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  1. so i rarely get to stop by anymore but with the mess that's been going on i feel the need to chime in. I very much don't want this to be a luke is under some kind of control story. I much rather think it's going to be bill. Here's why: (sorry if some of this has been said b/c I have only skimmed) 1) "luke" is turning his back on everyone who has meant anything to him- sonny has been his best friend for decades, alexis is a dear friend and he couldn't care less what happens with her family, doesn't seem to actually care much about his nephew lucas, and clearly tracy is not high on his list 2) they are completely rewritting history. they are already saying he has been controlling things for a long time running so it can't be since luke's capture. this means he has been playing tracy for years and he has always been trying to take down sonny. As far as tracy goes, cmpletely aside from the romance part of their story, the one thing she has always had is that she is the best business woman of the bunch, since she joined the show. She has always tracked down, through PIs or not, everything luke has done with her money. We are now supposed to believe that all the years he would have been ripping her off and trying to get control of ELQ and she wouldn't have found out where the money was going or that it was funding the mob again? I guess I kind of condenced my reasons into those 2 but it basically covers it. Plus Bill coming back will give TG a chance to play something totally different without messing with a story like L&T that really works and they both love doing. and they get an easy out for him for the vacay and a story of how to get him back. While that has been done for his disappearences I think the focus woudln't really be on that, rather Bill's reappearence in town. they can always easily bring ned back with a real story to be involved in with the ELQ angle. they have been doing a lot of bringing the old characters and the classics out for well over a year now. i know the last bits of this aren't new to the posts but they all still support my view that's my 2 cents....
  2. i guess i'm a bit early but i'm sure i won't be on tomorrow so I wanted to wish everyone happy holidays since there are two tomorrow!! enjoy your day everyone:)
  3. thanks so much for those!!!!! hooked- sorely disappointed with that news but not surprised
  4. yeah!!! i had lost all my clips a while back when i had replaced my computer after it crashed. I have spent forever getting all these clips back but i can't find any of these. so much for things staying on the internet forever, huh?! no worries about what type of file, i will find a way to make them work. I feel like i am forgetting a few clips but i won't make you go nuts. The clip when they go see monica may be hard b/c i don't know how much detail i can give you. monice is in a purple suit and she asnwers the door to ashton and tracy. they brought a gift and said they are looking to see dawn, with a fake "what a shame me missed her" kind of thing in ther. that's all i know, sorry. but thank you so so much!!
  5. Hooked- i actually just saw that video the other day, i like that one:) Halee- it looks like you may have been the person i was looking for:) i knew someone here must still have a stash of those old TrAsh clips! any shot you have the ones i was looking for? the one after the elq tracy explosion when she is dancing around drunk with ashton at the gatehouse, and the one when he makes tracy breakfast. also if you have it, the one when they go to monica's to see dawn. it's in the video above. thanks so much i love what we have had so far but i can't believe we are going to have a draught already!! also i need some tracy lovin going on. As much as the old writters annoyoed us, when they did have the scenes that were worth it it was almost always somehow tracy and luke lovin or expressing it in some way. now tha they are back together we can't just get clips that might as well be friend scenes. i'm sure we will have something good but really? already with the draught? they just hooked them up
  6. i was on windows 7 but i think when i had a virus it may have been switched to a different windows when it was fixed. i found a different system so at least i got that video uo. thanks anyway though:)
  7. thanks so much, just kind of needed to vent about all that but a little encouragement was nice:) part of my problem is that i don't currently live in the city. i am in CT so i am trying to get any job right now to at least be in the right location for all this. i still need my health insurance with diabetes so it's hard to leave what i have when there isn't something lined up. Oh well- just going to have to wait and do what i can from where i can for the time being. i hear ya, and again, thanks so much for the support and the encouragement- it just gets a little frustrating when im 29 and have now had a few years of this. just frustrating. as far as those link I am definately going to take a look. i hope they'll be helpful but they seem like a good resource! as for the potential stories- i am completely in love with the story of tracy having a long lost daughter but i don't want it to be ellie or someone on the show now. I am all for bringing a newbie for this. I kind of invision something replacing the abortion story, but not in a tracy lied kind of way b/c that was such a big deal thing and a bonding moment for her and lulu that a lie would be horrible at this point. i want t]giving the baby up to have been so traumatic for her that she sort of replaced the memories with an imagined reality. this way she thought the baby was just gone entirely and not potentially walking around somewhere she didn't know about. i don't know why that's the story i have in mind but it is. also- i just really can't stand ellie. i liked her in the beginning but now she is just a meddling know it all and she gets annoying very fast. plus i don't think she pulls off the geek talk with the same comedic flair that spinelli does. and i want grandma tracy. i would feel bad for maxie but i i would like the other story too. what's funny to me is that i don't particularly care if lulu gets the baby from the mothering standpoint, i just want the grandma tracy and grandpa luke part of it. one more favor to ask everyone. i have definately asked for these episodes before but since new people come to this site and, like me, old ones come back i figured i'd check again. does anyone have old school tracy and ashton epis? i am looking for the one after the elq tracy explodes and tracy has the party at the gate house. I have that one but i'm looking for the day after. she and ashton are getting super drunk after they find out it sunk and she dances around the gatehouse like a goof. also the episode where he makes her breakfast. I don't remember anything else about that one so i can't be more specific. really anything old tracy and ashton, i guess:) thanks as always guys!! night all!
