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I liked the fact that *finally* Carly and Sonny might have to admit to their actions against AJ all those years ago. Yesterday's confrontation scenes with Michael and Carly were good. I just feel that AJ is all the sudden too easily seeing AJ's side, which is setting AJ up for another screw up and for Michael to mistrust him again.

I think, or I hope, that what finally happens is that Michael realizes none of the people involved are perfect, and all of us make mistakes...and he just lets it go and tries to get to know AJ and to put the past behind him. Because if he's expecting perfection, he's just going to be let down.

I wasn't all that impressed with JE or Tracy yesterday. I am still feeling this odd "filler" vibe to a lot of her scenes. Almost as if they have no idea what to do with her.

Just me? Okay. I don't really like the way the spoilers sound, either. I've never liked Alice, and never been shy about saying so. I don't find it amusing in the least that she'd put Tracy in a headlock and tie her up. First off, unless the purpose is to give AJ time to run....it's just stupid. Secondly.....it just makes me dislike Alice more, and if Monica allows it, not too fond of her right now, either.

I did like that they showed Tracy truly concerned about Monica, yesterday. :)

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Ms. Q

I think the Q stuff will be huge for November

Hopefully somewhat in December also

Not sure after that but it sure looks like they aren't going to fade away again.

Here are some spoilers from soaps.com and SOD/SID/cgs regarding the Qs:

This week:

TH 11/8

Tracy is about to call the police when Alice gets her in a stranglehold.

Alice gets physical with Tracy

Friday 11/9

Carly confronts Monica with her suspicions.

Michael arrives at the boathouse and finds someone is tied up inside. (TRACY)

Monday 11/12:

Carly is stunned to see AJ.

Tuesday 11/13

Monica tears into Carly for getting AJ arrested.

Tracy escapes captivity.

Monica is furious with Carly for arranging AJ's arrest;

Tracy escapes and seeks revenge on Monica and Alice.

Sonny faces AJ in his jail cell.

Wed 11/14

Carly is shocked to see Monica and Alice dragged into the police station for assault.

An unexpected pair is hauled into the PCPD

Liz/Sabrina ask Tracy to fund the nurses ball

TH 11/15

Steve is troubled by the news that AJ is alive.

Robert pays Anna a visit and tells her that Luke sent him.

Friday 11/16

Sam and Michael are both shocked when AJ bursts in.

Tracy is dismayed to learn that AJ is out on bail.

Monday 11/19

Tracy sets a plan in motion

Tracy hopes to see AJ tossed in jail

Monica figures out that Tracy is responsible for AJ's disappearance

Nov 20:

The Qs experience a life-changing event

Monica learns that Edward's health is deteriorating

Sonny vows that he'll move heaven and earth to keep AJ away from his son.

GH's Qs find out that Edward has passed away

Nov 21

Don't want to miss the special episode as the Qs mourn - and honor - Edward's passing.

PC celebrates Thanksgiving. Wally Kurth and Robin Christopher return as Ned and Skye, respectively, when the family comes together to honor its beloved patriarch on his favorite holiday.

I assume there is some will stuff coming after that.

Also: recap article on AJ in SID says SK says Tracy resents AJ cause her sons aren't legitimate Q heirs. Um WTF? Yes they are! Tracy not happy AJ gets released on bail

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General Hospital Spoilers For November 9 – 13.

An arrest, a discovery and an idea.

After her conversation with Todd about the secret Michael told Starr, Carly confronts Monica. She also comes face to face with A.J., but this time doesn’t question what she’s seeing. Carly rips into her presumed dead ex, accusing him of manipulating Michael and has him arrested. Carly then heads for Sonny to tell him that she was right about A.J. – he’s alive. Meanwhile, Michael visits his bio dad in jail and butts heads with Dante and Anna over A.J.’s fate. Of course, Sonny also beelines it to the PCPD to face A.J. himself.

As Robin makes a horrifying discovery, Patrick remains haunted by the phone call Emma said was from her mother. Sabrina worries Patrick is still consumed with grief and talks to him about the Nurses’ Ball. They share a close moment, which Britt observes and doesn’t like. The jealous doc turns to Liz for info on Patrick. As Liz details his and Robin’s history, she gets an idea of how to fund the Nurses’ Ball.

Connie fights for her freedom at her latest commitment hearing. Diane swoops in and argues for her release. The judge takes no time making a decision.

In other news, Tracy is tied up, Sam demands answers from Anna and Duke arrives at the Swiss clinic.

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This is my issue. It did occur to me before you said this, perhaps there weren't enough people who knew Edward intimately, to be at the funeral. Then I thought, no, this is the perfect time, with all the returns. And as you have some insider knowledge (right?), you know others wanted to come back.

So why no onscreen funeral? I get why none for Jason-Sam is the one who would do that , and she hasn't accepted his death yet.

