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Melrose Place Spinoff: Discussion Thread


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MELROSE PLACE - Episode Information and Ratings (Numbers are from Nielsen Media Research)

Live+7 Total Viewers = Live Viewers + DVR playback up to 7 days later (Live + 7)

Live+SD Total Viewers = Live Viewers + Same Day DVR playback (Live + Same Day)

Live Total Viewers = Live Viewers

18-49 = Live + SD Numbers

Season 1

Timeslot: Tuesday at 9pm

Episode 1.1: "Pilot"

Air Date: September 8, 2009

Written By: Todd Slavkin & Darren Swimmer

Based on the Teleplay By: Darren Star

Directed By: Davis Guggenheim

Live+7 Total Viewers: 2.80 million

Live+SD Total Viewers: 2.31 million

Live Total Viewers: 2.0 million

18-49: 1.3/3

Episode 1.2: "Nightingale"

Air Date: September 15, 2009

Written By: Liz Tigelaar

Directed By: Greg Beeman

Live+7 Total Viewers: 2.28 million

Live+SD Total Viewers: 1.81 million

Live Total Viewers: 1.49 million

18-49: 1.0/3

18-49 Live+7: 1.3

Episode 1.3: "Grand"

Air Date: September 22, 2009

Written By: Caroline Dries

Directed By: Allan Arkush

Live+7 Total Viewers: 1.90 million

Live+SD Total Viewers: 1.44 million

18-49: 0.8/2

18-49 Live+7: 1.1

Episode 1.4: "Vine"

Air Date: September 29, 2009

Written By: Daniel T. Thomsen

Directed By: Frederick E.O. Toye

Live+7 Total Viewers: 1.83 million

Live+SD Total Viewers: 1.42 million

18-49: 0.8/2

18-49 Live+7: 1.0

Episode 1.5: "Canon"

Air Date: October 6, 2009

Written By: Christopher Fife

Directed By: Norman Buckley

Live+7 Total Viewers: 1.98 million

Live+SD Total Viewers: 1.60 million

18-49: 0.9/2

18-49 Live+7: 1.1

Episode 1.6: "Shoreline"

Air Date: October 13, 2009

Written By: Alexandra McNally

Directed By: Roxann Dawson

Live+7 Total Viewers: 1.76 million

Live+SD Total Viewers: 1.38 million

18-49: 0.7/2

18-49 Live+7: 1.0

Episode 1.7: "Windsor"

Air Date: October 20, 2009

Written By: Jon Caren

Directed By: Patrick Norris

Live+7 Total Viewers: 1.95 million

Live+SD Total Viewers: 1.50 million

18-49: 0.7/2

18-49 Live+7: 1.0

Episode 1.8: "Gower"

Air Date: November 3, 2009

Written By: Caprice Crane

Directed By: David Barrett

Live+7 Total Viewers:

Live+SD Total Viewers: 1.48 million

18-49: 0.8/2

Episode 1.9: "Ocean"

Air Date: November 10, 2009

Written By: David Babcock

Directed By: Liz Friedlander

Live+7 Total Viewers:

Live+SD Total Viewers: 1.27 million

18-49: 0.7/2

Episode 1.10: "Cahuenga"

Air Date: November 17, 2009

Written By: Caroline Dries

Directed By: Michael Fields

Live+7 Total Viewers: 1.93 million

Live+SD Total Viewers: 1.57 million

18-49: 0.8/2

18-49 Live+7: 1.1

Episode 1.11: "June"

Air Date: December 1, 2009

Written By: Daniel T. Thomsen

Directed By: David Paymer

Live+7 Total Viewers:

Live+SD Total Viewers: 1.41 million

18-49: 0.7/2

Episode 1.12: "San Vicente"

Air Date: December 8, 2009

Teleplay By: Christopher Fife

Story By: Todd Slavkin & Darren Swimmer

Directed By: Bethany Rooney

Live+7 Total Viewers:

Live+SD Total Viewers: 1.26 million

18-49: 0.7/2

Episode 1.13: "Oriole"

Air Date: March 9, 2010

Written By: Alexandra McNally

Directed By: Greg Beeman

Live+7 Total Viewers:

Live+SD Total Viewers: 1.16 million

18-49: 0.5/1

Episode 1.14: "Stoner Canyon"

Air Date: March 16, 2010

Teleplay By: Caroline Dries

Story By: Caprice Crane

Directed By: Seith Mann

Live+7 Total Viewers:

Live+SD Total Viewers: 1.13 million

18-49: 0.6/1

Episode 1.15: "Mulholland"

Air Date: March 23, 2010

Written By: David Babcock

Directed By: J. Miller Tobin

Live+7 Total Viewers: 1.26 million

Live+SD Total Viewers: 0.97 million

18-49: 0.5/1

18-49 Live+7: 0.7

Episode 1.16: "Santa Fe"

