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  1. Been a while since I've been here, hello all
  2. So, I get out of work today and am minding my own business, driving away. I come to a yield where I have to make a right turn. So, I stop, as supposed to be done by-law, but the moron behind me doesn't stop or slow down. Why? I think he was too occupied on his laptop to know what was going on. He smashes into my car from the back pushing me into pretty much the next lane of traffic. The bumper on my car has broken off, the back end has two holes in it, the trunk has been pushed in, and a light is broken. Its not my fault in the least bit, but now I gotta deal with insurance agents, cops, repair shops, and a -never gonna be new again- car. Life sucks!
  3. POST #1000 in less than a year - sweet!
  4. Hey Manny!

    Congratulations on your new job!! Is this really your first job?? WOW! I'm jealous! I've been working since I was 15. Anyways, best of luck!!

  5. Congratulations on your achievement!

    Way to go!

  6. I hope everything is going well for you! I hope 2007 will be your year that you get everything you wish for. You are a wonderful person and deserve the best

  7. Hope you had a wonderful holiday, Tishy!

    I haven't really been all that active on the boards lately. Been preoccupied with work, school, and other stuff. Plus, the boards have been super-slow lately, so I just don't have the patience to sit around and wait.

  8. Happy Holidays! I hope you have a great holiday season and get everything you wish for.

  9. Merry Christmas to you as well, Steve! Hoe you have a wonderful holiday with your loved ones :)

  10. Just wanted to say Merry Christmas to you. Hope you get all you deserve this year

  11. Thanks for all the help making my way through SON. And, of course for all the banners/avatars. It's unfortunate you had to drop out of BB, but I got to know you and look forward to getting to know you further.

  12. Hey Partner!

    Thanks for all the fun times and awesome gameplay. I've started reading your blog, and I'll let you know what I think as soon as I get more into it. So far, awesome! :)

  13. Look, it's the evil witch! Ha. You know where that comes from. It was a blast getting to know you. HAPPY early BIRTHDAY!

  14. Hey TISHY!

    Thanks for the comment. I've been so busy with school lately that I hadn't even noticed what changes had been made to the board. Love it! You're right, BB was awesome. We played a kick-ass game. I'm really glad I met you in the game!

    Take care :)

  15. We had a great alliance in BB, glad we are friends. Thanks for the talks, you are a wonderful person

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