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B&B: December 2023 Discussion Thread

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I'm pretty certain that *politics* push SF to leave B&B, she would've picked up other gigs. As far as I can tell, she really did retire from acting.

Anyone who believes that SF couldn't a land even a guest/recurring spot on another soap, an episode or two on a prime time series or an independent film is delusional.

I'm glad I've only kept up with reading the episode synopses during the past few months. This Eric faux dying story is just too much - and not in the B&B campy good way. Sad.

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This is such a headscratcher. She was a total BREATH OF FRESH AIR and worked as a recast when I totally thought it would never gel. But, the show is so laser focused on only writing for six or seven people that all of these great actors barely get used. If you watch the classic episodes when the show first started, the stories were balanced. I actually enjoyed the show more during the writer's strike as more than one story was often featured. But, here are back with BB and his seemingly incapability of writing more than one story at once.

I wish KA all the best. She deserved FAR MORE than she got.

I'm pretty sure the hospital would NOT allow Bridget to work on Eric in the operating room.

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