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DAYS: SOD Tidbits.

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Credit goes to Deb at TBN:


An article on Chelsea finding out Nick slept with Billie.

VCR alerts:

3/8: EJ offers willow big money if she will break into Bo's house

3/9: Celeste tells Sami that the only way to get rid of EJ is to kill him.

HOTN: MBE, SN, Steve/Kayla

What will happen:

Billie and EJ kiss

-Maggie warns Abby to stay away from Max

-Sami refuses to make a confession

Letter about how Drake is one of the most popular actors on the show and should be utilized and allowed to make a significant contribution.

Article on Julie Pinson.

Interview with Blake Berris.

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Can't wait to see Chelsea's reaction to the 'Mrs. Robinson' reveal. Melvin will no doubt rock those scenes.

Billie and EJ kiss? I will always be a EJ/Sami fan, but I'm liking EJ havng Billie on the side. Poor Billie though. Can't she ever find a man that loves only her. :(

Hey, Maggie! Join Celeste in mind your own damn business! Don't tell Abby she can't be with Max. :angry: I see where they're taking this already. Max's player roots are going to become obvious again and the Hortons are going to do whatever they can to keep precious angelic Abby from the bad Brady seed. Do I smell a Brady/Horton war in the works? :lol: Could you imagine Maggie and Caroline sparring off, HA!

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Oh, GOD, they've written the Eej-man into a corner but if Sami kills him I will be SO pissed! I mean, the writing's already on the wall for Nick, what with his upcoming "tragic" death (not a definite spoiler, but if you read interviews, you can read between the lines) and so after killing the show's BEST couple, the one with the most potential for success (and ratings), they're going to kill the show's best casted character in at least five or 10 years, EJ? HONESTLY, Hogan. Are you that dense?!

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JSF, calm down.

First off, Celeste tells her to kill him. Doesn't mean it is going to happen. Also, EJ is a Dimera. He will never die.

Plus, the Nick thing is a rumor. Yes, I know what Hogan said but tragic could be a number of things so the best thing is to wait and see before getting dramatic.

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Here are the SOW Spoilers:

Sneak Peeks

Week of March 5

Belle and Shawn brave stormy seas to save Claire.

Willow makes a deal with Phillip.

Kayla confronts EJ about brainwashing Steve.

Nick and Chelsea kiss.

Maggie warns Abby to stay away from Max.

Can't miss -Fri. Mar. 9

Billie's revelation rocks Chelsea.

Week of March 12

Sami is forced to agree to an amnio.

Shawn/Belle/Claire land on an island.

Sami asks Chelsea to be a bridesmaid.

EJ gets disappointing news.


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Aren't Shawn and Belle already on an island? LoL

Chelsea as Sami's bridesmaid could be great. I'll never forget their scenes from one of Sami's weddings last year. The church was in lockdown for threat of terrorism or something idiotic, and Sami/Chelsea had a really catty exchange. Chelsea went to leave, and the following occured...

BILLIE: "Chelsea, what are you doing? You can't leave, there are TERRORISTS out there!"

CHELSEA: "And there's a big ole b!tch in there!"

Meanwhile, I hope EJ's disappointing news isn't that he's NOT the father of Sami's baby. I'll be so upset!

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The only thing I am interested in seeing from these spoilers is Chelsea learning about Billie and Nick..

And I didn't know that there was a rumor that Nick might die... If that happens, I will have no reason whatsoever to watch DAYS...

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