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Y&R April 2024 Discussion Thread

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Yes it was my quilt in today’s episode. The show graciously had me bring in a few to choose from when Traci comforts ailing sister Ashley with a quilt “I made for your 21st birthday. I had no idea you still had it!” Always so fun when worlds collide. Thank you Lindsay Harrison for the beautiful writing and Steven Williford for the sensitive directing. Eileen and I have been sisters nearly 42 years. @youngandrestlesscbs @eileendavidsonofficial @stvnwllfrd

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I wish someone here would tell me what's going on with Sharon Case. She isn't on for weeks, then they bring her back for one day looking all strange and wide-eyed, with what looked like face bronzer that was too shiny, flat dried hair and that stupid little blue leather "jacket". What's going on with SC/Sharon?

I've had it with the ED crap. The young one jumping up and down, screaming "Ashley" over and over again is giving me a headache. It's not cute anymore.

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In other words the budget is so tight they're encouraging the actors to bring stuff from home.

'That coffee cup you saw at Society was part of a set I got as a wedding present'

'The laptop I'm using in work scenes at Crimson Lights was left in his room by my son when he went to college'

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Posted (edited)


Yes but this is different since Beth M is a professional (or semi-professional) quilter, in that she has her own business making them.

So Beth didn't just own the quilt they used in the scene -- it seems that she made it herself.

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Current adult characters that were born on the show and their real time ages in 2024.

Heather: 45

Victoria: 42

Chance: 36

Nick: 36

Chloe: 34

Nate: 32

Billy: 31

Daniel: 30

Lily: 29

Adam: 29

Claire: 26

Kyle: 24

Abby: 24

Summer: 18

I think I got them all.

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Real time only shows how inconsistent SORAS messed up everything.

It's crazy that the real time difference between Victoria and Claire is 16 years, Nick and Noah is 9 years (I didn't include Noah on the list because he's not currently active on the canvas), and Nick and Summer is 18 years.

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Reminder: soccer disruptions in western timezones
For CBS broadcasts of Y&R and/or B&B 
(doesn't affect soaps on Canadian networks)
Tuesday April 16 and Wednesday April 17
As in previous weeks, you know the drill,
you might need to watch via different time/channel or online.
Details here:


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