Air Date: March 30, 2010

Written By: Alexandra McNally & Daniel T. Thomsen

Directed By: Greg Beeman

Live+7 Total Viewers: 1.34 million

Live+SD Total Viewers: 1.06 million

18-49: 0.6/2

18-49 Live+7: 0.8

Episode 1.17: "Sepulveda"

Air Date: April 6, 2010

Written By: Caroline Dries

Directed By: Norman Buckley

Live+7 Total Viewers: 1.19 milloin

Live+SD Total Viewers: 0.86 million

18-49: 0.4/1

18-49 Live+7: 0.6

Episode 1.18: "Wilshire"

Air Date: April 13, 2010

Written By: Todd Slavkin & Darren Swimmer

Directed By: Greg Beeman

Live+7 Total Viewers:

Live+SD Total Viewers: 1.09 million

18-49: 0.5/1

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With New 90210's Success, Is Melrose Place Next?

Now that the new 90210 has found success (thus that full-season pickup), will Melrose Place be next?

The good news: Series creator Darren Star says, per earlier rumors, that it's a possibility he'd be interested in pursuing and acknowledged that it's been up for discussion. "Regardless of whether they do it or not, whether I'm part of it or not, I think it would be a fun thing to do," he told TVGuide.com. "I wouldn't be surprised if it happened — If it can be put together in the right way."

Plus, the new 90210's success — and the requisite fandom surrounding it — is not lost on Star. "I love it," he said of the redux. "I mean, it’s incredible to see a show that I was a part of, that many people were a part of for so many years, come back, and that the audience still has an affection for the show."

The bad news? No "official" discussions have yet taken place. Despite Star's enthusiasm, the TV veteran, who also created Sex and the City, said only, "There are no guarantees." Yet.

Star spoke to TVGuide.com just before being honored by GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network) at Fridays' annual Respect Awards, where Melrose Place, which included a gay character, was a particularly apt example of his commitment to organization's cause. Discussing the motivation behind the boundary-pushing that he's known for, Star explained, "I think I try in some ways to always look at the world the way I’d like it to be." He continued, "Not send a message but just say, with a show like Melrose Place, you want to include a gay character when everybody’s in a building in West Hollywood."

"Sometimes the networks are a little behind with the times but I think now they’ve caught up a lot," he reflected. "I think the networks have transformed the terms of how they deal with gay characters and how they include gay characters on their shows."

It wasn't like that, though, when Melrose first arrived. "It was like, 'You can have him, but let’s not hear too much from him," Star recalled. "Or, 'Let’s certainly not give him any romantic relationships,' and that's all changed. I'm proud to have been able to have the opportunity to kind of help that change."

Now that some of the issues Star helped introduced into network television are more accepted, there are new topics to tackle on TV.

What would he include in a potential, next series? "I think people are very polarized right now," he said. "And there's culture wars going on in this country. I think that people have really strong, different points of view about fundamental things. And that always creates good, thoughtful stories."

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Because of the buzz surrounding the 90210 revival, I too thought it would be natural to resurrect its sister soap, but I'd rather call it "Melrose" than "MP". Whenever anyone used to talk about watching the series, they always called it "90210" or "Melrose" so I think that's all we need.

I would love to see SOMEONE iconic tied to the revival, but not necessarily Amanda, because I think that's too heavy-handed, and maybe even a little limiting. Her running the show again might be too much because she did A LOT in her years on the show.

Now, they could reserve one apartment for maybe Jane or even a mellowed out Taylor McBride, as a talk-to for the newer residents, someone that has stories from the history of the building. There were a few characters that could be interesting as a bit of a mother hen, I lean more towards Jane, but you could even use Daphne Zuniga as Jo... is she wrapped up in any projects right now? It's a shame they killed Sydney, because I'm sure Sydney would LOVE to be in Amanda's shoes running that complex.

Jo might actually work best because she was "real" and "relatable" character that they dropped into the series, from NY with her "real" problems, etc. She also had a son over the 2nd/3rd season, which would leave us with a 15 year old boy right about now (18 if you want to age him a little) who was put up for adoption and is now seeking answers. Hell, Zuniga and Grant Show's Jake could be the cornerstones of "Melrose", since Billy/Alison were so obliterated by the time they left, Wagner and Locklear have other commitments (B&B) and personal issues, respectively, and Jane/Kyle aren't together in real life anymore. Jo's son comes to Melrose looking for his birth mother, wanting to come live with her, and Jake returns to give his input on not having a stable home life of his own growing up. Surrogate family.

Perhaps the youngest Mancini sibling can move in to stir up a load of trouble, with visits from big siblings Michael and Jennifer.

They could have a lot of fun with that project. What happened to Amanda? Is Melrose closed down? If Jo came into some more money and was looking for property and realized Melrose was shut down and boarded up... Imagine bringing that swimming pool back to life!

