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  1. So am I. When I hear they were both onboard I was thinking they were too big. But has turned out great so far. I like what they bring to the show. And 3 judges is better. imo
  2. I think they're managing very well without JJ. As always, great episode this week with Rachel Nichols guest starring!
  3. ^^ I'm very pleased with that! Good riddance.
  4. To be honest, I'm not that into JJ. And if any character, she (or Hotch) seems most likely to leave the team because of her family.
  5. Sounds great! Can't wait!! applcin. I hope Jeffrey Dean Morgan will come back too!
  6. Looks cool! I'll definitely be watching. Great to see O’Loughlin, Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park in something new.
  7. Yeah ok, I understand. But the reason he's reacting the way he does is because he's unsure kind of himself, a really shy person. That's not something you can get rid of in a couple of months. he's way more "open" now though compared to how he was in the beginning. I think he's a perfect example of the average person, you know what I mean? And I do think many people "took him in" because perhaps they saw something in his personality they can relate to.
  8. What?! Did you watch the same show as I did? It wasn't like he said, "Thanks Ryan... that's good to hear. Yay, for me. Bye." Lee has been such a shy guy from the very beginning. Shy people have trouble showing emotions, especially on a stage like the Idols have been performing on for the live shows. To go up in the final and stand on that big stage with all those people in front of you must be pretty intimidating for anyone, and for Lee who's kind of been fighting to break out of all season. He improved so much during these live performaces. So when he realized he won the whole d*mn thing he was clearly in shock, got tears in eyes, had trouble forming a full sentence and basically had dificulties speaking. I guess you have this opinion of him because he wasn't jumping up and down smiling and screaming? That was never gonna happen with Lee. He's unsure of what to do in certain situations. An obvious sign of this was when Ryan said his name and it hit him and didn't know what to do and looked over at Crystal. And later all he could say was "Oh my God" repetitively.
  9. Can I just say, YAAAYYY, LEE WON!! I have nothing against Crystal, except I think she thought she had it in tha bag for sure. And I liked her singing better in the beginning of the live performances. Lately she's been screaming too much. imo Well, I'm just so glad Lee won. It was great to see him so emotional when Ryan annonced him as the winner! The show won't be the same without Simon, it just won't. I wish it was randy who was leaving, can't stand that idiot! I hope they bring someone on that's not so well known for the viewers... like Ellen. I think the jury memebers should be people who knows something about the music business, "behind the scenes people". Nothing against Ellen, I think she's the voice of those who know nothing or very little (like the viewers) about this business. But I do think the person sitting in "Simon's chair" next season should be someone who knows what he's/she's talking about... I'll miss Simon on the show for sure! He got a nice tribute with Paula taking the stage, that last clip and all the Idols singing for him.
  10. Yay, Lee's in the final. He better win this!!
  11. ^^ I love David Cook! David, Chris Daughtry and Carrie Underwood are my favorites from past seasons.
  12. Well two things is really annoying with this show. I HATE it when Ryan says at the beginning of every show "This is American Idol". It's so chessy, and I don't understand why he has to say it exacly the same every week with the biggest Colgate smile every time. Then when Ryan is presenting the judges, Randy has been booing Simon every week It's sooo annoying, it's getting really old. Also his "Yo yo yo, listen man" is annoying as h*ll. Casey: I love Eric Hutchinson, he's one of my favorite artists. So I was happy to hear one of his songs on AI. Don't know if it was the right Hucthinson song for the evening though. His second performance was great, love that song. But I also agree with Simon, a different arrangement would've made it even better. Crystal: Just didn't like her first song choice. It might have been good if she did this song in the beginning. But Crystal has such a whiny/screamy voice at times. So it's kind of hard to listen to her sing these days. I didn't like her second performance either, too sleepy and screamy. A song isn't good just because of who wrote it. Lee: Looooved his first performance! Kara was right for once, round one goes to Lee. Like Simon said, yeah we've heard this song a covered hundreds of times before. But when the right person sings "Hallelujah", it just clicks. He was miles better on both performances! This was amazing and I hope Lee wins the whole d*mn thing! Oh, and I hope Casey is there in the finals with him because I'm tired of Crystall.
  13. The duetts were awesome, much better then the individuals. imo I loooove that song from Once, and I'm so glad they decided to performe it. Have to say I kind of liked Casey's performance though. Sometimes he's got that seducing look in his eyes... like when he did "Jealous guy". Well, he had something similar going on this week. I'm glad Mike is out and Lee, Crystal and casey ae in the top 3. Hoping Lee takes it home, because I'm kind of tired of Crystal. I get the vibe from like she thinks she has it in the bag. Plus I'm tired some of her song choices. Her solo performance this week was horrible. The song choice sucked, and she just wasn't good. Good thing for everybody they had their duetts as well. The thing with this season is that there's clearly more singer/songwriters. It's not as commercial as it usually is, and I love it! Some odd song choices, but there usually is anyway.
  14. Yeah, I was kidding. It was a joke. I just said it because Victoria was on the show you know. Wasn't being serious. The Shania-week was pretty good to be honest. Apart from Uscher who Shania seemed very genuine, just like Alicia Keys. Lee, Casey and Aaron (<< surprising) was the best this week. imo And YAAAAAAAY, Siobhan went home!! Can't belive she did that aweful screaming thingy again.
  15. If they raised some money, then do we really care if the show was good or not? But yeah, many of the performances was really bad... like The Black Eyed Pies. Yuck! I didn't mind watching the video clips though. Sometimes people need to see how horrible the world is to get up from their couches and do something about it. Wow, Shania Twain huh? I can't even name three of her songs. Weird. But then again I'm not a fan... Even a Spice Girl week with Victoria as a mentor would've been better. lol I wish Aaron or Siobhan would've gone home. They were by far the worst of them all.
