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  1. Y&R September Discussion

    I see your point. Sharon has been a hot mess for awhile <sigh>.
  2. Y&R September Discussion

    LOL thatin right there is funny [&#33;@#&#036;%^&amp;*]. I don't care who ya are.
  3. Y&R September Discussion

    Yea the Cassie thing doesn't make the story any better. Ever since they stuck Kevin in the GCPD, he and Alex have had crazy chemistry IMO.
  4. Y&R September Discussion

    They've went down the brain tumor road before with Jana, didn't they? IA though, they botched Sharon's redemption with this bi polar crap. It's quite obvious to me they aren't invested it, and will roll it out as needed when Sharon goes bat [&#33;@#&#036;%^&amp;*] again. Yawn. Redemption could have been as easy as a mental break, not something chronic, then send her off screen for a few months. The character is prolly played out at this point.
  5. Y&R September Discussion

    Thanks bl. I still think the story sucks lol.
  6. Y&R September Discussion

    So I haven't been on the discussion threads in awhile, so I'm sure I'm asking a question that's been covered. But here goes... WTF is the deal with Sharon? All of a sudden, years after her and Nick divorced, they are "meant to be"?!? We're supposed to believe that she's felt this way the entire time? And she's kept this paternity secret for how long??? I hate this story. Hate it. I'm still watching YR a couple times a week for some reason...
  7. It's been awhile since I've visited SON but I'm back!

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      WB! In which threads to you usually post?

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    4. Greg's GL

      Greg's GL

      :-) Thanks y'all! I'm usually hangin in the Y&R stuff, the politics thread and other off topic stuff. Hope to see y'all around!

  8. The Politics Thread

    It IS wrong. And I don't believe that anyone would willingly submit to these searches "if they lived in a high crime area". That's baloney. Stopping random people on the street to question/frisk/search them for no reason is illegal. Period. I wouldn't want to live somewhere that it ain't.
  9. The Politics Thread

    I'm speechless. I've been away from this site and particularly this thread for too long so I'm just gonna jump right in. The fact of the matter is if President Obama were not African-American, this birth certificate bullshit would have never been an issue. Period. I think the entire thing is rooted in racism and the fact it's still an issue after they've gotten what they wanted makes me believe it even more. I will say that I find it hard to believe that these people are respresentive of the run-of-the-mill Republican. I have some Republican friends, some on this very forum, and they are nowhere near as extreme as the people in this clip. If the GOP continues to chase after these "morality" issues, they will not get the support of the general public in 2012. It's a good thing that the mainstream press has not picked up on this story. Only the fringe, evangelical Christians are interested in these types of actions.
  10. Guiding Light discussion thread

    Good question, Michael. As I recall, around the time DK/EW came up with this story, Rick and Mel were having problems and he was secretly boinking Beth at the Beacon. Once they Mel discovered the affair, I think they brought Leah in to help reconcile her parents? Who knows. There were some scenes in the Bauer backyard with the three of them tossing the football and all. Then a period of time that she didn't speak to Rick much and blamed him for the problems in their family.... That's the only "story" I've ever thought they used Leah for. If anyone has anything else, please let me know. BTW, I think your suggestion that they should have aged Kevin, Jason, etc. was a good one. And IA it would have done some good in "covering up" the damage done by aging Leah.
  11. Guiding Light discussion thread

    This is why I love these SON discussions, jfung. It's great that you related so much to Remy/Christina and their story. I've had my own couples - mostly on GL - that I loved and was thoroughly invested in their sotry as you were with RemTina. So I understand where you're coming from with your post. However, for this viewer, these two were directionless and yes, shallow. JMO. ICAM that they never should have aged Leah the way that they did. I was simply saying that since they did it, they should have cast the role alot better than what they did so it wasn't a complete and utter disaster. But you're probably right - it would have still failed because of the destruction done to the history of the show. DK/EW never did pay much attention to character aging/de-aging anyway. Look what they did to Susan/Daisy. Shrew? I take it you weren't a fan of Mel's!
  12. Guiding Light discussion thread

    LOL! Leah being SORASed the way she was was a huge mistake. Part of me thinks that DK/EW didn't realize the mistake until they cast the part (badly, I might add) and started to integrate her into the show. Then they back-pedaled or just pretended like she didn't exist. As much as I HATED that SORASing of Leah, with a strong actress it could have worked. Yvonna Wright was perfect as Mel - beautiful, compelling to watch, talented. It should have been very easy to build a prominent African-American family around her. But they botched it with Leah. And pairing Mel with Cyrus (of all people) at the finale just didn't work for me. I don't even remember Mel talking about her daughter toward the end of the show. Mel and Rick were boring, but I always liked them together. It would have been interesting if they would have stayed together and started the next generation of Bauers. However, I can't complain that Rick ended up with Mindy! :-)
  13. Guiding Light discussion thread

    Remy's only interesting story - and believable one with LSV in the role - was his fathering Ava's baby and rivalry with Bill. Actually, that was also some of the only good acting MRS ever did in the role of "Ava". Why TPTB ever decided to move on from that rivalry and kill the baby made absolutely no sense whatsoever. Christina is/was a waste of space and her relationship with Remy was ill-defined at best. The only thing we knew about them was that their marriage was never "real". I didn't see any evidence that any of the writers were trying to do anything with these characters other than cheap, shallow stories.
  14. I've had enough. What will it take for a regime change at Y&R?

  15. Guiding Light discussion thread

    Fortunately, I did not see that scene with Marah. Sounds horrendous! :-( The Rauch years for the most part were entertaining for me as well. Cynthia Watros alone made GL must-see TV, even if the story was out there. If any other actress would have been playing that role, it wouldn't have been considered so successful. And I think Rauch was actually able to get the ratings ticking upward at that time. Wendy and Maeve had alot of chemistry as Mother/Daughter, IMO. The way Wendy would just seem to be seething hatred toward her was incredible. But the character of Dinah was dumbed down under B&E to be desperate for the love of a man (surprise) in Hart. I always thought that Dinah should be the one Hart was chasing after - NOT the other way around. Although it did create one of more interesting rivalries on the show between her and Cassie. I remember at the time literally hating Cassie's guts and rooting for Dinah all the way. By that time, B&E had turned Cassie into a goody-two shoes and that just bugged me. After Watros left, I do think that Rauch and B&E upped the crazy factor for Dinah. After Wendy left, I didn't think they could ever recast that role, but kudos to EW for finding Gina. Arguably, "Reva Shayne" is arguably the most widely known "DIVA" from GL, but there are any number of women that could have ended up in the same position, isn't there? Nola Reardon (who we discussed in the other thread), Vanessa Chamberlin, Dinah Marler, Blake Marler, Harley Cooper (damn close), Alexandra Spaulding, India von Halkein, Rita Bauer and even perhaps Carmen Santos (although I didn't care for the mob in Springfield). Of those, it would have been so interesting to see what India's story could have become had they had tied down Mary Kay Adams. Why was she always so hesitant to stay on long-term?