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  1. I feel LN should make progress by introducing this new family. We've heard nothing so far, and the cast is getting much weaker with the loss of Tanya, Jack & Michael in the coming periods. Hopefully some new blood can be ejected very soon.
  2. I am liking EE right now, but I agree with the majority. The Brannings need cutting down as it is getting repetitive and they aren't as good of a family as The Mitchells are *Cue Mitchell bias". The Mitchells dominance in a way was more entertaining because The Mitchells as a family are more interesting, complex and enjoyable. The Brannings aren't as good. Anyway, What are people's thoughts on the new family coming in later this year ? No details yet, but they expect to come Spring/Summer time. Thoughts ?
  3. KEEP Dennis Tanner, Ken Barlow, Emily Bishop, Rita Tanner, Peter Barlow, Deirdre Barlow, Gail Platt, Tracy Barlow, Audrey Roberts, Nick Tilsley, Kevin Webster, Sally Webster, Steve McDonald, David Platt, Norris Cole, Sophie Webster, Roy Cropper, Leanne Battersby, Hayley Cropper, Tyrone Dobbs, Eileen Grimshaw, Maria Connor, Kirk Sutherland, Jason Grimshaw, Sunita Alahan, Fiz Brown, Simon Barlow, Chesney Brown, Amy Barlow, Lloyd Mullaney, Michelle Connor, Carla Connor, Marcus Dent, Tina McIntyre, Julie Carp, Anna Windass, Gary Windass, Mary Taylor, Liam Connor Jr, Lewis Archer, Brian Packham, Izzy Armstrong, Owen Armstrong, Katy Armstrong, Kylie Platt, Max Turner, Jack Webster, Hope Stape, Faye Butler, Sylvia Goodwin, Stella Price, Eve Price, Beth Tinker, Craig Tinker, Gloria Price, Ruby Dobbs, Mandy Kamara, Jenna Kamara DEBATE Bill Webster, Wendy Crozier, Tommy Duckworth, Dev Alahan, Aadi Alahan, Asha Alahan, AXE Sean Tully, Ryan Connor, Pam Hobsworth, Matt Carter, Paul Kershaw, Karl Munro, Kirsty Soames, Edwin & Alison Soames, Aiden Lester, Rob Donovan
  4. Thank you. I have been following so heres hoping I can start blogging with some more soap fans again Tonight's episode was pretty good. I'm starting to like Katie a lot more now. I also hope Carl doesn't die.
  5. I hope to god its not Carl that dies. He has so much more potential at being one of Emmerdale's most complex villians in its 40 year history. Might even rival Kim Tate as one of the best. I actually think it might be Declan, seeing as SB said that the person dies "has it coming". Isn't Declan trying to swindle Megan off her money ? Maybe he meets an unfortunate demise. Characters I'd axe are Brenda Walker - No way to go and pretty much does nothing. Priya Sharma - Similar and seeing as Alicia is coming back soon and will likely get with David, presents no other avenues left to explore. Declan Macey - Only to introduce a new family into Home Farm Cameron Murray - Dragging Debbie down and is just an uninteresting character Alex Moss - Dull character and dragging Victoria down Sean Spencer - Don't like the character at all Ali Spencer - Don't like the character, Too shouty and show off Rishi Sharma - No point in having him Robbie Lawson - Poor villian. Kill him off or send him off to prison Kerry Wyatt - If she isn't developed by Mid 2013, get rid of her BRING BACK Kim Tate, Nathan Wylde
  6. I don't think he'll die. I like Ben too especially the tragic arc he has been on has been very good. I wonder what will happen with Phil now. Lisa return ? Courtney visiting the square with Grant ? Sam ? Peggy ? New Mitchells ? That and Sharon returning.
  7. If they write The Mitchells out, the show is finished. Deny it or argue it if you want, but If you get rid of them in whatever state they're in, and fans will protest, viewership will drop and EastEnders will be dead. The Mitchells are too integrated in the programme that getting them out would be career and show suicide.
