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  1. Oh no! Don't you do it. Don't even think about it. I see you changing Summer's paternity and I don't like it...AT ALL!
  2. Uh oh...This isn't looking good for my girl Phyllis. I hope her and Summer are alright.
  3. LMAO Kenny! Larissa is a miserable bitch. She's no kind of friend because if Shay hadn't told Monique the truth, Larissa was gonna pin the picture thing on her. Larissa doesn't know how to handle herself with people. You can't always run off at the mouth and start talking crap. She's gonna run up on the wrong person and they are gonna put her on her ass. She had no right to call Leilene a crackhead. I'm glad Leilene didn't respond to her. I loved Saaphryi's reason for thinking Shay took the picture, "Larissa is stupid. She couldn't think up this scheme" or somthing like that.
  4. For the past couple of weeks, Charm School has also been coming on MTV too. My DirecTV guide has it coming on at 10:00 pm Central/11:00 Eastern and the description is "The remaining women must survive a celebrity interview conducted by New York" so we'll see if it's a new show or not.
  5. Schatar is a damn fool! She doesn't care what network she gets her own show on, as long as she gets one.
  6. Meredith has two sisters, both younger than her. I can't remember the name of the one that had the baby, but Lexie was in medical school back East, if I'm not mistaken.
  7. This finale was fit to be in the shitter. It was just SAD! This wasn't anything special. Just like a regular episode. No cliffhanger to go into next season with. Just horrid! This basically confirmed this season was a DUD!
  8. The show comes on at 11 am Central and re-airs at 9 pm.
  9. Larissa needs to learn to STFU! She's always popping off at the lip and she's gonna run up on the wrong person and they are gonna lay her ass out! Dammit! Courtney got sent home, but Monique just asked her to go on tour with her, so that's good for her.
  10. I wanted Leilene to go home too. She's weak as wet tissue and Cristal should have stayed because she really took one for the team by not competing in the debate. Larissa better be thanking her lucky stars that her team won or she would have been on the first thing smoking back home.
  11. Oh boy! Ya'll got me so excited to watch. I only watched the first hour and I LOVE the spin-off.
  12. ITA! Izzy is such a b!tch. It was funny when her ass kept thinking that Alex was still after her.
  13. I was SO disappointed by last night's show. It was just so..BLAH. I used to hate Christina, but Izzy has taken over that role. If she doesn't like Callie, fine, but she needs to respect the fact that George loves her and she's his wife. I knew Meredith wasn't gonna die and I guess that's why I couldn't get invested in the eppy. I knew weeks ago that Ellis was gonna die. This "BIG" 3 week even was a total letdown. The only eppy I really liked was the second one of the three.
  14. The little girl isn't deaf because she would respond when Meredith said things to her. I remember when she told the little girl to turn around and not look and then later, Mer asked her to turn back around because she needed her help and she did. I think she's just scared and doesn't know where her mother is. SHe just shut down. That's why she went and found Meredith when the paramedic told her to stand still until he came back to get her.
  15. The best part of Grey's last night were the first 15 and last 5 minutes with Alex in the middle. I had my hopes up so high and it was a huge letdown. I hope next week will be better. With Izzy having to drill a hole in the guy's head, I can't to see how she handles that. And can Alex and Addison please get it on...and SOON! Everytime they see each other, they look like they are about to jump each other's bones. They are gonna be smokin' hot when they do get together.
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