of the sweet earnestness that the original had in its first season or the sensational madness that made it a hit, Ostroff laughed. (Please, oh please, the latter!)

"We’ve actually had that exact conversation," she said. "Certainly I don’t think it’s people blowing up buildings in the beginning. Initially, you have to get invested in the characters, but I also think that it can’t be so so sleepy that not enough is going on. Our fans really love some of that heightened drama, as you can see when you watch 'One Tree Hill' and 'Gossip Girl.' So the job is both: to get them emotionally invested in the people and then do storylines that have twists and turns and surprises you never expected."

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More Hollywood? More stylised? I bet this turns out to be a scripted version of The Hills, just like 90210 is a scripted version of Laguna. Still, if it has Heather Locklear in the kind of Lisa Love/Kelly Cutrone type role I'll be happy!

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Smallville fans aren't gonna like this..............

Exclusive: 'Smallville' bosses mull 'Melrose' remake. Is Clark safe?

The plot is thickening over at CW's Melrose Place reboot. On the heels of One Tree Hill boss Mark Schwahn's departure from the project, sources confirm that the net is now talking with Smallville show-runners Darren Swimmer and Todd Slavkin about shepherding the update.

It goes without saying that a likely complication in the talks is the duo's involvement with Smallville and the uncertainty surrounding the show's future. The net has not formally renewed Smallville for a ninth season, although Warner Bros. is already finalizing deals with the principal cast, including Tom Welling. Should Swimmer and Slavkin depart, fellow executive producers Kelly Souders and Brian Peterson would likely become the primary show-runners in season 9.

Schwahn's exit from Melrose 2.0 was announced last week at press tour. According to insiders, the exec was unable to close a deal with producer Paramount due in part to his existing committment to Warner Bros, which produces OTH.

What say you, Smallville fans? Are you willing to lose Swimmer and Slavkin if it means getting a super Melrose Place remake? Sound off below!

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A few character descriptions. How old is Jake's son suppose to be now?


Exclusive: Look who's moving into the new 'Melrose Place'

Feb 6, 2009, 03:21 PM | by Michael Ausiello

Categories: Melrose Place

Here comes the neighborhood!

With Smallville producers Todd Slavkin and Darren Swimmer now officially installed as showrunners, The CW at last has revealed who'll be moving into its remodeled Melrose Place next season. (Well, they've revealed the characters at least; the roles have yet to be cast.) As you'd imagine, there are some familiar types among the tenants.

Wanna meet 'em? Come on!

The new Jake and Amanda are... David Patterson and Ella Flynn. He's Melrose royalty, the now-grown son of the original Jake, with the taut abs and thick black book to prove it. She's his omnisexual sometime lover, a PR whiz whose tongue is as sharp as her stilettos.

The new Billy and Allison are... Jonah Miller and Riley Richmond. He's a Kevin Smith wannabe whose obsession with his movies is unlikely to give him a happy ending with his sickly-sweet schoolteacher fiancee -- especially when she takes a shine to the glamorous life he loathes.

The new Matt is... Auggie Kirkpatrick. A hunky hippie, this recovering alcoholic is willing to give everybody the benefit of the doubt. No word on whether the word sucker will be tattooed on Debbie Downer's forehead, but come on…

The new Jane is... Lauren Bishop. Sort of an anti-Michael, this straight-arrow med student falls on such hard times that she's forced to pull a Sydney and trade sexual favors for financial ones.

The new Sydney is... Violet Foster. Though she's fresh off the turnip truck, this small-town teen already has a worldly-wise m.o.: play the sex kitten till you're ready to bare your claws.

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Sounds awesome IMO. Smart move bringing back Jake's soon on the show(wonder how long it'll be until we hear about Grant Show guest starring?).

I think Grant will stay on Private Practice.

I did some research, and Jake's son was 4 in 1992, so he should be 21-22 now.

Well after Power, which they wrote, Melrose can have Slavkin and Swimmer as far as I'm concerned.

What'd they do? :huh:

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Very bad move. If they get rid of SV for MP 2, it won't be pretty, it'll be a mark against it before it even airs.

While I watch Smallville, its time for the series to end. I dont think it needs a 9th season. Its way past time for Clark to make the transition into Superman

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I love how everyone spells doom for Smallville. They CAN get new showrunners! LOL. The show has several producers capable of taking the reigns.

I think Privileged is toast and MP will air after 90210. It would make the most sense. Unless they pair OTH/MP and GG/90210 as the shows are similar, but I think they would compliment the other.

Melrose would be wrong to focus on Locklear again, as much as I love her and Amanda.

I'm all for Jo being the matronly figure but I doubt that will happen.

It would make more sense if they brought back someone like Lexi who had money, an AD agency and didn't she own 4616 at the end of the series? I can't recall. I thought I remember her owning it at one point. And they could bring back Michael, as well. Focus on those two, with cameos/arcs for Jake and Jo (I personally just want Zuniga and Jo back ... lol)

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CW's Melrose Place Redo Ramps Up

Prime time just got a little soapier.

As we've been reporting for months, CW honchos have been positioning Melrose Place to follow in the footsteps of 90210 and be resurrected for a new generation of teenyboppers. Now, the network has greenlighted a pilot of the revamped Aaron Spelling classic.

The remake will follow the original formula and chronicle a group of twentysomethings dwelling in Los Angeles' perpetually trendy Melrose neighborhood.

Aside from Jennie Garth's preemptive announcement that she would not be joining the cast's recycled ranks, there has been no word on casting. But an Oscar-credentialed director has been hired, according to the Hollywood Reporter, who has ties to none other than erstwhile Melrose dweller Billy Campbell.

Davis Guggenheim, who directed and won an Oscar for An Inconvenient Truth, will helm the pilot episode. Married to Elisabeth Shue, Guggenheim boasts the added bonus of being brother-in-law to Billy Campbell himself, Andrew Shue.

While there's no word on whether Shue would consider revisiting his old stomping grounds, other more shameless Melrose Place alum have not been shy about expressing a desire to reprise their original roles.

Sources told E! News last year that Heather Locklear is being courted by the CW, while both Lisa Rinna and Grant Show have publicly made their cases.

There's no word yet on when the pilot will go into production.

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