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<p>Ugh… SOD obviously downsized their editorial team. &quot;one of two returning&quot; is how it should read. Gah, I hate sloppy writing.</p>

<p> </p>

<p>Otherwise very nice. It feels like the end of an era in many way. Looking forward to seeing it play out. Of course Luke is the one who should be there, standing behind Tracy, but hopefully we will get that later. Nice to see TG and JE in the mag and see everyone understand what we've known to be true for a very long time - Luke and Tracy are the backbone of this show now.</p>

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Guys I need your input on this. So,I'm creating a video (Tracy) using the song Right Thru Me by Nicki Minaj and I have a decision to make. I really truely and love music as I posted before (Most random post ever) and I listen to the lyrics and this song really describes her (Tracy's) relations with Paul,Edward,and Luke. So the question is who should I choose? 1) Paul & Tracy ←first thing that came to mind 2)Tracy & Edward 3)Tracy & Luke or 4) All three with Tracy?

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hooked, as always, thank you for everything! I appreciated the scans (ditto to the outfit) and the information.

Looking forward to Ned/Tracy. I love the scenes when they are not at each other's throats...

Also looking forward to Monica/Tracy finding common ground. We don't get these scenes often, so I'm going to enjoy it... I was actually re-watching Tracy's 1993 banishment on YouTube the other day, and it reminded me of the scene where Monica found Tracy on the couch and Tracy told her how "Daddy banished her from the castle," and Monica ended up comforting her... Even calling her "sweetie" if I am remembering correctly... That scene was not on YouTube, but it was part of that story line.

Anyone have that clip by chance??? I used to have the dialogue memorized... In fact, I transcribed the scene several computers ago -- haha. I may have it backed up on a floppy disc, so now I just have to find that disc, and then find a computer that still has that component.

Tracy in previews tomorrow with Monica and AJ...

Oh - did anyone else LOVE when Carly thought she had the last line when she told Monica how it was too bad Monica and Alice were going to be in prison because now AJ wouldn't have anyone to visit him. And then Leslie Charleson as Monica had the best facial expression and delivery in response to that: "He'll have his son." Ouch. Love it!!!

partyperson, I would do whatever you think is best, but from experience, it might be a good idea to see who you have the most clips of... Can you make the video work with just Tracy and Paul? Like, do you have enough scenes of them? If not, maybe include all 3 relationships... BTW, I know I have to send you clips still. :)

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I remember that scene with Monica and Tracy @Ms.Q Nd thanks for remembering and the stuff for my mvid. I can always download new clips so it isn't a problem for me to get new/old clips 😊. And I agree with you on Carly (even if I love her) when Monica called her a bitch my grandma was like,"You tell her!" And I'm like,"Burn...tsss." Lol

Did anybody catch today when Anna said to Robert that when he sees Luke to tell him she was moving out of his room and that they were over!?!?? This better mean AnaL are over!! For good!


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halee, thanks so much for the clip!!! So good to see that scene again (and the ones before it). Can't wait for Monica/Tracy coming up... And it looks like Leslie Charleson debuted a new hair cut this week, and it has so much oomph, and I wish Jane's had that much oomph too... sad.png


*hugs Monica's oomph*


And yes, Tracy was Tracy today... smile.png This is so weird to see her and especially Monica on so much like this!!! I wonder if Leslie will still get to be on so much once this AJ is alive story starts merging into other stories...

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^^ Lol where'd you come up with this stuff? (banner)

OMG I was watching a movie and OMG it so played with the Gh storyline like not even kidding (its a sequel and SO EPIC,now my fav movie evrrr)!! Well in the first movie the lead man and woman were dancing together (the man is a "criminal" and very bad and smart and dangerous) and in the sequel another "man" copies the same dance they did in the first movie,and she realizes. The man eventually calls up someone else to get in the car he was in and the other man (who got in the car) questioned who he was,how he knew him,how he knows confidetial info,etc. Well guess what,THE MAN PULLS OFF A MASK?!?!?!!!??!? Its like Faison,Anna,Duke,etc (because the man loves the woman but she doesnt love him and he's bad,etc). It was funny how I knew the whole storyline from the beggining (no spoilers or anything,just my pyschic powers,no lie) and how right after my gma and I watched gh we watched this movie. I FL♥VED IT!!!

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