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Jason Confronts Lucky - PCE: Episode 13



Endgame- Episode 13
Wednesday, April 4, 2007
Opening Video

- I heard Nikolas talking to Lucky. I still can't believe that they did this..."

"Did what! What did Nikolas and Lucky do?"

"I think that Nikolas was helping Lucky keep Sam from being discovered."

Jason couldn't shake the conversation that he and Carly had that night. Could it be true? Could Robin's seeing Sam in the park, and Carly overhearing Nik's phone call all mean that Sam was indeed a live?

Walking towards the window, he looked outside, still floored by everything that was dropped at his feet. If it were true, what was the purpose of keeping her in hiding; was it her choice or did Lucky and Nikolas take it upon themselves from letting those who know and loved Sam get close to her.

Stepping away from the window, Jason realized that asking himself questions was not going to give him the answers that he needed. Grabbing his leather jacket, he prepared to head to the one person he could force answers from.

- Lucky was up for the much needed distraction of Cameron. When Elizabeth called, asking if he wanted to have the day with him, he more than willing jumped at the chance to spend time with him. It was either sit on his hands wondering if the other shoe would drop regarding Sam or spend some quality time with the only son he knew. He opted to for the distraction of Cameron.

He was glad to know that Elizabeth was not the one that saw Sam in the park; however, whoever did would eventually approach either he or Nikolas about it. It was inevitable; it was in fact going to happen at some point. The question Lucky had for himself however was how would he try to get out of the mess and save his neck. Sighing deeply, the answer automatically came to him, as it had time and time again, when his mind went to that subject; there was no way out of it.

"Hey Cameron, do you want to show me the new fire truck your uncle Steven got for you," he asked, smiling at the giggly tot playing on the floor. He laughed when the tot thrust the fire truck at him. "Wow, that's a cool truck, buddy. Do you think you'll let your daddy play with it with you?"

Being the big kid that he was, he really enjoyed playtime with Cameron; he wished for more time with him. Unfortunately, there was no way that Elizabeth and he would make progress to get back together and become a whole family again. Stroking his son's hair, he smiled as the little boy grinned back at him.

As the two continued their play date, the doorbell rang. Getting up from the floor, Lucky made his way to see who could be stopping by. He instantly thought it was Elizabeth, but remembered she was on call till early Saturday morning. His stomach tightened immediately thinking that Nik could be at the door, coming to inform him about Sam. God, please don't let the other shoe drop now, he thought to himself.

When the door opened, Lucky stood face-to-face with Jason. "What are you doing here?"

Hands in his pockets, Jason nodded in the direction of the couch. "I need to speak to you. Are you gonna let me in or not?"

Scoffing a little, Lucky refused to budge. "Well, I'm sorry Jason, but you came at a bad time. In fact, we don't have anything to talk about, so you can just go back to where ever you came from."

Lucky goes to shut the door, but Jason pushes his way inside. As he walked into the apartment, his attention turned to Cameron playing on the floor. "You have Cameron for the evening?"

"Like I said, Jason, I'm busy. What could you possibly be stopping over here for, hmm? I know it's not to tell me how sorry you are for seducing my wife and sleeping with her,” he sneered, making sure to keep his voice even. "So, what's the purpose of the 'social' visit?"

"I want to ask you a question, and I hope to get an answer," he replied back, not backing down from doing what he set out to do. "Once I get the answer, I'll leave."

"Well ask it then, so you can leave."

"Where’s Sam?” The words alone sounded foreign to Jason as he asked the question. "I need to know where she is. I know you and Nikolas have her hidden."

Now it was time for Lucky to do what he hoped he wouldn't have to do. "What are you talking about? Sam's dead, and she's dead, Jason, because of you." He was doing all he could not to crack. Why wasn't Jason up in Nik's face with this?" "Because of your desire to always be the hero, you chose to save Elizabeth over her. Don't come over here with these absurd questions."

"Robin saw her in the park two days ago; and I know for a fact that Robin is not one to lie to me. Add that on to the fact that Carly overheard a phone conversation you had with Nikolas. So again, I'm going to ask you this: Is Sam still alive?"

Shaking his head, Lucky quickly turned his back on Jason, focusing some of his attention on Cameron. He would do anything not to have to look his enemy in the eye. "You're taking the word of Robin and Carly? Robin is always jumping to some conclusion minus any facts; and well, the same thing goes for Carly. She's always been one to stick her nose in the middle of something without knowing what's truly going on."

Jason had just come to his own: and it was that Lucky was a liar. Not tipping his hand, Jason continued speaking. "So, were you or were you not on the phone talking with Nikolas?"

"Yes, I talked to Nikolas. So what? But it wasn't to talk about how we've been plotting to keep Sam in hiding," he said, still maintaining control in his voice. "If you must know, Carly may have overheard Nikolas talking about how Alexis is having a hard time accepting that Sam is no longer in her life." Walking towards the door, he opened it. "Now that I've answered your series of questions, you can do me and yourself a favor; you can leave. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out."

Zipping his jacket, Jason was by no means through with finding out the truth. He stared Lucky down, trying to read him. He brushed past Lucky and left. The minute the door was closed, Jason pulled his cell phone out of his pocket.

"Hello," a female voice said on the phone.

"Elizabeth, I need you to do me a huge favor, okay?" Jason asked, hoping to God, she would do this for him.

"Yeah, I can try, what's up?"

"I need you to call Lucky and ask him to meet you. I don't care how you do it, but I need you to get him and Cameron out of his apartment."

"Um....Jason, what's going on? Is everything okay?" Elizabeth sounded worried on the other end of the phone.

"I will be once I find the information I need. Just call him in the next five minutes, okay." Closing the phone, Jason made his way back outside, in hopes that Elizabeth could get Lucky out of his apartment. Once he was gone, he would begin his search to see if there were any evidence of Sam being alive as Robin and Carly have said.

On the next Port Charles: Endgame
- Carly’s attitude towards Nikolas isn’t very friendly


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