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I haven't seen this movie yet. Elizabethtown is only about 30-35 miles from where I live. I don't care much about the plot or the actors, but would love to watch it to see what parts of Elizabethtown (and other nearby areas) they show in the movie and to see how much they talk about it.

I live a half hour southwest of Elizabethtown and I go to college there as well.

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Oh, god, Marland, it was! It was *SO* bad!

- The voice overs that could have been explained in one look.

- The reptitiveness

- The awkward dialogue and scenes.

- Some of the shots and the directing was just downright ANNOYING!

- The way the songs would just pick up and change during the road trip montage was just....akward.

- The way he carried his dad around in the urn was downright creepy. And not to mention, he just left the dad there in the one scene.

- They montaged over the two main characters getting to know each other...WHY WHY WHY would they do that? That's kind of ESSENTIAL!

- The Garden State rip offs: I counted 5. But there could be more.

- The out of the blue and cliche ending which I guess could count as Garden State reference #6, which I also did not like about Garden State (even though it's one of my favs.)

- Kirsten Dunst was SOOOOOO annoying. Her fake accent was TERRRRRIBLE!

- I thought Orlando Bloom bit!

- The numerous subplots that never went *ANYWHERE*

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My friend saw it and said she totally regretted it, and it was a load of crap.

I asked her why she didn't walk out, and she said it was because she didn't want her money to go in vain...that and she snuck into another theater.

Also, according to her, because of the movie, Orlando Bloom has "severely plummeted on the hot-o-meter".

I'll take everyone's word for it and conclude that it must've sucked more than a Hoover.

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