I *suppose* an offscreen funeral would be acceptable. TBH, the whole ritual of funerals on soaps can get boring. By the time of the funeral, most of us are cried out already. The real emotional impact won't be the funeral anyway-it will be the characters reacting (and acting out?) to the loss. And if no onscreen funeral, it's fitting it should be an ALL Q/only Q day. Only a Q can understand a Q-and that reminds me of Tracy's speech to Courtney when Lila died, about how it was HER mother that had died.

Still.....IDK. No type of onscreen memorial service for Edward is going to set a lot of viewers off, I think.

I want to see Ned/Tracy-especially if Ned really is mad at her for something. So is the Q day going to be Thanksgiving day, as I had heard rumored? Because that means Ned will be there for Pizza! :)

And I gotta say....I am LOVING Michael/AJ. LOVING. That boy might be a Q at heart after all. :) And CD/SK have amazing father/son chemistry. It is almost like yesterday was a passing of the torch so to speak. Which is cool...but makes me sad, because it may mean there's no chance of SD coming back as anything but a presence. WHich totally sucks BTW.

Wait- what speech to. Courtney? I don't remember those two together for that one

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ILTQ, I do think Tracy was filler yesterday, but other than that, I feel that when she is on, she is on for a fair amount.

Today, though, might be the other exception to that. She was on in the beginning but was passed out for the rest of the episode. Maybe it was supposed to be funny - Alice being proud, AJ praising her, AJ suggesting they kill Tracy, but I didn't find it amusing. By the way, AJ was just kidding about killing Tracy, but it was like it was a big joke that she was passed out on the living room floor...

At least AJ cared enough to check her pulse (even though he was singing Alice's praises at the same time) and at least Monica asked Alice, "She's not hurt, is she?" Oh, and then Monica said she wouldn't kill Tracy because she's a doctor and values human life... I think a more appropriate answer to AJ would have been, "What the hell? Are you out of your mind? What's wrong with you?" Just my opinion.

I think Dante is a lame detective if he believes Monica's made-up story that Tracy was calling Son of Skittles a fugitive after he escaped from the barn... Tracy may have her hysterical moments, but that was just way out there...I think, in the real world, Dante would come or send an officer to the house to make sure everything was okay.

hooked, thanks for the info. Interesting that Tracy will be on with Liz/Sabrina. I like to see her mixing it up outside her usual circle.

Tracy's face was the last shot of the show today...Not sure when that last happened...

Overall, disappointed with today. I hope Tracy wakes up tomorrow and kicks some butt.

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Agreed Ms.Q they should've replaced the dialouge. I mean the supposed shock was a fail. I mean all Tracy was doing was threatening AJ when he just came back from the dead? I mean I dont think Tracy would do that and then call him a loser and no one mourned for him,because last time I checked thats exactly what she did? And i dont think Tracy would've called the police either? The dialouge was very wrong for the story plot/line/scene they were in. These writers have no respect whatsoever for any of the gh history. They just take it and morph it into something that never happened,but happened,like they kill all the real history and replace it with something they want. For example,no one mourning for Aj,wrong,and was Steve even in Gh when Aj died,because I'm really not sure.

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For example,no one mourning for Aj,wrong,and was Steve even in Gh when Aj died,because I'm really not sure.

First off, when AJ "died" in February 2005, he was mourned. They had a big funeral and a lot of characters attended. When he "died" in May, they didn't do a funeral, and everyone was pretty pissed off that he had kidnapped Michael, Kristina, & Morgan and tried killing Alan.

Secondly, Steve was on the show at that time played by Shaun Benson. He left shortly after AJ's "death".

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Yeah, I know some were flipping out about Steven helping Monica, saying he wasn't there, but I thought he was-he just wasn't played by SR at the time.

Guys I am techno dumb. I don't know, other than advising you to look on YT, how to find the Courtney/Tracy scene after Lila died. I just remember Courtney trying to offer her condolences and Tracy dressing her down for a very brief moment.

I think that yes, these writers are getting some things wrong, about the show in general and other characters and the Q's as well....but so far they are getting more right than wrong. I haven't watched today yet. My biggest problem is that this regime seems to also make Tracy the butt of Jokes, which I hate.

I could at least laugh as well as groan, IF the jokes were funny. Thing is, I don't find Big Alice-or her idiocy-to be funny, and I never have. It could have a large part to do with the fact that I don't think Bergen whats her face can do comedy well. If it's deadpan stuff, eh maybe from time to time, but overall, I don't even think she can act, much less be funny. I realize she has nothing to work with-but I've seen JE take shows where she had NO LINES and was on for less than a minute and stole the entire show.