  8. Its been a while since I've posted on these blogs. But as An EastEnders fan and seeing this post, I felt I needed to respond. Firstly, EE doing a natural disaster storyline will likely never happen again. The fairground one in 2004 was poorly received and the onyl soap who did one to strong effect was Emmerdale. Rumour is they are planning another one for the 40th Anniversay. Also, I am looking forward to Sharon's return as I feel the lack of vets on the show is making the programme shrink in ratings here in The UK despite the quality of the stories. Lola has gotten better and because I think The Mitchells are to me the greatest family of all time in soaps, I hope she sticks around and we see her story and character continue. An idea would be to introduce a love interest from her care home or life in care, or reveal that her father isn't dead and introduce him into the soap and see how he interacts. Never the less, The Olympic episode was great and really showcased that Danielle has plenty to offer that we haven't seen yet. After The Heather's murder story, it will be interesting to see where Jay goes next. Your right about the structure and families on the programme. Its all over the shop. I for one think The Mitchells are a mess at the moment, and if not Peggy coming back, then introduce a matriarch/patriarch Mitchell into the show as well as some new Mitchells to help bring the family solid again. They are a fantastic family on screen and seeing them not in The Vic upsets me greatly because truth be told, The Vic is their home. The Masoods need Shabnam back and Syed more intergrated within the family. They've featured so little this year in comparison to last year. The Brannings need cutting. I reckon Derek won't stick around long enough. Joey & Alice would go if Derek goes, so that's three on borrowed time already unless one of them makes a huge splash with viewers. Jack feels like a spare part at the moment. The only ones really that have longtivity are Max, Abi & Lauren. Tanya's leaving in 2013 for a break, but who knows if she'll come back or not. The Jacksons are a mess too and should be scrapped completely and have a new family entering the show to move into Pat's house. The Beales need Peter back and maybe introduce some new Beales. They're the longest family and they feel like nothing despite owning a wide part of the square. The Moons are ok, but The Slaters should have been left in the past. Charlie should never have been axed. Tyler & Anthony should be axed. It should be Alfie, Michael & Re introduce Jake too. Mo I would keep seeing as she's a good side character. Just bring back Charlie though. Andrew will be gone next year after The Ben story concludes, trust me. Whitney is a character that needs retooled quickly. She is hated in UK because of lazy writing. Fatboy & Poppy I'd keep and maybe pair them together. It could be interesting. I like Ray at the moment and think he will be interesting as he stays on. I love Michael and with Janine gone, It will make for some interesting material with him and Scarlett. IA about The Kat story. Its dreadful. I've never liked Cora personally. She's OK but not a legend like everyone I know says she is. I'm still loving Neighbours at the moment. I don't engage with H&A much, but I dig Neighbours and hope BBC One buys it back.
  9. I would love to see Sky back and I prefer Elle over Izzy. Elle at least had a heart and was more pretty than Izzy. Either way, I'm looking forward to 2012 Neighbours.
  10. Walford Web are saddened by this. I would like Pat to have one last hurrah before leaving. I think Pat should have lung cancer after years of smoking and decide to travel the world before her time runs out. We could have a scene in The Vic where Pat says goodbye to everyone whose life Pat touched over the years.
  11. Really enjoying Neighbours right now. A Small cast = More Development. Natasha is shaping up to be an Australian Janine Butcher. Her & Summer are really good females right now. The one character i would ditch would be Lucas sadly. I would bring back Harold on a similar contract like Lou has. Appearing on a recurring basis. Really enjoying Neighbours right now. A Small cast = More Development. Natasha is shaping up to be an Australian Janine Butcher. Her & Summer are really good females right now. The one character i would ditch would be Lucas sadly. I would bring back Harold on a similar contract like Lou has. Appearing on a recurring basis. Really enjoying Neighbours right now. A Small cast = More Development. Natasha is shaping up to be an Australian Janine Butcher. Her & Summer are really good females right now. The one character i would ditch would be Lucas sadly. I would bring back Harold on a similar contract like Lou has. Appearing on a recurring basis.
  12. Nah i don't know, but i did like Sinead when she first started and saw her as a potential future Jacqui. However, i doubt the show will be around by 2012, let alone Channel 4.
  13. Carl i couldn't thank you enough. Boy this show is screwed up.
  14. Can everyone explain to me what storylines are going on in Hollyoaks at the moment ? Thanks.
  15. Can someone give me an update on what has been happening in Emmerdale recently. I havent been watching since the Fire in January. Thanks.
  16. Can someone please give me an update on what's been happening since The Tram Crash ? I havent tuned into Corrie that much so i am kind of lost on what's happening. CarlD2, i know your the ideal person to help me out as you did last time. Thanks. I watched Corrie last night and it seems ok but has lost steam since 50th Celebrations.
  17. If Bianca doesn't come back, then i would bring back Daneilla Westbrock (Sam) so they can have someone for Ricky to spring off with. I can't see Carol lasting until 2012 personally. I like Carol more than i did this time last year, less overbearing and more comfortable. I wonder what will happen to the kids if Patsy doesn't come back ?
  18. I'm not surprised. They have been teasing this for months. They did ruin the character of Becky in 2010, but i do hope they can redeem her before she goes. That's another wife gone for Steve.
  19. looking forward to next week's episodes.
  20. Gd episode, setting up for tonight's episode with the reveal. Also John Yorke said that something HUGE is going to happen that doesn't involve The Crash Or The Baby Swap Reveal.
  21. Yeah it was a gd episode. I hope Greg can stick around if Tanya & Him don't work out. Cora i aint warming too and i'm enjoying Lauren more than i did the first one.
  22. Those Savage Brothers are ok, but there is always something missing when newcomers arrive on Hollyoaks.
  23. Kathleen Beedles was the series producer of Emmerdale from 2005-2007 which involved The Home King Explosion, The Cain/Sadie/Tom Kidnap Plot, and Who Killed Tom King ? So i say we are in safe hands.
  24. So whats worse Lucy Allen Or Paul Marquess
  25. OUCH! After drifting out of EE for a while, i am slowly watching it again. I admit there are some stuff that Kirkwood does better than Santer, but he does have his weak moments. Kirkwood has created less appealing characters than Santer did. Maybe it was because in 2007, EE needed a revamp, where as now it doesn't. But i can't help but notice that Kirkwood's characters for EE haven't been that interesting...yet. As for story structure, its an improvement. I admit, the stories are more drawn out and fairer time is given to the characters.
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