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Y&R: TV Guide Confirms JG is out and his replacement!

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This is from wikipedia...


Rauch has become a controversial figure among some soap fans.

* His production stints at One Life to Live and Guiding Light featured sci-fi plots such as cloning and time-travel.

* He has also had some conflicts with several of the actors on the shows he has produced. Ellen Holly, who played Carla on One Life to Live for nearly two decades, wrote in her autobiography "One Life" about how Rauch told Lillian Hayman, who played Holly's on-screen mother, Sadie, as she was walking to her car after a day's taping that she was fired and that she had just taped her last episode. Several other actors, such as Maeve Kinkead and Lisa Brown, have had strong personal or professional differences with Rauch.

* He fired three very popular actors from Another World in 1975: Virginia Dwyer (Mary Matthews), George Reinholt (Steve Frame), and Jacqueline Courtney (Alice Matthews Frame). The death of Mary Matthews was particularly shocking as she was the matriarch of the main family and her death occurred on Good Friday. Fans and critics were outraged and Courtney responded several years later to outrageous comments made by Rauch about herself and her former peers at AW.

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Y&R was Masterpiece Theatre. Paul Rauch is late-stage Dynasty. With floodlamps.

I believe he made a very large contribution to the downfall of GL by making everyone and everything look and act as tacky as possible. During his reign I could count on turning to CBS and seeing nothing but orange, yellow, and Kim Zimmer trying to look hot. So I never turned to CBS.

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