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Hollyoaks: Discussion Thread


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despite Niall`s story being slow,the payoff and the climax in the church was one of Hollyoak`s best weeks and episodes in the soap. The explosion was fantastic and the aftermath which crept into Hollyoaks Later was just as chilling.

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oh well you learn something new every day.

There is something about Hollyoaks villians which i love. I didn`t like Warren because he was always in a foul mood and never thought of a plan. He just sort of punched and kicked to get what he want.

I liked Scott Anderson and wished he would make a comeback. although Hollyoaks does need some more comedic and light hearted stories. I think Bombhead should return and him & Lee can be the comedic duo we all remembered and loved.

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That was Abby Davies. Zara was the little sister of the Morgan family, she was a very shrill, liberal girl. She and Lee had a love/hate bond for a long time.

I mostly remember her for the hilarious episode at St. Patrick's Day 2005 where they had her dress up as a Kylie impersonator when the Kylie impersonator they hired didn't show up. The girl finally did show up and she and Zara got into a catfight.

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Since they're bringing Lee back that should mean they're willing to bring others in for nostalgia, and for future stories.

I think they should bring in someone who was in the early days of the show; they could also interact with Tony (wasn't he involved with a lot of women back then).

I also wonder if they could recast Cindy's sister Jude. She was a big bitch on the show in her era.

There's also Steph's sister Debbie.

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For Lee Hunter i would suggest either Zara Morgan with a child possibly or Bombhead and have them do comedic stuff and as suggested before,have Lee & Camel romance possibly.

As for Tony, i would suggest maybe Ruth to return or maybe Lucy Benson. or Mandy could return full time.

Jude Cunningham? Unsure on that. I hear she was a good character and i guess another Cunningham is needed seeing as they are the first family on Hollyoaks.

Dunno about Debbie. Jack,Frankie,Steph,Tom & Darren are ok right now. I don`t see another one fitting in maybe.

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well i can tell that Marquess is already in despite LA is still credited.

As for the identity of the killer,i am interested to see where they go next with this. I am forming ideas of what the aftermath will shape up to be.

Never the less i would have picked someone else to be the killer.

As for The Murder Mystery stuff,i found that to be kind of fun despite the mediocre acting. The only reason i like India is because she is attractive end of.

I am also thinking about ways how Clare Devine could return to the show. She is willing to return Full time so i am wondering if there are any storylines that could lure her back to the show.

I would also put The Osbourne/Dean Family back in The Dog and have someone new run The Loft. I`m thinking Clare if she ever returns or one of the new families. Maybe Mercedes & Malachy would be interesting running it together.

I would also introduce a new villian. I know there is one coming in for Cheryl but someone that isn`t connectd. Maybe one of the new students like Will Hackett.i liked him.

Also - Make Oaks more light hearted.

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