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Y&R November 2023 Discussion Thread

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Some things that they show is doing right

  • Nina and Chance- instant chemistry.  Their scenes today got to me. 
  • Phyllis/Danny/Cricket- I am enjoying this.  Phyllis is starting to get back to her original self before Jack.  Even her outfits are a little out there.
  • Phyllis and Summer at least today.  Phyllis talks about how Nick is Sharon's true love.  I love the history.  It is nice when the show uses it.  I loved how Summer was daydreaming about Chance with Sharon.  She is truly her mother's daughter.
  • Tucker and Ashley- I really can't wait to see more.  I love how Audra is involved in it too.  She is a great addition to the cast.

Some things that they are doing wrong

  • Too many Business storylines
    • How many CEO/COOs and executive changes could there be?
  • Too much Newmans
    • Let's give a rest
  • Not enough Abbotts
    • I need more of Jack and Ashley fighting for Jabot
    • Less Kyle and Billy fighting
  • Lily and Daniel
    • At first they were cute, now they are just boring
    • I do like that Heather is back.  But without Paul what is the point?  Not that I think Paul is needed.
  • More Baldwins
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I think Tricia Cast could have chemistry with a rock. She's that good. I wish we could have her full-time.  I love Tucker and Ashley, too. The best scene partner ED has had in decades. Phyllis/Danny/Cricket is old-school fun. I'm really enjoying Audra. It's nice to have a person of color, Nate, truly front burner for a change. Having Mamie back has been awesome as she adds so much to both the Winters/Barber and Abbott families.

For the con, I totally agree about the business storylines. It's gotten to the point of being ridiculous. Some episodes feel like non-stop conversations about mergers, takeover, who's going to be the CEO/COO, etc etc. WHO CARES? Besides Jabot, do the writers even know what Chancellor-Winters or Newman Enteprises even does, much less Kirsten, Inc. LOL. I don't know why the writers/network think that their average viewer would be interested AT ALL in these "corporate stories" (a term I use loosely for them). The show needs to get out of the boardroom and back into the bedroom IMO.

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The regal Zuleyka as unapologetic Audra,
who owns her character's desire for power ... 
Tues 11/14 CDN (Wed 11/15 US)

I had this behind spoiler tags.
Now that this has aired in the USA, I'm removing the spoiler tags.

Part one  

part two

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