So, eh. It has little to do with airtime or stories. Just imagine JE as Tracy, trying to put a sleephold on someone(I don't think she ever could or would, but THAT is why it's funny), and you'll see what I mean.

Or you can feel free to disagree, whichever.

ILTQ, I do think Tracy was filler yesterday, but other than that, I feel that when she is on, she is on for a fair amount.

For me I think it's more about the content of the material and how relevant it is. I mean, for instance, she could be on for a good majority of the episode, but unless she's given something to do that is either about her or that affects her or even someone she cares about.....I don't know. I still feel she's being wasted. I still feel they don't quite know what to do with her.

Edited by ILoveTracyQ
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ILTQ, ah, I get what you're saying. You know now that I think about it, she was filler for the Halloween Haunted Star episode as well, so maybe it was more than once or twice... I know she was getting a lot of good content with Monica, a lot with Joe, a lot during the virus story...So, I don't know...Maybe recently some of her stuff has been filler, but overall, in my opinion, the new writers have done a pretty good job of bringing her back to a supporting character and not window dressing. In some episodes, she even had a lead role, which seldom happened with Guza... So, I'm pretty satisfied overall.

I think today was the first time she was actually the butt of a joke with these writers...It reminded me of the last time Alice held her in a choke-hold because Tracy wasn't nice to "Mr. Luke" back in 2005. It was sickening watching her and Luke get a kick out of it, while Tracy struggled to breathe. Anyway, I am trying to think of other instances where she could have been laughed at with these writers, and the Joe stuff comes to mind. I think it was was handled pretty well and not used to make fun of Tracy...I don't remember actually, though, when this new team came on, so maybe there was stuff before that.

partyperson, I think Tracy would have threatened to call the police, but then Monica would have gotten her to understand on a mother-to-mother level what she did and why she did it. I think as for mourning AJ, that was just something Tracy said because she doesn't like him, so she would make stuff up and try to put him down... But I agree, most of the dialogue was just off...

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All I know is JE has had way more material and a love interest and key patient zero in a sweeps

She and Leslie have been working more than ever and she has been brought back to being a viable character on the show and not just trailing after luke.

When else has Tracy been on, let alone had some story outside of Luke in the last five years?

The Q story is just starting and they are establishing back the AJ vs Tracy old anyomosity and the AJ vs. carly and sonny in regards to Michael

We still have Edward dying, then the will stuff coming up that will further develop this happening

They have made Tracy/Monica into the "vicki/dorian" of GH

They have repaired the luke/tracy relationship in my opinion after the stupid way it ended for really no apparent reason

I'd love for Jane to get some meaty storyline, but she has always played a supporting role on GH, it was just that the Q family was like its own little soap within in a soap but we didn't have any left for years. AJ is a great start to me and Tracy has been bashing AJ that he has overheard and being nasty. The alice chicken hold thing was silly and campy but I'm just happy to see Jane & leslie working and on screen and hell Bergen is another quasi Q to fill up that empty living room.

Anyway I think Jane has gotten way more in the past few months than she has gotten in a long, long long time

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^^^ hooked, I'm with you. These new writers/producers are very good for Jane Elliot and Leslie Charleson. Hope it keeps up...

Tracy was tied to Luke for way too long, and now she's involved with other things...

I am trying to think of things she had outside of Luke...Does the Sam and ELQ thing count??? Does Ghost!Alan count? I know Luke was involved in that though... Does interfering in Lulu's love life count? Also, back to Luke...She had some good stuff one summer with Robert/Dillon/Lulu (and actually, that goes beyond 5 years, as it was 2006), but that also can go back to Luke... So, the only thing I can recall is the Same/ELQ thing in early 2007. That's crazy.

Tracy/Monica have gotten so many meaty scenes lately... Who would have thought?!

I bet this is driving my Mom and sister crazy (remember how they were always pro-Jason/Sam/Sonny/Carly... Heheheh... My turn to have some fun. Actually, though, I am less invested than I used to be (and maybe a little more mature), so they can diss my characters all they want, and I'm like, "Whatever." I used to take it way too personally...

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I miss the olden days,like really badly *sigh*,Very random note,music is like 1/4 of my life. The other 3/4 are mixed with gh,family,friends,etc. Reason why I brought that up (very random) is because it makes me think? Like I think and this type of stuff,by stuff I mean past/history/olden days,which I will always miss,comes to mind and GH is a huge part of that,I mean who can say its part of your past,your life? Idk why,what about you guys? I mean everytime I listen to music I'm deep in thought yet so in touch with reality,like I relate the music/song im listening to,to life,and the first thing that comes to mind. The whole reason I brought this random post is because I listen to music and I feel, if you understand me. Like emotions,and it swings the same with television shows that have meaning (GH). It brings up emotions in people. Who else notices that? (This will probably be one of the most random posts you'll ever see mellow.png )

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