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  1. Here is the playlist for season 1:
  2. I have started re-watching Passions from the beginning on Youtube. Do we know if literally every episode of the run is posted there? So far, I've only watched the first five! Oh, the nostalgia. I can say with 10000% certainty that this is my most missed soap opera.
  3. Oh, I definitely agree with you on both things. This is just the first "major" character that's been gay on a Tyler Perry production and I was curious to see how he was going to handle it. And yes, I appreciate how realistic Veronica is written. I was just surprised that Tyler Perry was willing to recognize that.
  4. I'm really conflicted about the message TP is sending with this Jeffrey storyline. On one hand, it's disheartening that the gay character is becoming a possessive psychopath, but on the other, Veronica is clearly being portrayed in a negative light with the way she speaks to him about being gay. I really wish they could salvage his character somehow before he goes to unredeemable territory.
  5. I'm so glad to see this show getting discussed! I had basically stopped posting here, but will definitely be joining in the discussions about this show. Despite his flaws, I have always enjoyed Tyler Perry's work, and I have to say that this show really exceeded my expectations. First off, I am shocked that he included a gay character (I'm really hoping he doesn't screw it up). But come on--the gay subtext, the shirtless (and at some points, pantless hunks)....is there any denying Tyler Perry's hidden sexuality?!
  6. I love all things Cher!! I really don't get the deal with her new music, though. I love "Woman's World", but this "new album" has been pushed back and pushed back for over a year and even this single has been drifting in cyber space for what seems like forever. I'm really gonna need her record label to step up! My favorite work from Cher was actually on her most recent album, 2001's "Living Proof"...flawless dance pop!
  7. MAN. I am excited and saddened by all of those scenarios. Especially the Kimberly being alive thing...and if they would have had Sydney come back for seven seven, I am POSITIVE the show wouldn't have ended. *sigh* such wasted possibilities...
  8. Just finished the last episode and I absolutely loved it. It was a great sendoff for everyone and I liked where they all ended up. The only thing is that I wish we would have at least gotten guest appearances from Billy, Alison, Jake, Jo...any of the still living characters. For example, I think it would have been great for Billy or Alison to have made an appearance at Peter and Amanda's "funeral". Or I would have even loved a montage of the best moments from the show. Still, I would give the finale a solid A. I'm so sad that I am done with it!!! It seems so hard to believe when I think about how the show changed over time and how event after event just kept happening for SEVEN SEASONS. *sigh* Guess I'll move on to "Dynasty" now... Thanks Melrose Place for providing such wonderful entertainment. Even in its weak spots, I would still rank it as one of the best primetime soaps ever. In fact, I almost want to go back and watch the best episodes again already!!
  9. I just started watching the series on DVD. Season one is off to a slow start...I am so eager for the entrance of Alexis and Sammy Jo!
  10. Sadly even though I felt the season started out strong, I have not enjoyed it since about the third episode. There are too many new interns taking up a lot of time that I feel absolutely no connection to. And I also felt like the "Winter finale" was rather anticlimactic when it could have been great with Miranda's wedding. I think that Shonda has spent a lot of this season very into Scandal as that has been fantastic and probably also planning out the end of Private Practice, and so Grey's has taken a back seat. There is just no clear vision right now it seems and the interactions and episode structures are very off. Hopefully it will improve in the second half!
  11. I can't imagine another writer writing it, but RC would have been a great choice (if we knew anything about him at that time).
  12. I miss JER. So depressing when I think that it's been 4 years since his death and there will never again be another JER stint at Days or a storyline written by him. *sigh* Good thing there's YouTube!

    1. Khan


      I feel the same way about Doug Marland. :(

  13. I feel the same way. He has to have some type of journal or notes somewhere. If only someone would find it one day and make it public knowledge!!
  14. I am loving this season as well! I like Cristina's storyline, but I'm ready for her to be back at Seattle Grace.
  15. ^ She was on it a fair enough amount, especially towards the end. It only came on four and then three days a week, so pretty much no one (except for Theresa/Ethan/Gwen) were on ALL the time.
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