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I cant see too many original cast members being on this bc MP was about 20 somethings and later the early 30 crowd. That cast is into their 40s now and Im sure not the demographic that would sell or that the networks would go for. They'd cast adults who could pass for their 20s like before. They'd need a tie to reintroduce the series kind of like how Brenda/Kelly are to the new 90210. Having one of the old cast members owning the building would be a great idea. I wouldnt want it to be Jo though as I couldnt stand her in her last season. Jane could work for a short while before they have her pass it on to someone else. They dont really need Kyle around for this. I could see her being established in the fashion world and have one of the new tenants working for her and keep her on as a recurring character through that.

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    • A few years ago, there was a certain number of the banking and business sectors that tried to promote the idea of a “cashless” society and at first, I was willing to hear them out but upon hearing more information, I decided that it would eventually become another facet of a divide along socioeconomic lines, with the ‘haves’ benefiting and the ‘have nots’ being at a marked disadvantage. We’re already getting a taste of the repercussions of this with some establishments that have tried to deny cash payments, for example an upscale fast-casual eatery called Sweetgreen (very popular here in the Northeast U.S.) which was forced to reverse their anti-cash policy after a severe backlash once the policy became public. Well, they do say that necessity is the mother of invention and necessity, and I guess necessity can also provide the incentive to transform and refigure.
    • I love that office set and I wish we could see more of it. I forgot the verbal exchange between Lady Whistle Tits and Colin. What was the outcome? Why was she crying? Did Colin clock her over the head and stick a mini LGBTQ flag in the middle layer of her eardrum?
    • Well, we all knew this was going to happen with Sloan/Eric/Nicole/EJ. But I like this storyline. I just wish they would slow it down. You don’t rush through a storyline when it’s good, you play it for all its worth. I hope we get another twist somewhere down the line. Plus, there’s too many Dimeras on the canvas as it is. And not enough Bradys.  Speaking of Dimeras, what was this Dimitri/Kristen marriage [!@#$%^&*]??  Thank God it seems like it’ll be over and done with after just this one episode. And judging by the way those scenes ended, I hope this doesn’t mean that Peter Porte lied in the Michael Fairman interview. Plus, I see they’re screwing up the timeline again, since 39 years ago, Megan was in Salem, completely alive and devoted to Bo.  Other than that, I would much rather have seen Chloe’s first day at the Spectator rather than just hearing about it. And I would much rather have heard about Leo crying about Colin rather than seeing it. They really need to sort out their priorities on this show. 
    •   RHOA has lost the humor that took it to the top of the RH franchises. The ones who understood comedy either got grumpy (Nene), fired (Phaedra) or left of their own accord (Porsha). Kenya and Kandi are not natural comedians. Sheree's comedy was her obliviousness. The shade is now about jabbing each other, not having a belly laugh. Editing is trying to fill the humor gap but failing. There is also no cohesion: everyone comes across as a work hire. I've been waiting for my streaming service to upload last week's AND yesterday's episode. It claims there is a 'technical issue' but has no problem uploading RHONJ, VPR and other Bravo content. I don't know what's going on, but it happened with last season's RHOA, too. It's symbolic of the way Bravo has checked out of this franchise. They need to bring back Nene, Porsha, Phaedra, Cynthia, even KZB (though I really don't like her). Just throw everything at this show, and if Kandi or Kenya are unhappy about those returns, welp... 

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    • 100%. Companies want to block any criticism or duck accountability with regards to delivering a service. They sent two young kids to deal with hundreds of passengers, and they just repeated the mantra "Please go onto the website and rebook your journey." Not one executive or decision-maker was visible. To compound matters, I ended up catching Covid from the melée of passengers at the station, lol. This is what I mean about being let down by tech. A more personalized, human(e) service would have been more efficient in this situation. Within an hour, most passengers could have been quickly rebooked on trains that very day. But Eurostar just wants the algorithm deal with everything, and save some $$ and avoid either training humans or having to deal with human customers. Another example: the closure of physical retail bank spaces in the UK. They want everyone to do banking 'on the app.' This is isolating a sizeable portion of older or immigrant residents who prefer dealing in cash and checks and don't know how to use computers or fancy smartphones. How to take out cash or deposit checks? Where do you go when you notice fraud in your account or on your credit card? Sit on a phone for half-an-hour and go through the motions dictated by automated voicecall? Biden also recognises the alliance aspect of shared values under threat. But I will say that the Inflation Reduction Act was not well received in the EU -- it was seen as a competitive strike to attract European green business across the Atlantic to the US. Now the EU is trying to formulate meaningful green subsidies and incentives of its own. Fear of an invasion of Taiwan is also governing this decision. Will the US back the Pacific alliance of Taiwan, Japan and South Korea? Guess that depends on who is in the WH.
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