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Trevor St. John: says he did not call his bosses 'idiots'

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After the shocking expose on Lily Tomlin's fight with her bosses, suddenly I don't find this sort of thing so shocking.

Now, if a daytime star blew up and just dropped F-bombs like they were going out of style, and showed utter insubordination to his or her superiors in that and other manners, then I'd write home about it.

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Oh, come on, Scotty.




I mean, I could understand if Trevor had called his bosses "idiots," if McKenzie Westmore accidentally let it slip that she thought JER was a "hack," but to throw out F-BOMBS, one of the most powerful, abusive, destructive words, like there's no tomorrow? That's grounds for firing. Um, that's a hostile workplace, you know. That's not just okay or jolly good fun. It's bad. Oh, BAD, with a capital B. Frankly, if I were the director I would have fired Lily's ass.

She's paid MILLIONS. There's no need for that kind of lip over a five-minute disagreement.

if she were my employee, she'd be out the door faster than you could say, "Insubordination."

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