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Co-Head Writers Chris Van Etten and Dan O'Connor reveal what's in store for the good (and not-so-good) people of Port Charles.

Sonny: "Sonny is once again top dog in Port Charles, but he may find that he has surprising enemies lurking just beyond his sight. Outside of the mob world, Sonny has to navigate his feelings for Nina and his love for his family. The events of the hearing [for visitation rights to Wiley] will mark the end of one chapter for Sonny and the beginning of another.

Carly/Drew: "Carly has made the big decision not to say anything about who Willow's biological mother is. She thinks it's for the greater good, for both Willow and her family, to protect them. But there could be consequences, not just for her relationship with Michael and Willow but for her budding, let's say friendship, with Drew, as well."

Chase/Brook Lynn: "When they go under cover to take down a common foe, they will find that they can't keep their true feelings under wraps.

Anna/Valentin: "Valentin is a man of many secrets and Anna knows this and has tried to accept this, but it may be too big a pill to swallow. Anna and Laura are investigating what really happened to Luke, and Anna believes that the Frenchman that Jennifer encountered is the key to getting to the bottom of all of this, but little does she realize someone very close to her Valentin may try to interfere."

Sam/Dante: "Sam and Dante's relationship is in for a test when Dante gets a blast from the past."

Nina: "An opportunity will present itself that will allow Nina to reclaim some of her standing in Port Charles."

Britt/Josh Kelly's New Character:
"A mystery man drops in on Britt in a quite shocking way and his connections to Port Charles will be multifaceted and surprising. We are thrilled to be welcoming Josh Kelly to the show. He is charismatic and sexy and we can't wait to see how he interacts with the cast. There are a lot of romantic shenanigans ahead for Britt."

Victor: "Victor's juggling a lot of plates. He is continuing to try to consolidate his position as the head of the Cassadine dynasty, but that will be made more difficult by the shenanigans that his younger relatives are engaged in"

The Quartermaines:
The family has wanted to oust Valentin from ELO from the moment he managed to secure a majority stake in the company, but if Drew and Michael were to move to the forefront of the company, that would leave Ned on the outs. So Ned may be tempted to accept Valentin's offer to team up. On the other side of things, Drew
and Michael need some assistance to make sure their plan goes off without a hitch and Carly is willing to put it all on the line to help them."

Michael/Willow: "They receive some exciting news that they can't wait
to share with the world, but Willow may have some other pressing issues that take priority."

"Alexis may have found her match in Gregory Chase. They may not see eve-to-eye on the direction of The Invader, but there is a fine line between love and hate!"

Sasha/Brando/Gladys: "Sasha has been stifling her heartbreak over the loss of Liam for months now, and her history with substance abuse has not helped matters. Gladys is doing everything she can to contain this, not just for Sasha but for her son, as well. Sasha can only
hold it together for so long before she starts to break."The Ashfords: "Curtis and TJ's intervention ultimately compels Marshall to come clean with his family about what happened to him,

what drove him from them all those many years ago. However, there is more to the story, beyond Marshall's understanding of. what happened to him."

Portia/Jordan: "Portia's main priority is making sure Trina is exonerated, but as the truth about Marshall comes to the forefront. it may force Portia to reassess a certain secret that she has been keeping for many years. Jordan feels a responsibility to find evidence exonerating Trina with the trial approachingand she is still trying to process Portia's veiled confession in the basement all those months ago."

Maxie/Austin: "Austin is contacted by someone from his past and it may force Maxie to consider if there are more shades of gray to the good doctor than she realized."

"Elizabeth has received a diagnosis from some
medical professionals and has latched on to that. She believes there is a cut-and-dried medical explanationfor everything that she has done. But Finn and Laura are less convinced that the loss of Franco was the catalyst for her strange behavior in the last year."

The College Crowd: "Trina is in for a dramatic summer as her legal situation comes to a head. It will be a race against time for Spencer to unmask Esme as the villain that she is and exonerate Trina. The tension between Cameron and Josslyn continues to simmer with Cameron keeping the giant secret from Joslyn about Spencer's true

Nikolas/Ava: "Esme will spell big trouble for Ava and Nikolas."

Terry: "Her relationship with Chet didn't end well. but she is more motivated than ever to prioritize her personal life and open her heart to see what's out there."

Mac/Felicia: "Mac and Felicia clear up the comedy of errors about what they want for their future. This will motivate both of them to
explore new directions their professional lives could take."

Spinelli: "Spinelli carries a seemingly benign secret that may have very surprising and wide reaching repercussions across the canvas."

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i'm still flabbergasted that they're having Carly keep the Nina/Willow secret, but have the cheek, the nerve, the gall to NOT paint it as a villainous action/arc. Like, wtf? So, because it's Carly this is kosher? How will this NOT drive a huge wedge between Michael/Carly in the aftermath? Unless he just won't care either? LOL This show is such a mess, right now. 

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     Did Carly not learn her lesson with Nelle?  And WTF?  SOD calling this a shock!?!?!? This is classic bitchy Carly.   Carly IMHO is the biggest Villainess on the show besides Esme.


What sources?  Although I do think Josh Kelley is too young for Jason.   His characters ties to other characters in Port Charles, makes me think he could be Lucky Spencer.

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Here is the latest promo for this week's episode of GH:


I wonder if Esme does end up fully seducing Nikolas.  according to upcoming spoilers from on tv tonight for this week and next Ava will wonder what Nikolas is thinking about. It seems like something might be weighing on his mind, possibly him cheating with Esme. Also according to spoilers, things get awkward after Curtis and Portia catch Rory and Trina together. The spoiler mentioned "opening the door" to them. Maybe they catch them kissing or something. I think they could end up dating, before Spencer confesses his feelings to Trina. Speaking of Sprina, Ava will accuse Spencer next week of having feelings for her. Also,  Britt will also want someone to be arrested this week. I'm thinking that will be Josh Kelly's character after they interact at the social events at the pool. Also Brad and Obrecht are going to stage an intervention for Brooke, and she will call her lawyer. 

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Damn. There’s so many characters, it’s hard to know which spoilers to really take seriously and which ones will be a minor 1-2 episode thing. I got invested in the Chet/Terry stuff, so I’m curious if they’ll try someone else with her or push her back into the background. Also as someone who loved Spinelli, I’m curious what they’ll do with him. 


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