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GH: March 2019 Discussion Thread

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If Ryan gets to kill anyone else it will be that quad girl whose name I've forgotten already. This is actually kind of old school soap (but not in a good way) where (I'm assuming) several characters meet up somewhere out of town totally by coincidence.


He should have pushed Griffin off the hospital roof

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At least Laura got to be the one to reveal the truth to everyone. I was pretty sure for a while that Spencer was going to be the one to figure out that Kevin was really Ryan. Speaking of Spencer, and Avery, who's taking care of them right now? 

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Was away for a friend's 50th, playing catch up.....


Oscar will do anything to avoid sex with Joss....    LOL


That b.s. in Turkey was awful. Robert does owe Sonny for supporting Robin, not to mention Lulu being Luke's daughter. I don 't mind him hunting for Dante, but Sonny's ass should be home....


Can't invest interest in Trina, she always vanishes...

As for Daisy. I doubt she'll be around for long.


Releasing Matt Cohen from contract without a departure is typical ValenVarni. Their new toy has lost its shine......

I like the actor, but Shiloh is a bust. (Could have brought him in as Steven Lars........)  Tired of Dawn of Duhhhhhhh as well.


Perfect opportunity to kill off Franko..........but noooooooo!



Not here for porny Julian/Kim scenes






What works for me...


Seeing Laura/Anna and Jordan as the three people to protect Port Chuck.


Kevin/Laura   Ryan/Ava


The fallout once Ava learns the truth should be epic....


Mac/Felecia/Lucy scenes....


Scotty to be Ava's support....


Curtis and anyone


Alexis and her new therapist/potential love interest


Who we aren't seeing, but should be.....

Bobbi, Lucas, Brad, Chet, Monica, Ned, Olivia


Not missed this week

Ninny, Wallow, Valentin, Spencer

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