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Y&R Discussion: Week of May 7

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Sharon was raped by Matt Clarke when she was in college and the assult was when she left Nick and the kids and went to Denver, Cameron beat the snot out of her. And the miscarriage was when Matt Clarke came back after he had plastic surgery (played by Ric Herst) and he drugged her and was about to rape her again when Nick came home and Matt played it off as Sharon had gotten drunk and he was just bringing her home. Sharon ended up pregnant. After they found out the guy was really Matt, I think he was shot or something and told Nick he did have sex with Sharon that night and the baby might be his. Nick then told Sharon to put the baby up for adoption because he didn't want to raise another man's baby. Sharon I think went to go out of the house after Nick and fell over a chair, causing her to miscarry. They did a DNA test on the baby and it was indeed Nick's child.

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Not quite.

That was The Infamous Margarita Incident.

She (and Nicholas) had invited him over for dinner & he proceeded to slip a roofie in her drink with the intent to rape her again, but Victoria (and then subsequently Nicholas) interrupted them.

He had been driven off a cliff by Tricia in an attempted double suicide (another of his rape victims).

And he told Nicholas he had had sex with Sharon just before he killed himself in the hospital.

Nicholas demanded that she get a paternity test cause he couldn't deal with her possibly bein pregnant with Matt's child. Sharon knew that she was pregnant with Nicholas child & refused Nick's demands.

A furious Nicholas proceeded to knock over a chair & storm out of the house while Sharon cried inside.

And while attempin to drive off he blew a tire which caused Sharon to run toward the door & inadvertantly trip over the chair Nicholas had knocked over.

Yep. Which is how she met Diego.

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QUOTE(Chris B @ May 12 2007, 05:14 AM)
I still say Nick is a loser and a hypocrite as well. Sharon was always the one trying to save that marriage, but whenever she did something he'd be all indignant like he was some sort of saint. What I appreciate about Sharon is that she's a character who has always owned up to her faults.

Thank you. Not by coincidence did Prince Dickolas earn his royal title...

@ Cheap: Sharon was raped by Eddie CIbrian/Matt Clarke in early 1995 which was one of the reasons how Nick got # 1 suspect when Matt was shot in the fall of that year. Speaking of which; this was probably the ONLY TIME EVER that I had sympathies for Nick - when he was rotting behind bars and the wardman (Larry who years later had a hot thing with Jill...) wanted to go after his ass. LOL!

BTW: Thought that Thursday and Friday were halfway decent. The show still has no pacing at all but those confrontations at least felt slightly like Y&R. ALL the actors did a great job. Jill & Ji-MIn - EEeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Was anyone else LMAO when Jack repeated "I OWN Jabot. I OWN house of Kim" :D Thank god for the fantastic Darcy Rose Byrnes (Abby) who's now on B&B as well... Speaking of which: Could Jack please come to LA - would be another reason less to watch Y&R. :)

Finally, unpopular opinion of the day: I thought that Blandlily was very good thze last days. This was more the Christel Khalil kind of material and she DID deliver it. Reminded me why she never bothered me during her first run. I still think Davetta Sherwood was a much better Lilly but with such kind of writing CK could work again.

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I felt sorry for CK's Lily for the first time in... well, forever. Which I suppose suggests that she has improved some. But, as Cheap and Sheilaforever say, I still wish DS was there to bring the material home.

I have been hooked on Y&R the last couple of days, despite their break-neck pacing, which IA with Sheilaforever, is drowning the impact of some SLs by rushing things too much. I'm not saying everything needs to slow down.... just balance the fast pace in some areas before slowing it down to milk the Big Moments for all they are worth.

I don't know how PB does it -- when he was talking about how sorry he was to Victor and later to Kay when he told her he wanted to sell Jabot and make a name for himself on his own terms... PB is so good that I automatically want to root for Jack. And that scene with he & Phyllis. I was a Phick fan when that affair first started but now... MS and PB still have chemistry. Just like SC and JM still have it in their scenes, surprisingly. Although Nick being all self-righteous about Sharon & Brad -- dude needs to get off his high horse. Phick were screwing in the stables while Sharon loitered around the ranch!

LOVE Jill and Ji Min. Seriously, Ji Min is the best newbie Y&R has had in years. He has chemistry with everybody, and he holds his own in scenes with heavyweights without overdoing it. I really hope Y&R keep him on.

P.S.: Mmmmmmmmmmmm, Eddie Cibrian.

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    • Thanks to our Angel i am watching 1995 episodes

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      with the anonymous letters to Macy. I think it is good written i am almost conviced it is Sly.... but he is not...
    • This Phyllis story has completely ruined all the good recasting Summer with a capable actress has done. I assume the writers wanted to show how similar at the end of the day she actually is to her mother, but I’m over it.
    • We're celebrating our National Day here today. Not as fervently as some other countries, but still....

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    • Again, with this show and their priorities.  Shawn/Belle could be the best storyline on the show right now, yet this is the only day we’ll see them this week. Those characters should be frontburner right now and the fact that they still can be after years of storyline proves that there’s a lot of story to tell. I don’t understand why we can’t see them more. Availability? Guarantees? If the show can give the world to RSW, Greg Rikaart and Emily O’Brien, they could do more for Martha and Brandon.  Speaking of which, this Megan pushing Gwen to be Dimitri’s wife crap is so pointless. But after today, it’s pretty obvious that Dimitri is gay. And all I’m gonna say is that I hope this storyline written right and not like some big joke. This storyline could actually be good if it’s written well. Tie it to Shawn’s storyline and it could be even better.  And, after today, it’s pretty clear that Xander and Chloe have chemistry. I’m kind of interested in them as a couple. It’s too bad that Victor/JA is not here to give his reaction to Chloe hooking up with another Kiriakis man

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      And btw, I like ya, Xander, but the best Kiriakis man always has been and always will be, Sonny
    • Yea, I know it’s in the NY Times but this Op-Ed, which speaks of the perils of ‘vocational awe’ and how industries can exploit workers who happen to love their jobs is especially relevant to this WGA strike. I have personally experienced this before on a number of occasions.   https://www.nytimes.com/2023/06/05/opinion/employment-exploitation-unions.html?smid=tw-share
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