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3 Hunks & A Hottie To Join!!

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3 Hunks & A Hottie To Join!!

The city of Port Charles is about to become hotter and hotter! To follow up on a previously reported story, after weeks of searching, PCINDepth can confirm to SONBC, that the roles of Blake, Ethan & Hunter have been cast, as well as a then unannounced role for a female character. 3 of the 4 characters have established ties to those who either currently reside, or did reside in Port Charles.


We have been told that the character “Blake” is the brother of Alison Barrington. The role of Blake Barrington will be played by former “Passions” alum and current “Smallville” star Justin Hartley. In 2002, Hartley joined the cast of Passions as the headstrong Fox Crane, the rich heir of the villainous Alistair Crane. Hartley has been taping for the past 4 weeks and will debut at a yet unknown time.


The role of Hunter Halloway (yes, he has a last name) will be played by former “DAYS” star Eric Winter. Winter has been taping for the past 2 weeks and will debut in May. Winter’s character Hunter is the brother of Summer Halloway, a character murdered by Stefan in 2003. Expect Hunter to become heavily involved with Lucas.


The role of “Ethan Scott”, now known as “Evan Kozlosky”, will be played by Ryan Carnes. Carnes previously portrayed the role of Lucas Jones from 2004-2005. Additionally, changes have been made to the character as well. Instead of being a teacher or professor, he will be a junior at Port Charles University and is the star of the soccer team. The character is intended to stick around for 13-20 weeks, direction of the storyline will determine whether or not the character will be around longer. In regards to his storyline, the writers are tempted to tackle a serious issue, but will tank the story at any time if it doesn’t work out.


In addition, Ashley Benson has been tapped to play the role of 18 year old Serena Baldwin. Serena was last seen in 2003 and was played by Carly Schroeder. When asked why Serena is returning at this time, the writers felt Lucy needed more family in town and it would boost the younger set as well.

Lastly, the contracts of Alicia Leigh Willis (Courtney) and Matt Cohen (Brandon) have officially ended. The writers felt they could get better story from the death of the characters than if they chose to recast. The two have already finally aired. Lindze Letherman has been bumped to recurring.

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LOL good place for Lindze, I must say

As for Ashley joining on...*yum yum yum*

LOL I love me some Ash, and great choice as a Serena recast. Does that mean Scotty may make an appearance? Great choices for the guys, too.

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How freaking hot is Ashley in that picture! :D

Great choices for the guys. I'm actually bringing Ryan Carnes onto my blog.

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