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Hollyoaks: Discussion Thread


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So can anyone tell me what some of the biggest changes were in the Flashforward episode and now?

Wasn't there a scene in the flashforward episode where Calvin talked to Rhys about secrets you can't keep? I don't remember that being in this week's episodes. There seemed to be much less emphasis on Rhys.

There was also no emphasis on Leo being the killer, which was there in the December episode.

They also had Suzanne in the new scenes, where she was not in the December scenes with Darren and Rhys sitting at the table.

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Apparently this was the highest rated Friday Hollyoaks since early April, although they still didn't clear 900K. With the poor reviews the show gets and the beautiful weather they supposedly had yesterday I guess that's good, by their current standards.

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Oh wait, this article about Kirkwood claims the ratings were higher during his run.


Over the past 18 months, Hollyoaks has scored its best ever ratings, with an average of 4 million per episode and a peak of 4.5 million - inching closer to Holby City but still a little short of mainstream shows like EastEnders (7-8 million) and Coronation Street (9 million).
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I wonder what they were using to count the ratings because I remember the ratings from around 2007 being around 1.5-2.5 million, not 4.

I think the show may have gotten up to 4 or 5 in the late 90s or early 00s but that was a different era for the soaps.

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Perhaps they meant the climax of the storylines brought in those massive ratings for the show during that time? :unsure:

I think The Bill got some of its best ratings under Marquess, even though many hated what he did to the show. I think the show was regularly getting as many viewers as EastEnders during that time.

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It may already be too late.

Viewers tuned out in droves during Lucy Allan's reign of terror, it would be very surprising if Marquess can improve upon her ratings.

Perhaps he can by creating buzz? A megahuge, year-long, bang-bang storyline? :unsure:

That, or it'll flop.

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I think that a long term building up of quality and consistency, socially relevant stories, breakout characters, and some "wow" moments to create a buzz will be the key for ratings. I think there have been so many soap stunts over the past few years viewers may have lost interest in them.

If I were them I'd consider doing a Live Week of episodes, like OLTL did in 2002.

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