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  1. I think they're managing very well without JJ. As always, great episode this week with Rachel Nichols guest starring!
  2. To be honest, I'm not that into JJ. And if any character, she (or Hotch) seems most likely to leave the team because of her family.
  3. Sounds great! Can't wait!! applcin. I hope Jeffrey Dean Morgan will come back too!
  4. Looks cool! I'll definitely be watching. Great to see O’Loughlin, Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park in something new.
  5. ^^ Which is fabulous! Best show out there!
  6. Yay, it got renewed!!! I never thought I would, but I looove this show. Love almost all the characters, and the last couple of episodes has been really good! I disagree (which I didn't thought I would, lol). I used to love the original series. But except for Mark Harmon there's just nothing left worth watching anymore. imo I used to love Michael Weatherly in Dark Angel. But I'm just tired of his character DiNozzo, he's too much. Can't stand Abby, McGee or Cote de Pablo's character. NCIS LA is fresh to me. The characters have interesting backgrounds and I'm simply hoping they will have as much success as the original.
  7. omg This season has started off so awesome! Jensen is the better actor apposed to Jared. But Jared is getting better though. The twist with the angel was a good one and I'm just stoked about the next episode.
  8. Details in the Fabric - Jason Mraz Also listening to one of my favorite songs at the moment I'm Yours by Jason Mraz
  9. ^^ Duffy is not really my thing. But I can see why "soul people" like her. --- Listening to Staind - "Zoe Jane" and Nada Surf - "Always Love" right now.
  10. * Anthony Callea * taKIDA - Curly Sue * Alicia Keys - No One * Seether - Broken (Ft. AmyLee) * Dashboard Confessional - Don't Wait * Vincent - Miss blue * Ben Jelen - Come On (Ahh, love it)
  11. 'Rule the World' by Take That from the film Stardust. Awesome song!
  12. I know I'm late but I saw " Rocky Balboa" earlier today and I loved it. It was a nice ending to those nostalgic films before this one. And Milo... well it can't get better then that. lol
  13. Thanks for the links! Yes Kripke says season 3 is gonna be their best season yet which sounds amazing considering season 2 was awesome! And they're not going to play out any romance with the two new girls. They have no plans for it right now anyway. People were worried and started to get all emotional when the news about the girls coming on to the show was official. But this interview makes it all sound so good, can't wait!!
  14. DVD: The Bourne Identity and The Bourne Supremacy Saw them on the same night. I actually havn't seen these films before simply because I wasn't very fond of Matt Damon as an actor. Changed my mind watching the films. Looking forward to The Bourne Ultimatum. Theater: Pirates of the Carribean - At World's End Well what can I say. Love all three films. Depp is a genius.
  15. NCIS gets another season. http://www.thefutoncritic.com/news.aspx?id=20070516cbs02
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