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Hollyoaks: Discussion Thread

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You're good at getting your questions in!

The thing about our new students is the audience will recognise some of them. I can't remember how many there are but we're doing a proper Freshers' Week. Some of them will be eerily familiar but I'll [leave you thinking about] that."

Does this mean he's bringing back other past characters besides Lee or does he mean current characters will stll be freshman?

I like the idea of Lee being a Gareth Gates impersonator. They could probably even get the real Gareth...

So do you think the big disaster will be used to kill off characters or it won't be? I couldn't tell.

I'm glad Steph is getting a story. And Jacqui.

Eva, her character, is a character with no boundaries and she does things that just make Anita want to die!"

Let's hope Anita gets what she wants...

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I don't know what he meant in terms of the stunt. I think by the time it airs, most of the actors he originally fired would have already been off the show for some time.

Though, of course, I do expect some deaths to result from it.

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at some point Olly is going to force himself on Amy. I don't care about Olly and I guess it's someone's idea of great writing to have a second consecutive "nice guy is actually a psycho," but of all the characters to do this to, Amy of the endless misery? At some point viewers are just going to stop caring. I hope this was one of Allan's ideas and not Marquess.

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I hear tomorrow's episode is one of the best episodes in a LONG time, and Jorgi Porter (Teresa) does some of the best work she's ever done on this show.

Teresa is Calvin's killer, and it makes sense. Allegedly, someone else was supposed to be the killer, and Marquess thought it would make no sense and have no dramatic value, so he tweaked Allan's story and the killer a bit.

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That's great insider stuff. Do you know who the killer was going to be? I'm thinking either one of the Valentines, or Des.

Jorgie Porter doesn't do a lot for me, as she often sounds like she has a cold, but at least this is some dramatic material. I hope this may also mean she doesn't keep the baby.

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The stuff with the students in the haunted house was awful, most of these characters need to be written out or die. They're horrific.

Glenn Wallace, Jennifer Metcalfe, and Claire Cooper were great in Thursday's episode though.

Tomorrow's episode should be great though, as I mentioned.

I don't know who was originally supposed to be the killer. It was either someone out of left field or someone too obvious. Marquess wasn't happy with who it was, so he changed it.

There were some hints in Thursday's episode.

Teresa didn't have any speaking lines and didn't do much, but throughout the whole reception scenes, she looked very uneasy and haunted. The killer would have been too obvious if it were Malachy, Mercedes, Jacqui, Sasha, Lauren, or Des. You'll notice that in Thursday's episode.

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Just watched Monday through Wednesday.

Who the hell are India, Texas and some loser kid who took up screen time? Please tell me they will be axed soon? And Josh? What the hell has he done to himself. Not to mention, why the HELL did Lucy Allan end Josh and Amy? They had such great chemistry and tons of potential to be a strong couple. Same as Malachy and Mercedes ... another couple gone in the dumps I see.

So can anyone tell me what is currently going on with Rhys and Darren? If anything, LoL. Have their characters been ruined beyond belief as well? Also, where the eff is Nancy? Why is it no regime sees how talented Jessica Fox is? Are they really that blind?

Lastly, is it just me or is Hollyoaks completely depressing?

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I was never fond of Amy/Josh, I just loathe Josh, I thought he was a sanctimonious twerp. I always preferred Fletch. I miss Fletch :(

India is staying around, at least for now. I don't know about her sister.

I haven't watched every day or even every month but from what I've seen and read, Darren is about the same as he's always been, not ruined. He married Hannah Ashworth, I'm not sure why, I guess to con her, but he fell in love with her. He watched as she went off the rails, almost dying from a relapse of her bulimia, but she got better. She decided to leave town, alone, but she left Darren a lot of money as a parting gift. Darren has since resumed his affair with Cindy, who is getting tired of boring Tony.

Rhys was sleeping with Zak's disabled sister Hayley, but she left town when she got pregnant (she told him he wasn't the father -- apparently Josh also slept with her but he wasn't the father either). He became jealous of Josh so he spiked Josh's drink, not realizing Josh was going to drive a car with various people in it. The car crashed and Josh became a pariah. When Rhys started screwing India, the woman Josh cared for, Josh fell hard into the bottle.

Nancy hasn't had a lot to do since she broke up with Russ. She and Kris are teachers and she's tried to help him with some of his problems. She's also watched most of her friends die or leave town.

Hollyoaks is an odd show because many of the stories are depressing yet they are done in such a shallow manner that you don't even get the enjoyment you could get out of a well-crafted depressing storyline, like Hannah's initial bulimia story.

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The BSAs had a brief tribute to the 15 years of Hollyoaks. The first minute or minute and a half had some clips which are rarely seen, featuring the earlier years of the show. Good stuff. I wish more of that was available.

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The BSAs had a brief tribute to the 15 years of Hollyoaks. The first minute or minute and a half had some clips which are rarely seen, featuring the earlier years of the show. Good stuff. I wish more of that was available.

Yeah, Hollyoaks probably got the best tribute of the shows. But hey, Emmerdale got two, thanks to Bill Lyons winning the Special Achievement Award. Wasn't it wonderful to have Steph and Kim back for those brief moments? :)

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They had Steph Stokes back for the Emmerdale tribute? I will have to see that. She was one of my favorite characters. I decided not to watch the awards I already got the whole idea, boo hiss how dare everyone not kiss the feet of Eastenders, boo hiss, they're just jellus cause everyone at Eastenders can act (as we see by such powerhouse wins as...Marc Elliott and Scott Maslen) and no one at Emmerdale can.

I was wondering if anyone knew whether Gaz was staying on at Hollyoaks. The character is a waste but I do think the actor has potential.

I was also wondering if anyone could tell me why Calvin started using an American accent in the voiceovers.

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Yes, Steph was used for the Bill Lyons tribute and Kim Tate for the Emmerdale tribute.

I noticed the horrible American accent thing too? I'm guessing it just has to do with him wanting to make it in Hollywood?

As for Gaz, I enjoy the actor too, but does the character have any redeeming qualities at all? As of yet, he's still staying with the show.

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I think they could do something with Gaz, either making him more palatable or as a good villain, if they keep him around. I know they're bringing in a lot of new people and it's going to be more glitzy, but the show has so many horrible younger actors, they should keep the few who can give a performance. I would have even suggested keeping Lauren for that reason. I just hate this Spencer storyline. He's horrible.

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Zoe Lister looked stunning and elegant at the BSA's.

I've always thought she was underrated, and handled everything solidly that they threw at her when she was on the show. I'd like to see more of her in other stuff in the future...

Gemma Merna is another stunning woman, who looks better when she's not wearing Camel clothes or has Carmel hair...

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