  16. Crystal was the best one, with lee on a second place. I hope these two are in the final. The rest pretty much sucked, expecially Siobhan and Aaron. Casey was just boring withthe same stuff he always brings us, I guess we could say the same for Aaron.
  17. Yes I think Bowersox is overrated as well. I kind of feel uncomfortable watching her sing, looks weird. Didn't see what was so special with lee's performance either... kind of what he always does. There's nothing new with him ever. Tim on the other hand... I'm shocked that I'm even liking him right now. Simon's comment to him was spot on. Great performance. Actually Liked Big Mike too. For me Tim and Mike were the best durig this night. I HOPE Siobhan goes home. Can't stand her and her hideous voice!!! Suspicious minds is one of my favorite Elvis songs. My friend's dad died at the age of 54 and Suspicious minds was played at his funeral since it was his absolute favorite song. Wow, did Siobhan ruin that song or what?!
  18. It sickens me that they used "the save" on Big Mike. The should've used it when it was really needed further along the road. And yes, Siobhan and/or Aaron should've been in the bottom two. But then again, I want Mike gone so I'm hoping that happens next week.
  19. Agree!! McCartney & Lennon ARE two of the best songwriters of all time. This is my take on the performances... Katie did a beautiful version of Let it Be. I'm impressed actually. She changed it up just about the right amount. For weeks I've seen her as bottom three material. But not this week! Andrew did a good job of Can't Buy Me Love. I like it. Would've liked to see him sing Hey Jude instead of Lee, and Lee could've done this one. Then we would've seen Lee do something other then what he's doing every week. And I know Andrew would've done a kick a$$ version of Hey Jude. Nothing like what Lee did. Tim Urban. Where to start... Well, he should NOT be in the bottom two this week, that's for sure! He's great with a guitar, loved it! The dude can actually sing. Big Mike. Don't like the way he's portraying songs. I know some people like that kind of style, but I find it boring to hear the same stuff every week. I have nothing against if some of the contestants are doing the same style/type of performances week after week... as long as it's good. But I just find what he's doing really boring. Bowersox. She's usually good almost every week. Sometimes I get a little tired of her performances, but this week she did awesome! Loved it, and loved the didgeridoo. SiobhanNever liked her. I think she's very overrated by the jury, and I want her to go home. Last night was booooring. Aaron. In my opinion he should be in the bottom two, shouldn't be going home though. He wasn't bad, but it was just an ok performance. Casey James. Let me just start by saying that Casey was never really a favorite of mine. I didn't dislike him, there were just others that caught my attention more. But OMG, that performance was such a (I'm afraid to say it...) turn on. lol Sometimes when you watch the show on the TV you find performances like this one slightly boring. But I watched it on my comp with my headphones on, volumed turned up. I couldn't take my eys off him.
  20. Btw. Found this studio version when Did did "What becomes of the broken hearted". OMG... why didn't she sing it like this and with the guitar! I'm gonna cry.
  21. This is just frustarting. Tim is safe AGAIN?! I know why he laughing when the judges critic him... he's nervous, insecure and unsure of what to do. It's so transparent! Like you said Ruxton Hills, he would suck at acting too. He would be like Jason Cook, which is a bad thing! Sure Didi didn't do well this last performance. But she sure was better then Tim, who's been bad for all the live weeks! Damn it! Oh well, I guess I'm only watching for Garcia now then. Btw. I don't get how Kara never heard of Mike's song "Ready for Love". That's just weird. Ready for Love - India. Arie:
  22. Why should he do something else when he is a singer/song writer? Kara & co are the ones going after him for not topping the "Staight up" performance. Guess what, he's not trying to top it! He's just doing what he always did which was playing the acoustic guitar. That's the way he's been performing looong before AI was even on his mind. All in all, this show isn't really for Andrew. AI is too commercial. Andrews is a Youtube star along with David Choi, Kina Grannis, AJ Rafael, Erin & Roxanne, Terra Naomi etc. With that said, Andrew has got so much peotential to make it outside Youtube. Ohh, and Siobhan was so bad for the 100th week in a row. I don't know why they (except Simon) think she's soooo good. Kara keeps praising her screams, and i don't know why because it's horrible. Every week we know she's gonna scream at the end and it's just awful. Hate it! Simon is actually the only one who seems to get that. I hope she goes home. Can't figure out why she's even here. What I like about this season is the fact that there's so many singer/songwriters. I can't stand how they do it every year with all the commercial singers. This is more unique and personal. imo With that said, there's been and are a lot of people I would want to see gone.
  23. ^^ Which is fabulous! Best show out there!
  24. Kara is just beyond dumb and rude for that matter. Simon can be rude, but he's just like that. And well... I don't know.. it's different with him. There can't be two people acting llike Simon. he's the original, and it should stay that way. I don't even have words to describe Kara. And why does she talk like she does... by that I meen the tone in her voice. Like she's soooo cool or something. Really immature. Ugh!
  25. I have to agree on that. Ellen sort of represents us (the viewers). She has that "untrained" point of view, like we have. So I'm not complaining at all about her presence. Plus I also like Ellen's personality... atleast on her show. Just to mention the singers ral quick. Didi is my favorite of the girls! I loved when she sang "Terrified", "The Way I Am" and "Rhiannon". Amazing! And Andrew is still my fav of the guys. They don't get his music selctions. I do. Although, I wouldn't have chosen the Aguilera song. I kind of like Lee Dewyze. And O.M.G... I can't believe Alex Lambert went home before Tim Urban!! Tim had ONE good song which was "Hallelujah". Other then that he was so baaad.
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