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Best hair on soaps

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I believe Cady McClain chose most of those ''zany'' hairstyles of her own volition.
I remember reading that Felicia Minei Behr (AMC's executive producer) was a bit perturbed at Cady when she chopped off all her hair in '93 (without informing her beforehand).

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Moreso post-Knots, but I'll add Joan Van Ark to the list. Variations of that long choppy wispy straight look, she's sported some really nice 'dos.


Jane Elliot, Linda Dano, and Louise Sorel with their iconic '80s Sassoon cuts.




Alicia Minshew


There were some misses during the mid-eighties on GL, but Beverlee McKinsey had a gorgeous thick head of hair, maybe too good to be true all the time? On AW, she sported that short signature cut, eventually rocking out her full Leo mane. I really liked her short cut in her final days on GL.

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