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B&B: December 2023 Discussion Thread

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Kimberlin is one of the greats and this clips showcases it. Bill Bell really treasured her character. I would love to see current day Sheila back to the top. Throwback to when Bold was really Bold, it had class and elegance. And budget. 

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I just wish they’d utilize her better by bringing on any of the following:










Personally I think she has more story potential on Y&R (unless Bold starts utilizing her history with Eric) but I will watch either show.


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She’s a vet. Of course she should be controlling story. But again, I also think she’d have more opportunities at Y&R. They desperately need Sheila, their most iconic villainess of all time, back in Genoa City stirring the pot. 

I don’t like Finn or Steffy so for me this story is just a waste of Kimberlin’s talents. 

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Lol at people thinking Sheila shouldnt control story. All she did is control story and if you think otherwise you are storyline-blind. 

1. Sheila stole Laurens baby - controlled YEARS of storyline

2. Sheila changed Brookes paternity tests - triggered YEARS of storyline

3. Sheila deleted the BELIEF formula 

4. Sheila poisoned Stephanie for months - again months of story

5. Sheila manipulated Brooke into drinking wine... leading to months of story.

Just 5 examples. The bias is laugh-inducing. As much as you hate KB, you cannot deny what Sheila is.  People telling that the sky is red here. LOL.


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Sheila is iconic. I’m gay and KB’s views don’t bother me because they don’t impact her ability to play the part. 
We’ve also entered an age of hardcore shipping like we’ve never seen before. In the 90s I would have excitedly welcomed a character like Sheila to come in and generate story for my couple. 

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Sheila is a villain. Villains should never control story on any soap.  They can do shortterm arcs and that's it.  Nobody will ever convince me otherwise.

Also I have loathed every story arc Sheila ever had, even the short ones. 
I hated everything with Lauren also.

I won't watch any episode she's in.   Nothing to do with the actress.
The character is disgusting to me.

I just loathe the character.
Not love to hate.
Just loathe.

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