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Hollyoaks: Discussion Thread

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God, I'm praying they keep him around. He is so friggen talented. That people like his character at all is a true testament to his talent.

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Thanks for that. I wish they'd asked her about Des. That was nice of her to lie about Ricky Whittle being a good actor.

Jacqui has been underused, but the whole MY BABY! MY BABY! saga that went on for about two years badly damaged the character. I hope they can go back to what she was initially.

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What did you think of the episode?

I just can't wait for this stuff with Calvin to be wrapped up. I also don't know why they had to get Teresa pregnant. Seeing Teresa and 30 year old Anita going on about a baby, no thanks.

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I believe Marquess said he arrived just as this wedding stuff was being taped or had already been written, so he just tweaked some details. His name will probably be in the credits during the week AFTER the wedding stuff.

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<span style="font-size:10.5pt;">Hollyoaks star Claire Cooper has expressed excitement over what the soap has in store with new series producer Paul Marquess at the helm.

Marquess joined the Channel 4 teen drama in January following the departure of his predecessor Lucy Allan, who headed up production for just over a year.

Speaking to DS about the atmosphere on set, Cooper - who portrays Jacqui McQueen - commented: "[it's] excellent. It's so lifted. I'm buzzing - I'm really enjoying myself.

"It's mainly because I'm working and I'm getting some fantastic scripts through and I can get my teeth into it. I'm really lucky to be here and playing Jacqui."

The actress added that she hopes the meaty scripts continue to come through following a quieter year for her alter ego.

She said: "I'm here 'til next June at least. Hopefully it'll be an interesting year because I've felt that this last year, I've not really been used. You've got to step back at times but I felt that Jacqui's not really had an identity, so it would be lovely to get back into it."

Cooper also praised the string of new signings announced by Marquess last month. She explained: "I'm really excited about the new cast. You have to keep it fresh and it has to be revitalised every so often."


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<span style="font-size:10.5pt;">Hollyoaks star Kieron Richardson has revealed he has a "massive storyline" planned for next year, which includes lots of scenes with his pal Bronagh Waugh.

Kieron, who plays Ste Hay in the soap, stressed how happy he is about the appointment of new producer Paul Marquess, despite him overseeing the departure of a string of characters.

Speaking at the British Soap Awards, he said: "It's obviously sad to see your friends go but most of the actors have chosen to leave themselves, which is absolutely fine. I'm completely happy with Paul coming in. He's given me a massive storyline for next year so I can't complain and the only way is up."

Asked to elaborate on his storyline, he said: "I can't say anything because I'll get shot, but I know I've got one of the main storylines for next year so I can't ask for anything more.

"I'm happy and it includes Bronagh Waugh who plays Cheryl. She's like my best friend anyway so to get to work with her every day is amazing."



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I'm hearing this week will be great with the wedding and climax of this flashforward crap. About time too, that story drained a show a that was already boring and aimeless. I've been hearing good things about this upcoming week, though...

With Marquess expected to be in the credits next week and knowing he tweaked some of the material that will be airing this week, I think now is the time for me to start watching again...

BTW, I hear the next interview Kris Green of Digital Spy will post will be with Marquess, either later today or tomorrow...

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I'm hearing this week will be great with the wedding and climax of this flashforward crap. About time too, that story drained a show a that was already boring and aimeless. I've been hearing good things about this upcoming week, though...

I watched Monday's C4 episode. The Jacqui scenes were good, especially those with Mercedes. And it's nice to still see all the McQueens together, although I wish Nana made appearances, I guess she hasn't been around since Tina died.

As some sort of B story they're having a lot of the pointless twentysomething/late teen characters in a murder mystery weekend, with a badly acted young woman dressed in an old woman's clothes, and a big mansion. So far it's bad American accents and acting which isn't a lot better, although it's nice to see Amy being happy. During the time I watched regularly I think she was happy twice, and one of those times provoked a beating.

Her boyfriend is hot but he shouldn't speak. They put him in nerd clothes for no apparent reason other than the hot nerd fantasy, I guess.

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I just started it...

"If you came from America, you'd look at Corrie, Emmerdale and EastEnders and say they are essentially the same format with different accents, whereas Hollyoaks is different. It's very focused in terms of its target demographic and I think it ought to be focused in the way it tells stories. It was about working out what a Hollyoaks story is, as opposed to an EastEnders story. I did think there were some stories in Hollyoaks that could have played in EastEnders quite comfortably.

"By October/November on screen, it's much more focused on the point of view of the younger characters. It doesn't mean we won't play the older characters but it's telling stories that are about rites of passage, about discovering things for the first time and that are essentially about working out who you are, as opposed to being defined by your parents or teachers or background."

I come from America and I don't think Corrie, Emmerdale, and Eastenders are the same format with different accents. Or should I say at their best I don't think they are.

Is he saying that he doesn't think the show is currently focused on younger characters and by fall it will be or is he just saying they're going to focus on younger characters? I don't quite get this as I don't think Hollyoaks has been focused on older people in some time. I also thought Tony had already been moved into an older bracket. He's married to a woman who is only a few years younger than him and he's raising her child -- actually he's been put in the older bracket for a long time now.

"What I'm after is balance. I think sometimes it's a bit too daft and sometimes it's a bit too dark. We have some very big serious storylines coming up. When I say it got too dark, that was to do with the pace of the storytelling. By dark I mean grim. I walked into the building and we were playing a multiple sclerosis story and that played out in a week of episodes where there was nothing light, so it didn't feel like Hollyoaks.

This is very true.

I hope the line about Carmel doesn't mean we will get more of the Jesus potato :lol:

I LOVE that the theme and the credits are going to be changed. It's been long past due.

"They're going to change quite a lot. What you won't see anymore is our actors out of character. They won't be playing newsreaders or characters from Oklahoma or whatever. I think the serious point is that we have to compete for the audience's attention, so our stories have got to be bold, our characters have got to be strong and our writing's got to be great. I need people to get to know Cheryl as Cheryl rather than Bronagh playing a newsreader - I don't think it helps.

I don't mind the cutesy opening segments but he does have a point:

I'm glad to hear that they are going to wait until next year to celebrate their anniversary. That makes a lot of sense.

"I think the thing about Myra is that actually her kids are quite old. I think she's great and she's got good stuff coming up with Theresa, which makes sense but does Jacqui really need Myra?

I don't think that you need your mother less just because you get older. Jacqui has a very complex relationship with Myra. Jacqui basically WAS the mother for most of her adolescence. That's far more interesting than anything with dull Teresa.

I'm glad they will finally get another male McQueen, although that background, I don't know.

I guess we will still not be seeing much of Myra, Jack, or Frankie. Or Tony, if he's supposed to be in their age group soon.

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Kris asked two of the questions I submitted. :lol:

The one about his overall vision for the show, and the one about Steph, which came from discussions in this thread on whether or not he had anything in store for the character.

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