  8. this isn't letting me download it either. or i guess it downloads but it won't open. I keep getting amessage that says it's not compatible with winds so run it agains the original play, whatever that means since i haven't had it before. so confused, I hate this stuff so i had applied for a bunch of theater jobs b/c until i can get over the crippling stage fright i'd like to be in the art departments/set design. as some of you know i've been applying for a good few years. i knwo what should be the right people, I have a few cousins on both coasts that do this on TV and movies, actors, producers, ect. it goes back and forth with some telling me it should be a problem at all to get ajob and i don't need to be part of the union (that costs 3500.00 to get into btw, craziness) and saying i do need to join. That's bad enough b/c it's never right no matter who i speak to and no one seems to be able to help get me into anything. i have applied everywhere on my own, aside from what they were trying to help with. I keep getting replies with "we appreciate your interest but your experience does not fit blah blah blah" there in lies my problem. I can't get hired without it but I can't even get volunteering jobs without the experience. this is getting just plain ridiculous. I don't know what i'm supposed to do now. CALLING ALL THEATER PEEPS....... what the hell is my next step???
  9. argh!!! so i'm trying to save a video to my computer... I know i know- i shouldn't be taking a vid from youtube, but there it is so that's what i'm doing. I couldn't do it for some reason b/c something was blocking it so I can't figure out what to do:( also in trying to get the vid i went to a site to rip videos and tried to downloan a thing to do it. Not only did i not actually complete the downloan b/c it wasn't compatible but it loaded a bunch of extra crap that messed with my setup and home page and now I can't even delete what was downloaded so far.... i hate computers. not to stay entirely off subject, i'll switch gears- LOVING tracy and the baby in a big way. super cute now just in case anyone does have this video can someone give me a hint how to fix this mess and get it?
  10. waving back!!! i hope i actually have time to stick around for a bit now:) Still looking for a job so not very likely but i'll see how much time I have. I don't remember who asked but i've been loving AHS. jane would be fantastic on it but i'mloving what we have now. also i love when i see my patti lupone on anything so i can't wait for more of that, but yes- it's been very entertaining. as for GH- i am just a happy happy girl, as anyone can imagine b/c they are BACK!!! if anyone is able to do me a favor PLEASE tweet or share or whatever you want to do with my facebook page for my art. I need to get some kind of exposure and I don't have enough people on with that to get anything out. i need some extra dollars. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Art-by-Kristin/128177814038730
  11. hi everyone!!! i've been gone for quite a while but i'm finally catching up on the last few weeks of episode. so who had faith that my faves would be back together?!?! anybody? SUCH a happy girl right now. so so psyched over luke and tracy and I think they did it very nicely. there has been more than enough time between luke and any other match he's had that tracy is not the second place afterthought, or at least looking like one. i'll have to see where they take this but couldn't be happier, i KNEW they'd get them back
  12. Same here. U have no idea how much I'd love these two to get together, however temporarily, and have to it get at Luke, not that they get together TO get at him. They have always had some chemistry so I think it'd be a lot of fun
  13. Can't wait to watch later!! Ill be getting all my glasses and things together for the sale tomorrow so ill be busy for a bit. Hope they actually do well tomorrow. Could definitely use the income
  14. It's a few posts back but I don't want u to think I forgot about you!! Happy belated birthday ms. Q!!
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