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  1. I loved Daniel Pilon very much as the suave, debonair Max Dubujak! Clever, smart, cool and collected--and handsome too!! I also loved Gerit Quealy as his daughter, Jacqueline. Her bitchiness was the shiznit--one major plus of having Pat Falken Smith as headwriter at that time was that she knew how to write characters with an axe to grind--verbally!! Back to Daniel--I did see some eps of him on GL. I thought he was very good as Alan Spaulding. Malcolm Groome didn't really go anywhere on RH post-Amanda K until his character met Melinda Weaver and Concetta D'Angelo. For a while he actually had a storyline, then Malcolm left again in early 1988....
  2. I strongly doubt ABC wanted to cancel any of its soaps at a time when it was the #1 network in daytime.... In the summer of 1983, they had SIX!! (RH, LOVING, AMC, OLTL, GH, EDGE). Any concrete point in time where ABC did feel that RH was something of a redheaded stepchild probably happened in October 1984, when LOVING was moved into RH's old spot (and RH moved to 12 noon), which of course was done simply to appease Agnes Nixon. There was not one storyline I disliked under Smith's tutelage. That says a lot. Probably my favorite of all had to be any storyline that involved Max Dubujak (his time in Nice with Jill, Operation Eagle, when Maggie pretended to be his mistress, getting back at Sydney Price). Ah....Max....qu'un bel homme!! Then there were the tongue fights between Maggie and Jill. I strongly suggest watching Freeflyur's RH clips from 1983-84 on You Tube, which will give you an idea of what RH was like at the time. Even the aftermath of the bombing of Ryan's Bar had some pretty intense moments, especially one scene between Maeve and Lazlo Novotny (Joe's cousin). Granted, some storylines came and went, with no real meat to it (Katie #1's dance career, Traci the probation officer, etc.) but the pluses outweigh the minuses!
  3. This is a very interesting article. Although I can't speak for 1982 (since I've never seen any of the episodes from that year), it's funny that this article came out a few short months before ABC fired Labine/Mayer AGAIN!! 1983 was almost like a chameleon year for RH. It began with the Kirklands, rode the wave for most of the year with the Ryans, and then ended with the Dubujaks and Shelbys. I got a chuckle with the reference to GH--former GH writer Pat Falken Smith replaced Labine/Mayer in the fall of 1983. If one watches RH for about three-quarters of 1984, all of the conventional criticism about how RH strayed from its roots in 1982 seems completely moot. RH became even more elegant and opulent under Smith's pen. Ironically, Ilene Kristen (Delia) was backburnered for most of 1983 (apparently due to health reasons), as was John Gabriel (Seneca). Two promising storylines--the romance of Jack and Leigh, and Bill and Siobhan--were deep-sixed by the fall of 1983. Siobhan found herself wanting a back-from-oblivion Joe Novak while leaving dependable Bill Hyde in the dark. Felicity LaFortune, who was so superlative as feisty and witty Leigh Kirkland, was reduced to bickering against the diva-ish histrionics of Jack and then was more or less a recurring character until 1985. As much as I loved RH under Smith's regime, this was one horrible move on the show's part. Ah, c'est la vie.... still, a nice write up of RH circa mid '83. Before I forget--Malcolm Groome probably should've declined returning to RH when Labine/Mayer returned in early '83...after his romance with Amanda fizzled (she left town), so did Pat....backburner city baby! Unless he was there for decoration whenever a hospital scene occured.....
  4. Thankfully, we saw the emergence of men of substance in the 1970s with RYAN'S HOPE, GENERAL HOSPITAL and ONE LIFE TO LIVE. ABC was truly a pioneer in that regard.
  5. The "poor schlub" was one hot daddy!
  6. My bad. I worded that wrong. Yes, "All That Glitters" was a bomb. Even in the late '70s, a show that was entirely comprised of reversed sex roles was not going to be accepted by the mainstream. Even the "Mr. Mom" fad that lasted a few years in the '80s would always be looked at as a novelty.
  7. The problem with Norman Lear's shows is that they made their point in the first few seasons, and then they became ho-hum after that. People "got it", so to speak. When the social engineering Lear championed became mainstream and no different than breathing, his work had dated stamped all over it. Ever wonder why all of the new shows he created post-1970's flopped (with the exception of "All That Glitters")?? No one could be shocked anymore.
  8. Well she did have a yen for martial arts...as per DAYLIGHT TV's April 1976 issue:
  9. I loved the summer replacement show for MHMH, FERNWOOD 2-NIGHT, with Martin Mull and Fred Willard. I found both Mull and Willard incredibly sexy in their own way!! I'll never forget when Nick At Nite aired reruns of it beginning in the summer of 1990. That was the summer of Fernwood for me!!
  10. That had a lot to do with RH being moved into the dreaded 12 pm timeslot in October 1984, so Agnes Nixon's "Loving" could be the lead-in for AMC instead. RH lost a truckload of affiliates as a result, meaning lower ratings.
  11. Alphanguy--thanks for posting the link to my video here! "Love Is Gone" is a very haunting, moving instrumental. Just out of curiousity--on the soundtrack album, there is the cut "Pierre/Restaurant Theme". Was this music also used in the scenes involving The Allegro (when Brock was managing it)?
  12. I loved the Mansion Of The Damned storyline and the subsequent Nola/Martha Cory storyline. Kim Hunter was pure magic in that role! Even though he was only on for a few episodes during the MOTD story, Paul Falzone, who played actor Chris Rafferty (Margaret's love interest in the movie), was hot!
  13. Thank you Montyb. From what I've watched from that time frame (AOL Video up to Nov. 6, 1980 and nonsequential poor quality episodes via disc trades from Dec. 1980-Jan. 1981), there were gaps that I missed. Thanks for clarifying what Molly's motives were.
  14. For old-timers...DENNIS COONEY (Jay Stallings, 1973-80)
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