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Coronavirus/Covid-19 Discussion Thread

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This is interesting. I used to associate anti vaxxing with liberal women who went down a rabbit hole. Looks like times have really change.


I do understand that a lot of people even in health care are hesitant to take the vaccine since it's so new. Hopefully there will be less virus in the population on the whole and that will save those people from getting it.

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4 hours ago, Soapsuds said:

Geesh!! I knew this was going to happen.


If you and your family live in Texas soapsuds, definitely try and be careful there.(And be careful in general no matter where you live) I am concerned about the lifting of the mask mandate, I could see that causing a potentially significant jump in cases. Texas needs to be careful or they could create their own variant like California/New York has. I have sympathy for people who work in public places like Walmart who now have to deal with even more anti maskers coming into their workplace. I have family that lives in Texas.One of my brothers and his wife, and niece live in Fort Worth. A lot of my sister-in-laws family lives there as well. I hope they stay safe there.


Also, today has been two weeks since I have been vaccinated with my second COVID-19 shot. I'm in the range of being about as protected as I'm going to be for the time being. And I am very grateful. I hope that more people get the opportunity to get this shot. And IMO people should take advantage of getting it while they can. Especially with restrictions easing up and us going into allergy season. I'm already noticing more people sneeze and cough even more as we are entering allergy season. That could put more people at risk for catching COVID and people need to continue to be careful.


Here where I live in NC, the next groups of people are now allowed to be vaccinated. The military here is now vaccinating high risk younger people ages 16-64. They are called by the naval hospital here and getting appointments only vaccinations.  And the governor is letting other essential frontline people that are not apart of the military get their shots starting Wednesday. That includes people in places like grocery stores. I'm glad that more people that work in these very high risk/high exposure places can now get vaccinated.


I'll also be glad when everyone that wants a vaccination can finally have access to a vaccine.

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@xtr Thanks! Yes I'm here. I'm being very careful but haven't been vaccinated yet. My folks have been fully vaccinated....thank god! But they are still being careful.


Hope you brother and the rest of your family stay safe too since he's in Texas.

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On 3/2/2021 at 6:09 PM, amybrickwallace said:


Checking my local pharmacy and I noticed when you register for a vaccine appointment.... You get a choice of which 3 vaccines you want unless of course they out of it.

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3 hours ago, victoria foxton said:




Olbermann is such a doofus for tweeting something like that.  Does he not realize that not every Texan agrees with Gov. Greg Abbott that it's safe to remove the mask mandate and fully reopen public spaces?  I think Abbott's a grade-A [!@#$%^&*], but I wouldn't want to see all Texans punished on account of him.

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Ladies - this is really important. I know firsthand because I just went through this:




I had my second Pfizer dose on February 13th. I had my annual mammogram on February 24th. On February 25th, I got a call saying that an irregularity had been found and that I needed to come back in. So yesterday, after having more photos taken and an ultrasound, it was determined that it was a cyst. I had my vaccine taken in my left arm, and it was the left they had to examine. I'm supposed to follow up in six months. Reading this article, it all makes sense.

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