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Carly Drops Hints To Nikolas - PCE: Episode 14

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Endgame- Episode 14
Thursday, April 05, 2007
Opening Video

Nikolas could not understand why Carly was so distant with him. He figured taking her out to dinner would take her mind off Courtney’s death and Lucas’ problems. When he called asking her out to dinner, she agreed, but just the tone in her voice had him wondering if everything was okay.

"You've been extremely quiet tonight, is there anything you care to share with me?" he asked across the table from her.

"Why would anything be wrong, Nikolas?" she quipped back, letting the fork move her food on her plate around. "What could possibly be wrong, aside from my son hating me, my former best friend dying, the fact that my brother is an emotional mess and that the people in my life have been keeping secrets from me?"

Eyebrows scrunched up, Nik was curious as to what might have happened between her and Michael. "What's going on with Michael? I thought he was doing alright. And handling AJ’s return to town a lot better than I expected. Did something else happen?"

Dropping the fork on her plate, she crossed her arms, staring at him. "Not only does A.J suddenly want a relationship with my son, but I find out from the school that Michael has been acting out. He’s getting into fights, his grades are slipping and he has no respect for me or his father." The more she stared at Nikolas, the more she wanted to rip into him regarding the conversation he had with Lucky.

"Listen, I'm sure Michael will snap out of all of this. He's just rebelling." He knew that was not the only thing that was upsetting her, so he hoped that she would eventually share that with him as well.

Laughing a little, she could not believe that he considered Michael's change in attitude as mere 'rebelling. "You didn't hear the way he talked to Sonny and me. I think it's gotten far past simple rebelling. I think he's angry about something and is doing whatever to get us to take notice."

"Like I said, Carly, he's rebelling. I'm sure the more you talk to him and get him to focus on what he's supposed to be doing, he'll snap out of it. He's a good kid." He reached for her hand, but was surprised when she snatched it from him. "Is something else bothering you tonight?"

Not being able to stand it any longer, she laid her thoughts on the line, in hopes he will bite. "Have you ever cared about someone so much, that you are full of joy, then the joy is snatched away when you learn that you have been deceived?"

Puzzled, Nikolas leaned closer to her. "I don't know what you mean? What's going on Carly?"

"I'm talking about constantly being lied to and betrayed by people I love and care about. I dealt with trust issues with Sonny time and time again. I thought after going through that ordeal with him, that I wouldn’t have to anymore but I was wrong." When she saw that he wasn't connecting to what she was trying to say, her frustration set in. "You know, what, I'm no longer hungry. I want you to just take me home, okay?"

Sighing a little, he waved for the waiter to bring the check. It was clear to him that something more was bothering Carly. As he paid the waiter, he tried to get a grasp of the comment she made about betrayal and lies. It wasn't until he dropped her off and headed back to Wyndemere did he get the indication of what was bothering Carly.

As he sat in the study, he loosened his tie. That definitely wasn't the date he had in mind.

"Sir Nikolas, I don't mean to bother you, but I want to apologize for my lack of remembering to inform you of something," Alfred said, approaching the door.

"Hmm? What was that, Alfred," he asked closing his eyes for a moment. "What did you forget to tell me?"

"Well, sir, a few days ago, Miss Carly Corinthos had stopped by requesting a visit to you. She claimed that she couldn't locate you and quickly left. I do apologize for not informing you earlier sir, but you've seemed so busy with things, I lost track."

Raising up a little in his chair, Nikolas' interest peaked. "Um, Carly was here? Did she say anything to you?"

Shaking his head, "Not really sir. She just told me to tell you that she was here."

The minute Alfred exited, Nik raced to the phone to call Lucky. He had to tell Lucky that it was Carly that saw Sam at the park that day.

At Lucky’s….The phone rang, however, no one would pick up. Unbeknownst to Nikolas, Lucky and Cameron were long gone to meet Elizabeth. As the phone continued to ring, Jason Morgan looked at it for a brief second and continued to go through the desk by the window. Whatever information accidentally left regarding Sam would be the thing to bring Lucky and Nikolas to their knees.

On the next Port Charles: Endgame

- Lucas finds himself wandering to a painful place.
- Lorenzo makes a costly mistake while trying to charm Anna.
- Sonny has Stan look into the bombing of Courtney’s penthouse
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Jason on the warpath! Love it. Nikolas and Lucky are really doing a bad thing keeping Sam from Jason and Alexis.

I love how you write Carly. You have all her mannerisms down pat. Great episode!

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